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Blu-ray Review – Space Truckers (1996)

Space Truckers, 1996.

Directed by Stuart Gordon.

Starring Dennis Hopper, Tim Loane, Ian Beattie, Charles Dance, Shane Rimmer, Sandra Dickinson, George Wendt, Stephen Dorff, and Debi Mazar.


A space trucker takes on a job to deliver a cargo to Earth, unaware that it is a consignment of killer robots.

Even back in the dark days of 1996 you would have thought that low-budget B-movie schlock like Space Truckers had been consigned to the VHS bargain bins of the previous decade. Yes, sci-fi movies that have the production values of Button Moon are made ironically these days, looking deliberately cheap and naff and usually broadcast on Syfy, but Stuart Gordon’s Space Truckers is the real deal, made with passion and heart and utilising its modest budget – the highest Gordon had worked with, it’s worth noting – to make the best use it could of the then-burgeoning CGI technology.

With a title
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James Bond Fans Celebrate At Pinewood Studios: Mark Mawston Reports

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Bond girls Jenny Hanley, Caron Gardner, Francesca Tu.

By Mark Mawston

The ultimate “Bonding” session once again took place at the home of the 007 franchise, Pinewood Studios, on Sunday 24th September. Those lucky enough to attend were treated to a dealer’s room, a 50th Anniversary 4K screening of You Only Live Twice, at which organizer Gareth Owen read a message received from the e Prime Minister herself, Theresa May, which touched on the amazing feats of ingenuity and sheer technical mastery that went into the construction of the films famed volcano set; a three course lunch and afternoon tea and of course a "who’s who" from the world of Bond from both in front and behind the camera. These included:

Peter Lamont - Assistant Art Director - Art Director and Production Designer of 18 Bond films, Terry Ackland-Snow - Art Director on two Bond films, Alan Tomkins - Art director on five Bond films,
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London Film Convention: Cinema Retro's Mark Mawston Reports

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"Thunderball" co-stars Martine Beswick and Luciana Paluzzi.

Hammer and "Live and Let Die" actress Madeleine Smith.

By Mark Mawston

The London Film Convention, organized by Thomas Bowington was quite literally a Who’s Who of heroes and villains from the small and silver screen. The actual Who came in the shape of a Dr. himself in the guise of Sylvester McCoy, along with Who assistants Katy Manning who played Jo and Bernard Cribbins from both the Amicus film version and the TV version. There was also a rare appearance from Garial Woolf. The other key cult British film genres-the Carry On films, James Bond and Hammer horror- were all represented too, with many of the star guests appearing in all three: from the Carry On Films we had Fenella Fielding, Anita Harris and Amanda Barrie, from Hammer and Bond we had Maddie Smith, Valerie Leon, Martine Beswick, Eunice Gayson, John Wyman,
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‘Rollerball’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Stars: James Caan, John Houseman, Maud Adams, John Beck, Moses Gunn, Pamela Hensley, Barbara Trentham, John Normington, Shane Rimmer, Burt Kwouk | Written by William Harrison | Directed by Norman Jewison

We live in an age where remakes take movies from the past and look to modernise them, sometimes changing them completely. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it ends up in a complete shambles, dumbing down what the original stood for and losing the whole point of what they were trying to replicate. This is the case with Rollerball, a cult classic which suffered the bad remake treatment. Thankfully in this review though I’m looking at the original film which is being released by Arrow Video on Blu-ray, so from this point on we can forget the remake even existed.

In a future controlled by corporations war is a thing of the past and the only conflict is Rollerball. Jonathan E.
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Looking back at Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct

To mark the 20th anniversary of Space Precinct, Kyle takes a walk down Demeter City's memory lane to explore the show's highs and lows…

Cops in space. It's a neat idea, right? The concept is rich with potential, but it's surprising just how underused it's been. Gerry Anderson first approached it back in 1986, when he made a pilot for Space Police, which failed to sell and so remained unaired. The show starred Shane Rimmer (the voice of Scott Tracy in Anderson's Thunderbirds), and followed the exploits of a human cop working amongst aliens. For whatever reason, this incarnation of the show never saw the light of day, and remained buried for eight years.

In 1994, the series resurfaced with a new title, new actors, new aliens, and a less comedic tone. Space Precinct 2040 was a standard police show – crimes are committed; our plucky heroes chase the perps down – but transferred to Demeter City,
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Gerry Anderson's Firestorm reaches first Kickstarter target

Gerry Anderson's 'lost' series Firestorm has reached its initial target on Kickstarter.

Fans have raised the minimum of £49,000 - in less than 96 hours - in support of the project, based on concepts from the Thunderbirds creator.

The Firestorm campaign is now intent on reaching its 'stretch goal' of £135,000 over the next 27 days, in order to produce a 22-minute pilot.

The next target would be £342,000 to fund a full 45-minute feature episode, made with a new filming technique called 'Ultramarionation' - a combination of puppetry, practical effects, physical props and sets, and model miniatures.

Jamie Anderson - Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment and son of Gerry Anderson - said: "The worldwide support for Firestorm from Gerry Anderson fans has been fantastic. With a fair wind and a bit more luck, Firestorm will be on your TV screen in the very near future!"

Firestorm will follow Storm Force, an organisation formed to combat terrorist threats,
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London Film Memorabilia Show 9 March

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Cinema Retro Has Received The Following Press Release:

This is the continuation of a legacy that started back in the early seventies, and over the years

have seen different names and organizers and now follows directly on directly from

Collector’s Film Convention’s. Organized for the past 18 years by Ed Mason.

Held six times a year at London’s Central Hall Westminster.

The conventions presents dealers from all over the UK , Europe , Us , Canada ,

Australia and South America that specializes in vintage and modern film memorabilia.

Items covering the history of Cinema can be found. From the silents to the present.

Not just appealing to avid film buffs, collectors, archivists researchers and students.

But a must for anyone with an interest in cinema and cult television!

Celebrity guests include Susan Hampshire, William Gaunt, Alexandra Bastedo, Shane Rimmer and Virginia Hey.

For details visit web site by clicking here
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10 things we'd like to see in the new Thunderbirds series

Odd List Mark Pickavance Feb 5, 2013

Mark talks us through the ten things that ITV's new Thunderbirds series must feature to be worthy of its name...

As a huge fan of the series, I was personally excited to catch the news that Thunderbirds is coming back after a brief fifty year interlude. Frankly, anything to erase the horrific 2004 movie where director Jonathan Frakes turned all my childhood dreams into celluloid nightmares, would be appreciated.

It's not a total homage to the old series I'm looking for, just something without Vanessa Hudgens mugging the camera, and with plenty of visual spectacle. But, whatever happens in each story, everything must blow up at the end, it's the law.

Here are ten other things that need to be in the new series for it to earn a Geek Fab from this site:

1. Fireflash 

Ok, strictly not a Thunderbirds vehicle, but very cool all the same.
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Gerry Anderson, king of Supermarionation: 1929-2012

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Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, Supercar, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90, UFO, Fireball XL5, Stingray, and many other science fiction and fantasy shows, has died at the age of 83.

Gerry was best know for his “Supermarionation” series, featuring detailed marionettes and a science-fiction based storyline. His ex-wife Sylvia collaborated frequently with him, most famously voicing Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in Thunderbirds. The shows were a first step for many well-known actors and creators, including Lois Maxwell (Moneypenny in the early James Bond films), character actors Shane Rimmer and Jaremy Wilkin (Blake’s 7) and special effects master Derek Meddings (Star Wars and the James Bond franchise). He made successful forays into live action as well, with the series Space: 1999 and UFO, and the feature film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.

Gerry suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for several years, and spent much of his
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Eunice Gayson And Shane Rimmer At National Motor Museum, England 6 October

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Eunice Gayson (Sylvia Trench in Dr. No & From Russia With Love) & Shane Rimmer (Captain Carter in The Spy Who Loved Me & The voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds) will be appearing at The Beaulieu National Motor Museum on Saturday 6th October 2012. Eunice will be signing the limited edition version of her new autobiography The First Lady Of Bond (not available in the shops) whilst Shane will be signing his autobiography (book & audio cd) From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls. They will be joined by veteran stunt man Paul Weston.

For more information please visit:

Beaulieu Press Release:

Eunice Gayson who played James Bond’s girlfriend Sylvia Trench in both Dr No and From Russia With Love, will be at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, on Saturday, 6th October, to sign copies of her autobiography, The First Lady Of Bond, the inside story of an original
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"Everything Or Nothing": Cinema Retro Attends London Premiere

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(L to R): Cinema Retro's Ajay Chowdhury, Matthew Field, Dave Worrall and Mark Mawston.

By Matthew Field

Last night Cinema Retro attended the world premiere of Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story of OO7 in London. Bond alumni were out in force as many faces from in front and behind the camera attended the Leicester Square screening. The film was followed by a fascinating Q&A with Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Steven Saltzman and Hilary Saltzman. They spoke affectionately about growing up together on the set of the early Bond movies, as well as the challenges faced by their fathers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman in bringing and keeping James Bond on the screen. They were joined by director Stevan Riley who discussed the daunting task of navigating a story through 60 years of Bond heritage.

Guests included Charles Dance, Maryam d’Abo, former Eon publicist Jerry Juroe,
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DVD Review: Warlords of Atlantis

Warlords Of Atlantis

Stars: Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, Shane Rimmer, Lea Brodie, Michael Gothard, John Ratzenberger | Written by Brian Hayles | Directed by Kevin Connor

Having gone through most of the recent Amicus releases I was quite surprised with Warlords of Atlantis and the fact that it’s quite the standout film of the Doug McClure selection, then of course realised it’s not an Amicus film at all as they no longer existed when this was made; this was a continuation of the films outside of that company and was directed by Kevin Conner who directed most of Amicus’ fantasy films. Taking the mythological city of Atlantis as the base of the story and adding a stronger subplot to it, it stands out as a strong film than some of the more well-known titles.

Doug McClure this time plays Greg Collinson the inventor of a diving bell that he and
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Warlords Of Atlantis DVD Review

Director: Kevin Connor

Starring: Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, Shane Rimmer, Lea Brodie, John Ratzenberger

Running time: 96 minutes

Certificate: PG

Extras: None

Synopsis: A group of explorers and sailors discover a gold statue, but little do they know it belongs to the lost city of Atlantis and a huge octopus is coming to take it back. A number of the crew soon find themselves in the lost city and must fight to return home…

This third release from StudioCanal may not be produced by Amicus Productions, but it is still directed by Kevin Connor and stars Doug McClure. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Only problem is, this is all getting rather repetitive. Doug McClure plays the exact same character he portrayed in both The Land That Time Forgot and At The Earth’S Core. Only this time he doesn’t have an interesting sidekick such as
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Cinema Retro Covers The "Bond In Motion" Gala At The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

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By Dave Worrall

Photos copyright Mark Mawston. All rights reserved.

Britt Ekland with the Aston Martin Vanquish from Die Another Day outside the entrance.

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The 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series got off the grid yesterday (Sun 15th) with the official launch of 'Bond in Motion: 50 Vehicles, 50 Years', an exhibition of OO7-related vehicles at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu in Hampshire. To commemorate this historic turning point in the Bond franchise, Eon Productions (the Bond film-makers) and the motor museum (celebrating its 40th anniversary this year), have put together the largest official collection of famous James Bond vehicles the world has ever seen.

Sunday also saw Eon kick-start the 50th anniversary with many special features in British newspapers and magazine supplements including The Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Mirror.

Before opening to the public on January 17th, the
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World Exclusive At Bondstars.Com 007 Holiday Event, Pinewood Studios

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A lineup of Eon crew, past and present: Peter Lamont, Anthony Waye, Vic Armstrong, Alan Tomkins, Terry Bamber.

By Dave Worrall

Photos by Mark Mawston (Copyright 2011, all rights reserved) 

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The highlight of yesterday's Bondstars Christmas party at Pinewood Studios was an on-stage talk by Alan Church, who worked with Maurice Binder on many of the James Bond film title sequences. Alan showed the 120+ audience a DVD of behind the scenes footage of Binder filming the titles for Licence To KIll, detailing how he filmed a scantily-clad model dancing around and firing a gun. It was fascinating to see Binder directing every move with attention to detail, using a wind machine, filming with slow-motion cameras, and even painting out skin blemish's on the model's body!

Jenny Hanley emcees the Mastermind contest event.

Prior to this, organizer Gareth Owen interviewed past crew members on stage,
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For Your Eyebrows Only: the 007 regulars

Despite Daniel Craig successfully taking over the role of James Bond in Casino Royale (2006), Eon Productions has now put the immortal series on a backburner because of a potential take-over of MGM. Whether another Bond film will be produced under the partnership remains to be seen, and even if the series kick-starts once more, there’s no guarantee that Craig will return as the world’s most famous secret agent.

The past 40 years has seen a number of actors who have contributed to more than one film. So with this imposed hiatus, it's worth taking a look at those performers who have been in the most 007 movies.

Making her debut in the first 007 outing Dr No (1962), the durable Canadian actress Lois Maxwell made 14 appearances as Secretary Jane Moneypenny, forever flirting with 007 when he returns home from another world-saving assignment. Ian Fleming always regarded Maxwell, who died in 2007, as the perfect Moneypenny because,
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New Season Of Cinema Retro Is Here! Issue #19 Now Shipping In The UK And Europe

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Cinema Retro's seventh year of publishing has officially started now that issue #19 is shipping to UK and European subscribers. Subscribers in North America and other parts of the world will get their issues shortly after the new year, once the issues arrive from England.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed or renewed their subscriptions. If you have not done so, please do so today. Every issue is a limited edition collector's item, so don't delay and end up missing any issues of the new season.

Issue #19 is truly one of our best to date. Consider these highlights:

We celebrate the Blu-ray release of The Exorcist with Matthew R. Bradley and Gilbert Colon's in-depth interview with author William Peter Blatty, who discusses some fascinating aspects about the making of the classic movie. There's also an abundance of facts and rare photos including a cover photo that is bound to give you the creeps.
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James Bond And Beyond At London Film Museum's Fan Fest, April 24-25

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The Fan Fast is the talk of the town, as evidenced by this coverage in the Evening Standard. Legions of classic movie lovers are expected to converge on London for the event.

The London Film Museum's Fan Fest, April 24-25, is shaping up as one of the most ambitious classic movie events in memory. The event will be of special interest to James Bond fans, as over 30 stars and crew members from the series will be on hand to sign autographs and participate in panel discussions. Among those attending: George Lazenby, Richard Kiel, Maud Adams, Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro, Maryam d'Abo, Jesper Christensen, Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton, Britt Ekland, Eunice Gayson, Burt Kwouk, Valerie Leon, Tania Mallet, Margaret Nolan, Blanche Ravalec, Madeline Smith, Shane Rimmer and many others.There will also be an abundance of classic movie props including the original Little Nellie autogyro from You Only Live Twice. There
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FILM REVIEW - 'Year of the Comet' By Henry SheehanThere's a good movie in "Year of the Comet'' somewhere, but it's camouflaged well enough to keep business to a minimum. A romantic comedy-thriller, the movie lacks a strong sense of engagement and has a detached, remote feeling. And although it has some effectively staged scenes -- one on a fog-bound lake is positively lovely -- many are also clipped, perfunctory or awkward. Like a comet, the film will probably be gone in a flash.

FILM REVIEW - 'Year of the Comet'  By Henry SheehanThere's a good movie in
Penelope Ann Miller stars as Margaret Harwood, the half-American 28-year-old daughter of an upper-class London wine merchant (Ian Richardson). While examining an estate cellar in Scotland, she comes across a bottle from 1811 (the title year), and her father promptly sells it to an American millionaire (Shane Rimmer) who sends his good-looking, beer-loving troubleshooter, Oliver Plexico (Tim Daly).

Unluckily for Oliver and Margaret, the Scottish castle is also home to a threesome of evil scientists headed by the charmingly villainous Philippe Louis Jourdan), and when Oliver and Margaret stumble across a corpse in the wine cellar, they soon have the scientists after them.

This kind of farcical thriller needs more bad guys, of course, and gets them in the shape of a local thug and his dear old mom (Julia McCarthy) and another band of henchman headed by a smooth talker (Art Malik) working for another oenophile tycoon. However, the three different mobs, rather than meshing into a comic mess, ply their evil plans in polite, but not very funny order.

There's no sense of escalating chaos, although the film clearly counts on evoking that kind of hysteria.

The romantic relationship between Margaret and Oliver doesn't fare much better, going from bickering rivalry to cooing affection as if on autopilot.

Their early exchanges are not quite funny enough, the later ones not quite passionate enough.

The backgrounds, which include climactic chases on the Riviera, are fitfully integrated into the action. The aforementioned lake, the Castle Green's valley home and the French cliffsides play nice roles whenever they are allowed to, but too much of the action unfolds in anonymous suites and rooms.


A Columbia Pictures Release

Castle Rock Entertainment

in association with New Line Cinema

Producer Nigel Wooll

Director Peter Yates

Writer William Goldman

Director of photography Roger Pratt, B.S.C.

Editor Ray Lovejoy

Production designer Anthony Pratt

Casting Noel Davis, Jeremy Zimmerman, Pam Dixon C.S.A.

Music Hummie Mann



Margaret Harwood Penelope Ann Miller

Oliver Plexico Tim Daly

Philippe Louis Jourdan

Running time -- 90 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

(c) The Hollywood Reporter

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