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‘Night of the Sicario’ Review

‘Night of the Sicario’ Review
Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Manny Perez, Costas Mandylor, Addison Kendall, Roberto ‘Sanz’ Sanchez, Juan Carlos Diaz, Carol Florence, Dan Kern, Jerry Carrier, Robert Torres, Jann Ellis, Chengusoyane Kargbo, Martin Peña, Amanda Diaz, Trevor E. Dickerson | Written by Ernesto Melara, Matthew Eason | Directed by Joth Riggs

Don’t you just love false advertising? I went into Night of the Sicario expecting Die Hard in an old-people’s home and you know what? That’s not exactly what I got!

Night of the Sicario, no relation to Any other of the Sicario films – in fact this also goes by the title Blindsided, tells the story of Taylor Ward (Natasha Henstridge) who runs an old peoples home/senior centre that’s under lockdown thanks to an incoming hurricane. In the middle of the night DEA agent Cole Bennett knocks on the door asking for shelter for his wards – a shot Francisco Fuentes and his daughter Amelia.
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‘Night of the Sicario’: A God-Fearing Violent Drama

‘Night of the Sicario’: A God-Fearing Violent Drama
Photo: ‘Night of the Sicario’/Saban FilmsNight of the Sicario’ stars Natasha Henstridge, a former model turned actress, as a resourceful owner of an assisted living facility. In this movie, Henstridge plays a down-to-earth, regular woman who finds herself in an extraordinary situation. She’s a struggling owner of a facility made specifically for elders when a chance encounter with a DEA Agent (Costas Mandylor) throws her life into turmoil. Mandylor brings with him the family of witnesses for a drug cartel case, Amelia (Addison Kendall) and Francisco (Martin Peña). After having been shot at and hurt, the group takes refuge in Henstridge’s building. However, when the dangerous cartel sends assassins after them, Henstridge gets more than she ever asked for. Action-packed, violent, and bloody, ‘Night of the Sicario’ lives up to its namesake visually. Related article: The Complete List of 2021 Oscar Nominations – Celebrations, Surprises & Snubs | The Show
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Sebastian Stan Romance ‘Monday’ Hits Theaters; Morgan Freeman, Ruby Rose In ‘Vanquish’; ‘In The Earth’, ‘We Broke Up’ Debut – Specialty Preview

Sebastian Stan Romance ‘Monday’ Hits Theaters; Morgan Freeman, Ruby Rose In ‘Vanquish’; ‘In The Earth’, ‘We Broke Up’ Debut  – Specialty Preview
Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough set off on a whirlwind weekend romance in Monday, a romantic drama that IFC Films released in theaters and on-demand Friday.

It’s the fourth feature from director Argyris Papadimitropoulos, who also wrote and produced the film.

Here is the plot: When Mickey (Stan) is dragged away from his DJ set by a drunken friend and introduced to Chloe (Gough) one hot summer night in Athens, the attraction between the pair is immediately palpable. So palpable that before they know it they’re waking up naked on the beach Saturday morning. And so it goes that a one-night stand on Friday turns into a whirlwind weekend romance that leads to serious conversations when they face the harsh sunlight on Monday morning.

The pic was an official selection at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival and the 2020 Toronto Film Festival. Check out the trailer below.

Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman
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Natasha Henstridge to star in 'Blindsided' for Premiere Entertainment Group (exclusive)

Natasha Henstridge to star in 'Blindsided' for Premiere Entertainment Group (exclusive)
Thriller on fast-track for July start in Pennsylvania, Us.

Species star Natasha Henstridge will play the lead in the thriller Blindsided, which Premiere Entertainment Group has packaged in Cannes and fact-tracked for a July production start in Pennsylvania.

Joth Riggs will direct from a screenplay by Ernesto Melara about a woman who hides the daughter of a witness who is about to testify against a Colombian drug cartel, while two sicarios try to hunt them down.

Grant Bradley of Inspiring Films and Premiere Entertainment Group chief Elias Axume are producing alongside executive producer Robert Eager of Buckhead Film Group.

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