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BAMcinématek to Spotlight Women Filmmakers & Black Cinema in Upcoming Film Series

Rungano Nyoni’s “I Am Not a Witch” will open the New Voices in Black Cinema program: Film Movement

Brooklyn theater BAMcinématek is celebrating women directors and black cinema in two of its upcoming film series. The venue will host “New Voices in Black Cinema” April 26–29 as well as “A Different Picture: Women Filmmakers in the New Hollywood Era, 1967–1980” May 2–20, it has announced.

“New Voices in Black Cinema” “provides a showcase of new and established voices in black independent cinema reflecting the wide spectrum of stories by and about African diasporic communities in the United States and beyond,” a press release details. The program’s opening film is Rungano Nyoni’s debut feature, “I Am Not a Witch.” The BAFTA winner follows a young girl in modern Zambia who, after being accused of witchcraft, is exiled from her village to a witch camp.

Among the titles screening at “New Voices
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Chicken & Egg Pictures Announces Breakthrough Filmmaker Award Winners

Chicken & Egg Pictures Announces Breakthrough Filmmaker Award Winners
Read More: Emmy Award-Winning Chicken & Egg Pictures is Putting a Spotlight on Criminal Justice Chicken & Egg Pictures, a leader in supporting female non-fiction filmmakers, have announced the five recipients of their inaugural Breakthrough Filmmaker Awards. The five chosen filmmakers are Kristi Jacobson ("A Place at the Table"), Julia Reichert ("The Last Truck"), Yoruba Richen ("The New Black"), Elaine McMillion Sheldon ("Hollow") and Michèle Stephenson ("American Promise"). Jacobson is a NY-based filmmaker whose films capture nuanced, intimate and provocative portrayals of individuals and communities; her most recent film, "A Place at the Table," premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival before its theatrical release in over 35 U.S. cities. Reichert, meanwhile is a three-time Academy Award nominee for her documentary work, while Richen is a documentary filmmaker whose work explores issues of race,...
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Film News: ‘Liberal Arts’ is Top Film at 2012 Best of the Midwest Awards

Chicago – The Underground Night Club in Chicago was the scene on December 4th for the annual “Best of the Midwest” Awards, celebrating a year of cinema at the Midwest Independent Film Festival. The Fest Director Mike McNamara hosted the event and with his co-presenters gave out nine awards, including the Best Feature Film to “Liberal Arts,” directed by Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”).

The Midwest Independent Film Festival convenes Every first Tuesday of the month throughout the year, and showcases films directly associated with the Midwest area. The “Best of the Midwest” Awards honored the films, performances and technical achievements of the festival in 2012. Special guests and presenters included Betsy Steinberg, Director of the Illinois Film Office, plus actors Christian Stolte and David Eigenberg of the NBC-tv series “Chicago Fire.”

Festival Director Mike McNamara and David Eigenberg (‘Chicago Fire’) at the ‘Best of the Midwest’ Awards

Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for HollywoodChicago.
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Film News: Nominations Announced For Best of the Midwest Film Awards

Chicago – The Midwest Independent Film Festival, which convenes every first Tuesday of the month, is fast becoming an institution in Chicago and an influential barometer for the local and Midwestern film scene. On Tuesday, December 4th, 2012, their annual “Best of the Midwest” Awards will be handed out. Hosting the event is the co-founder of the Midwest Indie, Mike McNamara. Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com serves on the Awards Committee.

The ‘Best of the Midwest’ Awards, December 4th, 2012

Photo Credit: www.MidwestFilm.com

The following films and performances are nominated for the “Best of the Midwest” Awards…

Best Music Video

“Moonbeams,” directed by Sam Macon

“Everything Will Be Fine,” directed by Nate DuFort

“War Again,” directed by Paul Griswold

“Are You Gonna Break My Heart,” directed by Will Meyers

“Villain,” directed by Logan Hall

Best Short Film

“The Promise,” directed by Bill Roach and Joel Edwards

Advantage: Weinberg,” directed by David Singer

“Wednesday’s Child,
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Interview: Filmmaker Julia Reichert to Appear at Midwest Independent Film Festival on Aug. 7, 2012

Chicago – Julia Reichert is a filmmaker of legendary proportions. Her career has spanned from the radical 1960s to the present, and along the way she has made passionate documentaries about life affirming and life evolving events, earning three Oscar nominations. She will make an appearance at Female Filmmakers Night at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on August 7th.

Julia Reichert attended college during the latter part of the 1960s, and came of age as the social climate in America was changing every year. This influenced her approach to filmmaking, culminating in her first documentary “Growing Up Female” (1971). This film is recognized as one of the first feminist perspectives within the center of the woman’s movement revolution of the era, and in 2011 was designated for preservation by the National Film Registry. Among other films, she went on to produce and direct three more Oscar nominated documentaries, “Union Maids” (1976), “Seeing Red
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Now Online: Farihah Zaman And Jeff Reichert’S “Remote Area Medical”

Last week at the the Los Angeles Film Festival, our very own Lady Vengeance, Farihah Zaman, premiered her documentary short Remote Area Medical, co-directed with her husband Jeff Reichert, himself a filmmaker (Gerrymandering) and film journalist. The film — which is embedded below — was made as part of the Focus Forward series, for which 30 filmmakers have been commissioned to make three-minute documentaries. There is, however, a feature-length version of Zaman and Reichert’s film in the works, to be released in 2013; to stay updated on its progress, “like” its Facebook page and follow @RAMmovie on Twitter.

In a recent email, Zaman wrote that Remote Area Medical was

about a group of the same name that sets up free pop-up medical clinics, predominantly in poor rural communities in the Us, where people can’t afford or literally have no access to healthcare. They do medical, dental, vision, chest X-rays, mammograms, and a
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Ida Joins PBS Needs Indies Steering Committee

Ida has stepped up their involvement in a movement to support public television's continued service to the public by backing Kartemquin's efforts to uphold PBS's main goals and mission. This weekend, a committee of filmmakers formed to help steer and streamline all efforts dedicated to supporting independent programming on PBS. Along with Ida Board Member Beth Bird, the members of the committee include Heather Courtney, Marshall Curry, Tim Horsburgh, Byron Hurt, Brad Lichtenstein, Steve Mendelsohn, Paco de Onis, Gordon Quinn, Julia Reichert, Bernardo Ruiz, Carlos Sandoval, Renee Tajima-Pena, Michael Winship, ...
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Daily Briefing. 25 titles added to the National Film Registry

  • MUBI
Fake Fruit Factory from Guergana Tzatchkov on Vimeo.

"Every year, Librarian of Congress James H Billington personally selects which films will be added to the National Film Registry, working from a list of suggestions from the library’s National Film Preservation Board and the general public," reports Ann Hornaday for the Washington Post. This year's list of 25 films slated for preservation:

Allures (Jordan Belson, 1961) Bambi (Walt Disney, 1942) The Big Heat (Fritz Lang, 1953) A Computer Animated Hand (Pixar, 1972) Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (Robert Drew, 1963) The Cry of the Children (George Nichols, 1912) A Cure for Pokeritis (Laurence Trimble, 1912) El Mariachi (Robert Rodriguez, 1992) Faces (John Cassavetes, 1968) Fake Fruit Factory (Chick Strand, 1986) Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis, 1994) Growing Up Female (Jim Klein and Julia Reichert, 1971) Hester Street (Joan Micklin Silver, 1975) I, an Actress (George Kuchar, 1977) The Iron Horse (John Ford, 1924) The Kid (Charlie Chaplin, 1921) The Lost Weekend (Billy Wilder, 1945) The Negro Soldier (Stuart Heisler,
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Forrest Gump, Bambi, Stand And Deliver Among 2011 National Film Registry List

©Paramount Pictures

“My momma always said, .Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get..” That line was immortalized by Tom Hanks in the award-winning movie “Forest Gump” in 1994. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today selected that film and 24 others to be preserved as cultural, artistic and historical treasures in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

Spanning the period 1912-1994, the films named to the registry include Hollywood classics, documentaries, animation, home movies, avant-garde shorts and experimental motion pictures. Representing the rich creative and cultural diversity of the American cinematic experience, the selections range from Walt Disney.s timeless classic “Bambi” and Billy Wilder.s “The Lost Weekend,” a landmark film about the devastating effects of alcoholism, to a real-life drama between a U.S. president and a governor over the desegregation of the University of Alabama. The selections also
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The 2011 National Film Registry Selections Are Here

Christmas isn't just about getting stuff. It's about giving too, Charlie Brown. I know what you're thinking: Tell that to the U.S. government, who seems to delight only in taking — be it our money or our personal freedoms.

But each December, there is a certain federal institution that gives we the people a little gift…emphasis on the "little." That's right, it's time once again to see what films have been designated as American treasures by the Library of Congress.

Every year, 25 movies are chosen by the Librarian of Congress for addition to the National Film Registry. If my math is correct (and there's a good chance it's not), there have been 575 films deemed worthy of preservation by the Library of Congress since this all began in 1989. To give you some perspective, that's about the average number of movies released each year. Coincidentally, it's also the number of average movies released each year…
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John Cassavetes, George Kuchar, Robert Drew and Chick Strand Among Indie Heroes Honored by National Film Registry

John Cassavetes, George Kuchar, Robert Drew and Chick Strand Among Indie Heroes Honored by National Film Registry
On this year's list of contributions to the National Film Registry, it was a good year for indies, experimental films and the non-Hollywood moving pictures in general.  While Disney's "Bambi," "Forrest Gump," "Silence of the Lambs," "Norma Rae," and Chaplin's "The Kid" were among the Hollywood fare, the Library of Congress's National Film Preservation Board named films from John Cassavetes, Julia Reichert, Robert Drew, Chick Strand and George Kuchar (who died earlier this year) on this year's list.   Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi" and Joan Micklin Silver's "Hester Street," two low-budget first films, also made the cut. The mid-20th century home movies of black dancers Fayard and Harold Nicholas and an early CGI video of a human hand, created by future Pixar cofounder Ed Catmull (watch it here), also made the list of films worthy of preservation. The National...
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Latest National Film Registry Entries Include ‘Forrest Gump,’ ‘Bambi,’ and ‘El Mariachi’

  • The Film Stage
I’m never one to put significant stock in the film-based choices made by any kind of committee — be it an awards group, critics circle, soup kitchen line, etc. — but the National Film Registry is a little different. Not that they’re any different than those aforementioned organization types, but because the government assemblage preserves works deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” No small potatoes.

Their latest list — created for both public awareness and the opportunity to grumble, as I’ll do in a second — has been unveiled, and the selections are none too out-of-left-field. The biggest of these 25 would have to be Forrest Gump, a choice I fully understand but completely disagree with on an opinion and moral scale. The only other true objection I can raise is toward El Mariachi, film school-level junk from a director whose finest works are the direct result of working with those more talented.
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Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, John Bunny, George Kuchar: National Film Registry 2011 Movies

Gloria Grahame, The Big Heat Forrest Gump, Bambi, The Silence Of The Lambs: National Film Registry 2011 Movies Besides the aforementioned Hester Street and Norma Rae, women are also at the forefront of Julia Reichert and Jim Klein's Growing Up Female (1971); Chick Strand’s Fake Fruit Factory (1986), a documentary about Mexican women who create ornamental papier-mâché fruits and vegetables; and the recently deceased George Kuchar’s experimental short I, an Actress (1977), which is available on YouTube. I couldn't find any titles focusing on gay, lesbian, bisexual, multisexual, etc., or transgender characters. As so often happens, political correctness will go only so far. Anyhow, more interesting than p.c. choices was the inclusion of A Cure for Pokeritis (1912), an early comedy starring then-popular (and quite odd) couple John Bunny and Flora Finch; and what may well be my favorite noirish crime drama, Fritz Lang's The Big Heat (1953), starring Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame.
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Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, Oscar Nominee The Last Truck Academy Screening

Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story (above) and Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert's 2009 Best Documentary Shot Academy Award nominee The Last Truck: Closing of a Gm Plant will be screened as the final installment in Part One of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 29th annual “Contemporary Documentaries” series on Wednesday, November 17, at 7 p.m. at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. Admission is free. The information below is from the Academy's press release: The Last Truck: Closing of a Gm Plant tells the inside story of the last days of a General Motors assembly plant in Moraine, Ohio, as experienced by the people who worked the line. For six emotional, tumultuous months, the documentary follows the workers as they grapple with the loss of their identity, income and friends. Capitalism: A Love Story tackles an issue director Michael Moore has been examining throughout his career
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The Best Nonfiction Films of the Year Are...?

  • IFC
The Best Nonfiction Films of the Year Are...?
Best documentary at the Oscars is, like best foreign language film, the type of category that seems invented to be grumbled over, with selections and winners rarely reflecting the films everyone else in the world finds most worthy of praise. So it's much less frustrating to look to organizations like the International Documentary Association for better indicators of the docs that are the cream of 2010's crop.

The nominees for the 2010 Ida Documentary Awards were announced today, and the contenders for the top prize include Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop," a personal favorite; Laura Poitras' Al-Qaeda saga "The Oath"; Joonas Berghaell and Mika Hotakainen's look at Finnish sauna culture "Steam of Life"; Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor's trailing of Montana sheepherders "Sweetgrass"; and Lucy Walker's tale of making art of trash "Waste Land," opening in New York on Friday. The awards will take place in L.
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Who's Been Invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

135 filmmakers and executives have been invited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to join its ranks. Recent Oscar nominees and winners such as Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Mo'Nique, Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Renner, Gabourey Sidibe and Christoph Waltz have been invited to join; but even "Saw's" Tobin Bell and "Avatar's" Zoe Saldana received invites.

New members will be "baptized" in an invitation-only reception in September at the Academy's Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills.

Here's a complete list of the 2010 invitees:


Tobin Bell -- "Saw," "The Firm"

Vera Farmiga -- "Up in the Air," "The Departed"

Miguel Ferrer -- "Traffic," "RoboCop"

James Gandolfini -- "In the Loop," "Get Shorty"

Anna Kendrick -- "Up in the Air," "Twilight"

Mo'Nique -- "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire," "Phat Girlz"

Carey Mulligan -- "An Education," "Public Enemies"

Jeremy Renner -- "The Hurt Locker,
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Top Ten: New Academy Members 2010

it's not Tuesday but it's time for a Top Ten anyway... as this is yesterday's news already!

AMPAS used to hide their membership roster like the vote tallies but in the information age, they've opened up. Now we get to see the whole list of new invitees each year. I wonder how they keep they're membership around 6,000 given how many people they invite annual. Maybe enough people reject the offer, stop paying their dues, or pass from this mortal coil each year to balance it out?

You can read the full list of recipients at Indiewire, but as is the Film Experience tradition, we like to pinpoint the newest (potential) members whose future ballots we'd most like to see. So let's have at it.

New Academy Member Ballots We Most Want To See

10 Bono & The Edge (music)

They're two separate people but we'd like to imagine them filling out their ballots together inbetween sets.
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Adam Sandler invited to join The Academy

HollywoodNews.com: Adam Sandler is gearing up for the release of his new film, “Grown Ups,” and has just been announced as one of 135 artists selected to join the Academy.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the organization to 135 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures. Those who accept the invitation will be the only additions in 2010 to the Academy’s roster of voting members.

“The work of these individuals has been appreciated by moviegoers all around the world,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “The Academy is proud to invite each and every one of them.”

The Academy’s membership policies would have allowed a maximum of 180 new members in 2010, but as in other recent years, the several branch committees endorsed fewer candidates than were proposed to them. Voting membership in the organization has now held
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Resul Pookutty Invited to Join the Academy of Motion Pictures

Resul Pookutty Invited to Join the Academy of Motion Pictures
Oscar winner Indian sound recordist Resul Pookutty has been invited to join the coveted Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as a member. Along with Resul the invitation has been extended to 135 film professionals from around the globe that includes Christopher Walts (Inglorious Basterds) and Jacque Audiard (A Prophet). Resul was awarded an Oscar last year for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire.

Members of the academy vote for the annual academy awards.

“The work of these individuals has been appreciated by moviegoers all around the world,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “The Academy is proud to invite each and every one of them.”

The Academy’s membership policies would have allowed a maximum of 180 new members in 2010, but as in other recent years, the several branch committees endorsed fewer candidates than were proposed to them. Voting membership in the organization has now held steady at just under 6,000 members since
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Mo'Nique, Mulligan among Academy invitees

Mo'Nique, Mulligan among Academy invitees
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 135 filmmakers and executives -- including such recent Oscar nominees and winners as Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Mo'Nique, Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Renner, Gabourey Sidibe and Christoph Waltz -- to join its ranks.

The Academy issued its annual invitation list Thursday.

The actor's portion of the list ranged from genre favorites like "Saw's" Tobin Bell to "Avatar's" Zoe Saldana, from "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini, whose film credits include "In the Loop" and "Get Shorty" to rising leading man Ryan Reynolds, who's appeared in "The Proposal" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

An international sampling of directors made the cut: Among them France's Jacques Audiard, Argentina's Juan Jose Campanella, Denmark's Lone Scherfig and, from the U.S., Lee Daniels and Adam Shankman, the latter of whom co-produced the last Oscar show.

Oscar nominee "District 9" was well represented: Matt Aitken and Dan Kaufman
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