Halloween 2017: Wtf: 10 Bonkers Movies to Watch on Shudder

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As horror fans, we are constantly seeking out the new and the different. Because the genre is marked by so much sameness—sequels, franchises, remakes, copies of copies—it can sometimes be a challenge to find those horror films that truly carve out their own space. They don’t even have to be great movies, necessarily; many times, “different” is enough to make us happy.

With that in mind, here are 10 horror movies currently available on the terrific streaming service Shudder that are, if nothing else, different from almost anything else you’ll watch this October. They vary in quality from title to title, but what even the roughest among them lacks in technical polish, it more than makes up for in sheer maniac insanity. After you’ve cycled through all your favorites this October, why not add a little Wtf to your lineup?

1. Beyond the Darkness (1979, dir. Joe D
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Shudder’s October Titles to Include 1980s Anthology Series Tales From The Darkside

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Shudder will take viewers to the place that's "not as brightly lit" this Halloween season, as the 1980s anthology series Tales From the Darkside will be available to watch in its entirety on the horror streaming service beginning October 1st:

Press Release: New York, New York – September 26, 2016 – The AMC-backed streaming service, Shudder, is The entertainment destination for everything you need to watch this Halloween season. Whether you’re a hardcore horror fan or simply looking for the scariest films to celebrate this time of year, Shudder has something for everyone in its sweeping library, carefully curated by some of the top horror experts in the world.

As Halloween approaches, Shudder is expanding its database with a variety of new titles including cult favorites, blockbuster hits, and classic thrillers. Additionally, for the first time ever, Shudder will be offering horror TV series to complement its expansive film library.

Premiering October 20th
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Feast On Bleeding Skull Video & Mondo’s Night Feeder DVD/VHS!

The guys behind Bleeding Skull are connoisseurs of the finest video trash in existence. If it’s been cursed to a VHS, buried deep down in the bowels of a forgotten video store, and directed by Bill Rebane or James Bryan, they’ve seen it and given it their highest recommendation. They’ve taken their love of gutter-level brain melter’s to a whole other level with the formation of Bleeding Skull Video, releasing violence on video just like the good lord intended.

Their latest release is Night Feeder, a nasty homemade-horror that’s been virtually unseeable for nearly 30 years! Available in both disc ($15) and analog ($25) flavors, Night Feeder is the kind of gore-crazy rager that’s missing from your Halloween marathon.


Fear chokes the free-wheeling underbelly of San Francisco’s punk scene as a killer stalks the night to feed an unspeakable appetite. Community suspicion focuses on “Disease,
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The Giant Spider Invasion – The Blu Review

Wisconson-based regional filmmaker Bill Rebane’s no-budget wonder ($300k to be exact) The Giant Spider Invasion was a hilariously cheesy 1975 throwback to the giant-monster flicks of the 50s, a trend then enjoying a revival with films like Empire Of The Ants and Food Of The Gods. This outrageous mix of giant monster motifs and backwoods sleaze plays like a hybrid of Tarantula and The Blob with its mixture of giant spiders and falling meteors. I saw The Giant Spider Invasion at the long-shuttered Ellisville Cinema in West St. Louis County (on a double bill with the David Niven vampire comedy Old Dracula). I recall the poster in the lobby which featured a gargantuan spider bearing down on a group of terrified people. In the air above the mega-arachnid was three helicopters and lying crumpled at the spider’s legs were burning cars as spotlights filled the sky. One of the
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B-Sides: Free Bigfoot!

Bill Rebane’s The Capture of Bigfoot makes a highly unlikely second appearance in the B-Sides with its folk rock opening number that serves as a stern reminder that every living creature has its place in this world – including Sasquatch. Let your spirit run free, Bigfoot. Run free, I said!

A Yeti goes on a rampage after some hunters capture its offspring and decide to make a fortune turning the little creature into a tourist attraction. Those hunters obviously were not paying attention to the lyrics of the title song, “My Spirit Runs Free” by The Friends.

This song holds a special place in my heart. A VHS copy of The Capture of Bigfoot sat in my video collection for years. It was at a time nearly a decade ago when I was recovering from surgery that I decided to finally pop it into my Vcr. Curled up in my recliner,
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B-Sides: Bigfoot Is Really Just a Sensuous Tiger

I kind of feel the need to apologize in advance for this one. There is a good chance you might find this week’s B-Sides especially painful. Any time one is forced to listen to half-baked disco music performed by the whitest people imaginable, the results are never pretty. No wonder Bigfoot goes on a rampage.

From the maker of The Giant Spider Invasion comes The Capture of Bigfoot. Bill Rebane’s 1979 entry into the genre of Sasquatchploitation took a page from the classic British giant monster movie Gorgo by having a Yeti go on a rampage after some hunters capture its kid and decide to make a fortune turning the little creature into a tourist attraction.

The setup for one of this Bigfoot’s attacks has him prowling outside a lodge in which a party is taking place. A band called The Friends are performing a disco number titled
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The Giant Spider Invasion – A Retrospective

A 35-minute cut of The Giant Spider Invasion will be shown on Super-8 sound film at Super-8 Giant Monster Movie Madness next Tuesday, May 1st at The Way Out Club in St. Louis.

Wisconson-based regional filmmaker Bill Rebane’s no-budget wonder The Giant Spider Invasion was a hilariously cheesy 1975 throwback to the giant-monster flicks of the 50s, a trend then enjoying a revival with films like Empire Of The Ants and Food Of The Gods. This outrageous mix of giant monster motifs and backwoods sleaze plays like a hybrid of Tarantula and The Blob with its mixture of giant spiders and falling meteors. I saw The Giant Spider Invasion at the long-shuttered Ellisville Cinema in West St. Louis County (on a double bill with the David Niven vampire comedy Old Dracula). I recall the poster in the lobby which featured a gargantuan spider bearing down on a group of terrified people.
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Make-Up Clusterfuck Time!

So, folks…I’ve been pretty lazy in my necessary duties as a staffer at the Liberal Dead. I don’t really pull my weight and even though I’m not doing this for pay or anything like that, I do feel consequences whenever I don’t pitch in. And it’s not because of my editors or anything—no, every single person at Liberal Dead is a great person who understands that I’m a busy man. I still feel like I have an obligation, however, to present my corner of weirdo horror cinema to you, the reader. As a result, it’s time for me to make it up to you. Simple sex won’t suffice. We’re going straight-out clusterfuck on this one. I present unto you as many reviews as I can do in one weekend, in one big, snappy package. I hope it’s enough.
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The Giant Spider Invasion to be Remade as a Musical Comedy

Sometimes a news story comes along for which there are no words. When rumors swirled back in 2008 that b-moviemaker Bill Rebane was planning to remake his 1975 bad movie cult hit The Giant Spider Invasion I merely scoffed. Now word is the remake will be a musical worthy of Mel Brooks. Today I am speechless.

For those in need of a refresher, The Giant Spider Invasion was a sci-fi horror movie about meteors from another dimension landing in Wisconsin that crack open to reveal otherworldly spiders, one of which grows to gargantuan proportions. And by gargantuan proportions, I mean it looks like a cheap Mardi Gras float decorated over a Volkswagen. There’s a very good reason why “Mystery Science Theater 3000” had a field day with this movie.

The Giant Spider Invasion is now poised to become a comic musical. I think the only way to better explain this concept
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Forgotten Action Cinema: Twister’s Revenge

Thank the dark powers of Cthulhu for the boys and girls at Mill Creek Entertainment, the company responsible for dumping all of those insanely enjoyable, genre-themed “50 Movie Pack” DVD sets into bargain bins all across the globe. These things are loaded with a truly remarkable collection of piss-poor motion pictures, the sort of embarrassingly inept low-budget cinema that most people wouldn’t pay two piles of pocket lint to own. I, however, am quickly acquiring quite the collection, and “Drive-In Movie Classics” is probably my favorite of the bunch. My first foray into this wonky anthology is Bill Rebane’s 1987 effort “Twister’s Revenge”, a movie centered around a trio of bumbling would-be thieves as they attempt to steal a computer system from a talking monster truck. That’s right — a talking monster truck. At first I thought this mildly deranged action comedy was geared towards children, that is, until
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Monster A-Go Go Hits DVD in October

Any time that we get to report on a classic horror film hitting DVD in style, we cannot help but smile. Especially when the title is something as obscure as Monster A-Go Go!

From the Press Release

In celebration of the film’s 45th anniversary, a special DVD collector’s edition of the iconic cult favorite Monster A-Go Go is being released just in time for Halloween, October 19, from Synergy Entertainment.

Upon its release, it was billed as “The picture that could set our space program back at least 50 years.” Voted “The Worst Movie Ever” by Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and just about everyone else), it’s so bad it’s good!

Directed by Bill Rebane (who also brought you 1975’s The Giant Spider Invasion) and Herschell Gordon Lewis (known for his exploitation films and often referred to as the “Godfather of Gore”), Monster A-Go Go was initially released in 1965.

Originally titled Terror at Halfway,
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Interview with Scott Campbell of Double Fine Productions

Scott Campbell is the art director at Double Fine Productions, a video game development studio founded by Tim Schafer of Lucasarts adventure game fame. Campbell’s cartoony and light-hearted art style form the canvas of Double Fine’s critically acclaimed games Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. I spoke with Campbell at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, after he spoke on a panel that discussed the convergence of video games and comic books. He has a webcomic of his own on Double Fine’s website, called Double Fine Action Comics.

Jonathan: Tell me about the games you worked on at Double Fine.

Scott Campbell: Psychonauts was the first game we did and I was art director on that, which meant that I helped establish the visual style of the game. I did a lot of designs for it, including the characters, and sort of kept the vision intact. Same thing with Brutal Legend,
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Wicked Wood and a Bad Case of Maggots

Despite boasting a title perfectly suitable for a Ron Jeremy porno flick, Wicked Wood is actually a new indie horror flick about a couple that make the grave mistake of bringing home a mysterious wood carved figure called Splinter that comes to murderous life.

The official website for Wisconsinite filmmaker Krist Rufty's Wicked Wood is now online, and you can check out the trailer below. The synopsis for this Autumn Night Studios/Lazarus Entertainment production goes a little something like this:

"After a much needed vacation, Heather and Ian Dunlap visit Harper's Store, a wood carving/gift shop that's owned by a man known by the locals as Mr. Hands. They stumble upon Splinter, an old hand-carved creation that's been around for centuries. After they are warned to keep away, Ian decides he must take Splinter against all warnings. When Splinter is taken from his base, the evil is released,
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Wicked Wood director’s new projects; site, trailer on-line

Indie director Krist Rufty let us know that the official website for his fright flick Wicked Wood, which is currently in postproduction (and which we first reported on here) has gone on-line, containing a trailer which you can also see below. He also let us know about a bunch of fright features he has on tap for 2009.

The site can be seen at; “I’m sure it’ll show up in porno search engines across the board,” Rufty laughs. “There seems to be a high demand for Wicked Wood; we’ve been contacted by distributors about it already, and I hope we have a product that lives up to the hype it’s already getting.” The Autumn Night Studios/Lazarus Entertainment film stars Billy Garberina and Vanelle as a couple who are terrorized by a carved wooden figure called Splinter (created by FX artist Hank Carlson, who
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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Giant Spider Invasion: Director’s Cut’

This is a special 2-disc edition of the 1975 Horror feature from director Bill Rebane about a black hole and giant spiders from another dimension invading Wisconsin. This movie also gained notoriety after being featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 as well. This edition of the film includes a newly restored director's cut, an interview with director Bill Rebane, the original theatrical trailer, DVD audio commentary by Bill Rebane and a rare 8mm version slide show. Because typically, that’s the usual process: 1) You make a crappy movie, 2) It sits abandoned and forgotten for years, 3) It gets picked up by clowning snarksters who rip into it for the enjoyment of other snarksters, 4) It gets forgotten and abandoned again, 5) You release the director’s cut that audiences have not been clamoring for. Bill Rebane, of course, also directed the 1965 classic Monster a Go-Go. The Criterion version of that one will be released on July Never.
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DVD news: Gellar’s Possession & S. Darko details, creature features, etc.

• After long being announced as a theatrical title from the Yari Film Group, whose distribution arm recently filed for bankruptcy, the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring supernatural film Possession is going straight to disc instead. Fox Home Entertainment will release May 12, and art and specs have recently appeared.

The movie will be presented on DVD and Blu-ray in anamorphic 2.40:1 widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, accompanied by:

• Making-of featurette • Four deleted and alternate scenes • Alternate ending • Theatrical trailer

Retail price is $22.98 for the DVD, $29.99 for the Blu-ray. In the film, a remake of the Korean Jungdok (Addicted) directed by Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist from a script by Queen Of The Damned’S Michael Petroni, Gellar plays a woman whose husband Ryan and ne’er-do-well brother-in-law Roman are involved in a horrible car crash. When Roman awakens, he seems to be possessed by Ryan’s spirit. Pushing DaisiesLee Pace, Michael Landes,
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