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Jerusalem kicks off with local crowd-pleaser 'The Unorthodox'

The film explores the birth of Israel’s controversial religious political party Shas in the 1980s.

The 35th edition of the Jerusalem Film Festival (Jff) opened on Thursday evening (July 26) with Israeli director Eliran Malka’s debut feature The Unorthodox, exploring the events leading up to the birth of Israel’s controversial religious political party Shas in the 1980s.

Festival director Noa Regev and Jff artistic director Elad Samorzik’s decision to select a picture by a first-time director with a religious background was seen as bold move given the festival’s traditionally secular atmosphere, but it appears to be have paid off.
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'The Unorthodox', 'Isle Of Dogs' to bookend 2018 Jerusalem Film Festival

’The Unorthodox’ is the debut feature from the director of Israeli series Shababnikim.

The 35th Jerusalem Film Festival (July 26 – August 5) will open with the world premiere of Eliran Malka’s religious tale The Unorthodox.

The debut feature from the creator of Israeli TV series Shababnikim is set in Jerusalem in 1983 and follows the founding of the first ethnic political group in the city, the Shas (Sephardic Guardians) party, which still exists today. The film stars Shuli Rand (Marco Polo: The Missing Chapter) in the lead role.

Closing this year’s event will be Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animation Isle Of Dogs,
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Series Mania 2018 competition line-up includes Jesse Armstrong, Abi Morgan projects

Includes world premieres of Succession and The Split.

The world premiere of the 60-minute pilot episode of HBO’s Succession, written by Jesse Armstrong, the UK creator of Peep Show and Fresh Meat, and directed by Adam McKay, whose credits include The Big Short and Anchorman, will open the ninth edition of Series Mania in Lille on April 27.

Brian Cox, Hiam Abbass and Matthew Macfadyen head the ensemble cast of Succession, which follows the travails of a dysfunctional media dynasty.

Additionally, the Official Competition is comprised of 10 world premieres of original global TV series. They include BBC and Sundance TV series The Split,
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Interview: Gidi Dar

[/link] sat down with Gidi Dar director of Ushpizin, Gidi’s second feature length film as director. There is no doubt that Ushpizin is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish film, it could be easily be considered a propaganda piece, missionary work, but only because it was written by a believer, Shuli Rand, who must never break the commandments and must always speak the word of God. But what is important here is that it is also directed by someone outside of the religion who is fascinated with the mind of a believer and his name is Gidi Dar. Ushpizin is a film that enters into this particular Jewish religious sect whose members don’t even watch movies for it can be seen as blasphemous, again because of the commandments state thou shall not worship any other Gods, and to an ultra-Orthodox Jew this even means a depiction
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