Horror Highlights: Funko’s Ellen Ripley Rock Candy Collectible, Hobgoblins on Splathouse Podcast, Reel Film Day, Bigfoot The Movie

Ellen Ripley in all her butt-kicking glory is kicking off today's Horror Highlights. Funko's Ellen Ripley Rock Candy collectible will hit stores soon! Also: details on Splathouse podcast's Hobgoblins (1988) discussion, Alamo Drafthouse and Kodak's first-ever Reel Film Day, and release details for Bigfoot the Movie.

Funko's Ellen Ripley Rock Candy Collectible: From Funko: "A Pop! and ReAction just aren't enough - Ellen Ripley will be joining the Rock Candy line soon!

Coming soon!"


Splathouse Podcast Presents a Hobgoblins Discussion: From Splathouse: "For your consideration: Our four panelists (Sarah, Mike, John, and Jim) are joined by a Twitter friend (@parkerandcooley), an Academy Award nominee (Christopher Walken), a quiet coyote, and Rick Sloane (writer/director of The Visitants and Vice Academy). Can the gang survive the chaos or will they be seduced by the evil, mind-altering Hobgoblins? Find out this week!

Plus! All the regular bullshit you love: What Do Ya Know?
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Listen to Daily Dead’s Patrick Bromley Discuss Beyond The Gates on the Splathouse Podcast

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Diehard Daily Dead readers know that Patrick Bromley (also the host of the F This Movie! podcast) is a big fan of Jackson Stewart’s Beyond the Gates (for proof, look no further than his love letter to the movie), so it is rather fitting that Patrick was recently a special guest on the Splathouse podcast to discuss the VHS board game horror movie, and you can listen to the new episode right here, right now.

Listen to the new Splathouse episode below, and in case you missed it, check out the podcast’s episode on The Pit, featuring Daily Dead’s Scott Drebit as a special guest.

From the Splathouse Podcast: “Turn the lights down and the volume up! This week The Splathouse Gang (all rights reserved) look at Jackson Stewart’s VHS-era horror tone poem to video culture, family, and the boardgame occult: Beyond the Gates (2016).

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‘Hobgoblins’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: Tom Bartlett, Paige Sullivan, Steven Boggs, Tamara Clatterbuck, Duane Whitaker, Daran Norris, Billy Frank, Jeffrey Culver | Written and Directed by Rick Sloane

As someone who grew up haunting video stores throughout the late 80s and well into the 90s, director Rick Sloane was something of an icon. You see I was one of those teenagers who loved to rent any and all T&A comedies I could lay my hands on, and Sloane was the man behind Vice Academy and its six, yes six(!) sequels. Why Vice Academy? Well my other love at the time was horror movies, and in particular those featuring scream queens such as Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens and Monique Gabrielle… and Vice Academy – and its immediate sequel – starred the one and only Ms. Quigley – it was, at least for me at the time, kismet: Linnea Quigley and T&A comedy? Sounded like heaven
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Vinegar Syndrome to Release Hobgoblins (1988) on Blu-ray

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"All my work! Thirty years, I have tried to prevent this from happening." Lucky for us (and unlucky for the film's characters), the vault was opened and McCreedy's (Jeffrey Culver) work was released with mischievous and deadly results in Rick Sloane's Hobgoblins (1988), coming to Blu-ray this fall courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome.

Special features for Vinegar Syndrome's Hobgoblins Blu-ray have not yet been revealed, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details. In the meantime, we have a look at the Blu-ray cover art, trailer, and synopsis below. Are you looking forward to Hobgoblins coming out on Blu-ray?

From Vinegar Syndrome: "What the world needs now is Hobgoblins on Blu-ray! Coming in October from Vinegar Syndrome."

Synopsis (via "A young security guard must track down diminutive aliens who kill people even as they make their fantasies come true."

Cover art via
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In Brief: Assorted Horror News for 8/1/09

  • Fangoria
Between doing server switches and freaking out my fellow Fango staffers (and countless others) with my love of Joe Dante's Gremlins this week, a bunch of news rolled in that we didn't get a chance to cover for you in the past few days. Usually when we do the"In Brief" we limit the coverage to horror films only, but this time we're throwing in a little bit of everything, including several event listings.

So here's our latest roundup of bite-sized nuggets of horror news from Fango and around the 'net.

Los Angeles' first annual Vampire-con, which we've been following regularly has unveiled the lineup for their film festival. They'll be showing Count Yorga: Vampire, The Lost Boys, Midnight Son, The Velvet Vampire, and Tony Scott's The Hunger. The screenings feature special guests, panels and more. Visit for all the details. After months of rumors and spectulation,
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Videolog DVD & Blu-ray News 6.23.2009

  • Starlog
In this incarnation of our Videolog column (which began in 1982 with VHS and Betamax), Starlog now posts information Tuesdays on the genre titles being released (or re-released) on DVD and Blu-ray. Prices listed are Msrp, though the clickable links lead to Amazon where the savings is significant. Here’s what’s out this week (mostly today):

DVD Releases for June 23, 2009

Hobgoblins 1 & 2 (Micro Werks, $14.98 each): If you thought Ghoulies was a second-rate rip-off of Gremlins, then you should check out Rick Sloane’s notorious 1987 knockoff and its sequel. The former, first released in 1987, comes with Sloane commentary, a Making-of, cast interviews and a still gallery. The latter, a brand-new feature, has more commentary from Sloane, a Making of, cast interviews, deleted scenes and a still gallery.

Inkheart (New Line, DVD $28.98; Blu-ray $35.99): Brendan Fraser, Eliza Bennett, Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent and Andy Serkis star in director Iain Softley
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Rick Sloane Talks Hobgoblins

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Rick Sloane right off the top of your head. If you ever watched "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or USA Network's "Up All Night", chances are you're familiar with his work. Heck, without Sloane's cinematic output, the programmers of "USA Up All Night" would have had around fourteen empty hours they'd have had to fill with umpteenth repeats of Zapped Again!, Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Dr.Alien, and the (the title escapes me) one about the leprechaun that grants the horny teenagers wish about getting into the pants of the girl of his dreams only to find himself shrunk down to near microscopic size inside of her vagina clinging to her pubic hairs for dear life. You don't see stuff like that every day.

Throughout Rick Sloane's 25-year career he's done films with the likes of Martin Sheen, Wings Hauser,
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All the Hobgoblins News Your Heart Can Stand!

Because you demanded it! And by you I mean someone you don't know. Look. Someone somewhere out there demanded it. Was it you? Because if we find out the rest of us are going to come to your house. Let he who demanded a Hobgoblins 2 and a 20th Anniversary special edition DVD of the original speak up now. I'm waiting.

The original Hobgoblins may be more (in)famous for having been riffed on by "Mystery Science Theater 3000" that it is for its own bad movie merits. That still did not deter filmmaker Rick Sloane from making a sequel to his notorious 1988 horror comedy about ancient critters that look like fanged angora throw pillows from hell that escape from their film vault prison and raise hell as only one would expect from fuzzy murderous muppet monsters with hallucinatory powers that can make unsuspecting victims believe their wildest fantasies are coming true.
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Hobgoblins! Monster X! And more assorted horror DVD news

• The new Micro Werks DVD outfit gave Fango the scoop on cover art and details for new special-edition discs (coming June 23) of Rick Sloane’s notorious Gremlins knockoff Hobgoblins (a Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite) and his new sequel Hobgoblins 2. The first flick has been digitally remastered in widescreen, and the follow-up “shot in 35mm and made to look painstakingly identical to the original,” per the company.

Extras on Hobgoblins include:

• Audio commentary by writer/director Sloane

• Hobgoblins: The Making of a Disasterpiece documentary

• Interviews with the original cast

• Still gallery

• Remastered 35mm trailer

Hobgoblins 2 comes with:

• Audio commentary by Sloane

• Making-of featurette with cast interviews

• Deleted scenes

• Still gallery

• 35mm theatrical trailer

Retail price is $14.98 each. Micro Werks (which has yet to set up an official website) also has five discs in Johnny Legend’s The Vampire Chronicles series streeting on the 23rd for $9.98 each. The contents are
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Fuzzy Wuzzy 'Hobgoblins 2' trailer!

Who doesn't love cute, adorable, fuzzy little amimaws? Hobgoblins 2 is out! These vicious, evil, vile litttle fuzzies are the best/worst pet in the world. Just as cute as the vermin in Critters, Ghoulies, Gremlins, and Troll, Hobgoblins just beg to be hugged to death.

In the new sequel to one of the worst films of all time by Rick Sloane, young Kevin is once again a victim the nasty old curse of the Hobgoblins. Kevin has to help old Mr. McCreedy break out of a mental hospital in order to save his friends before the Hobgoblins can create their wildest fantasies and worst fears. Hobgoblins 2 Stars Josh Mills, Sabrina Bolin, Jason Buuck, Jordana Berliner, Josh Green, Roland Esquivel and Chanel Ryan. Watch the trailer...

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