Ivan Rodriguez Cries During Hall of Fame Phone Call (Video)

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[[tmz:video id="0_mz3d0vd7"]] Here it is ... the moment Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez found out he was voted into Cooperstown -- and it's emotional.  Rodriguez gave a victory fist pump when the Mlb official broke the news ... his family was right by his side to share the moment.  Pudge was a 14-time Mlb All-Star and was the A.L. Mvp in 1999. He's also regarded as one of the greatest catchers of all time.  Along with Pudge, Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines were also voted in.
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Top TV for 2014: 10 more great returning series

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I am what James Poniewozik at Time would call an Everybody Gets a Trophy kind of person. With the Baseball Hall of Fame, I'm a big Hall kind of guy. (Vote Tim Raines this year, people!) I like honoring as much excellence as I can, whenever I can, even if it comes at the risk of making everything a bit less special because so many things are being called special. Even before the Too Much Good TV deluge began in the last couple of years, I was always somebody who tried to squeeze more than 10 shows into his yearly top 10 lists, whether through ties or other bending of the rules. One year, number 2 on my list was "Fact-based movies and miniseries," a ridiculous cheat that allowed me to squeeze six productions into one slot; another, I didn't even do a top 10 at all, but an amorphous list of things like
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Is Obama the Derek Jeter of Politics?

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Derek Jeter come up to bat for my beloved New York Yankees. It was 1995, and he was 21 years old—a year older than me. I can’t remember what pitcher he was facing, but it was somebody much older, much more experienced, much more impressive at that time. You could tell Jeter was nervous, but how he dealt with it was telling. He puffed out his cheeks and exhaled quickly, tilted his head back and forth to release a bit of tension, then looked out at the pitcher with an expression we would soon come to know and love: eyebrows up, eyelids low, the trace of a smile at the edges of his mouth. The message was clear: Let’s do this. Last night, as you’ve probably heard, Jeter notched three hits to tie Lou Gehrig’s record for the
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