Clip joint: thieves who steal hearts

Lock up your daughters' valuables! It seems film people can't help being seduced by that bloke pilfering the family silver

It's not wise to fall in love with a person who sneaks into your house in the dead of night and steals your valuables. And yet the charming thief has light-footed his way into any number of films, finding romance as well as loot. What is it about these smooth-talking characters that make them so irresistible? Is it their position outside of society, which gives them a sense of aloofness and danger? Is it because romance with a thief is fleeting, existing only in the brief moment before they're off on the run or captured by police? Perhaps film-makers hope we'll forget they're picking our pockets at £10 a ticket if we're seduced by a suave fellow in a tuxedo or a femme fatale in a catsuit. Whatever the reason, film
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