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  • (1957- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1957) Stage Play: The Egghead. Drama. Written by Molly Day Thatcher. Scenic Design by Richard Sylbert [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Hume Cronyn. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 9 Oct 1957- 26 Oct 1957 (21 performances). Cast: Karl Malden (as "Hank Parson"), Eduard Franz (as "Gottfried Roth"), Phyllis Love (as "Sally Parson"), Biff McGuire (as "Martin Donahue"), Ruth Attaway (as "Essie"), Kevin Drohan (as "Jackie Parson"), Graham Jarvis (as "Finney"), Nicholas Pryor (as "Roger Parson") [Broadway debut], Lloyd Richards (as "Perry Hall"), Richard Robbins (as "Harvey Robbins"), Helen Shields (as "Madeline Robbins"), Marion Sweet (as "Annie Grierson"). Produced by Hope Abelson.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Howie. Comedy. Written by Phoebe Ephron. Scenic Design by Frederick Fox. Costume Design by Patton Campbell. Lighting Design by Frederick Fox. Business Manager: Victor Samrock. Company Manager: Ben Rosenberg. Directed by John Gerstad. 46th Street Theatre: 17 Sep 1958- 20 Sep 1958 (5 performances). Cast: Leon Ames (as "Walter Simms"), Patricia Bosworth (as "Sally Simms"), Peggy Conklin (as "Edith Simms"), John Fiedler (as "Bill Pfeiffer"), Conard Fowkes (as "Joseph McNish"), Stephen Gray (as "Martin"), Maggie Grindell (as "Sylvia"), Abby Lewis (as "Martha Robinson"), Charles McDaniel (as "Announcer"), Robert Paschall Jr. (as "Victor"), Nicholas Pryor (as "Jimmie Keefe"), Gene Saks (as "Professor"), Albert Salmi (as "Howie Dickerson"), John D. Seymour (as "Joe Robinson"), Patricia Smith (as "Barbara Dickerson") [final Broadway role], Barbara Wilkin (as "Wendy"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard), James M. Slevin and John Gerstad.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Howie. Comedy.
  • (1959) Stage Play: The Highest Tree. Written by Dore Schary. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Costume Design by Marvin Reiss. Lighting Design by Donald Oenslager. Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Klaus Holm. Directed by Dore Schary. Longacre Theatre: 4 Nov 1959- 21 Nov 1959 (21 performances). Cast: Diana Douglas (as "Mary Macready"), Kenneth MacKenna (as "Aaron Cornish"), William Prince (as "Dr. Robert Leigh"), Howard St. John (as "Frederick Ashe"), Richard Anderson (as "Caleb Cornish"), Joe De Santis (as "Bronislau Partos"), Larry Gates (as "John Devereaux"), Frank Milan (as "Steven Cornish"), Natalie Schafer (as "Susan Ashe") [final Broadway role], Elizabeth Cole (as "Jane Ashe"), Miriam Goldina (as "Isabel"), Gloria Hoye (as "Amy Cornish"), Robert Redford, Shirley Smith (as "Gloria Cornish"). Understudies: Joe De Santis (as "John Devereaux"), Gloria Hoye (as "Mary Macready"), Nicholas Pryor (as "Arkady Clark/Frederick Ashe, Jr. (Buzz)"), Shirley Smith (as "Amy Cornish/Jane Ashe") and Dee Victor (as "Isabel/Susan Ashe"). Produced by The Theatre Guild and Dore Schary. Associate Producer: Walter Reilly.
  • (March 28, 1974 - January 4, 1975) "Thieves," original comedy; written by Herb Gardner; directed by Charles Grodin; with Richard Mulligan; Marlo Thomas; Dick Van Patten; Ann Wedgeworth; and Nicholas Pryor in the cast; on Broadway at the Broadhurst and Longacre Theatres, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (325 total performances, including 12 previews beginning March 28, 1974).
  • (May 1986 - June 1986) "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial," dramatic revival; written by Herman Wouk; directed by Charlton Heston; with John Corey, Ben Cross, Joe George, Charlton Heston, Vincent Marzello, Paul Maxwell, Lee Patterson, Nicholas Pryor (as Nick Pryor), John Schuck, Nicholas Spurr, Michael Thoma, David Woodcock, and William Wright in the cast; at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

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