This Day in Horror: The Relic Premiered in Theaters

Released today in 1997: The Relic Based on the novel Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, The Relic follows a shipment of relics from a South American tribe to the United States. When the shipment arrives via boat, the entire crew is dead. Anthropologist […]

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Spike Orders Stephen King's "The Mist" Pilot

Spike TV has ordered an event series pilot based on famed author Stephen King's classic 1980 novella "The Mist".

Dimension Television will produce the project which kicks off when a strange mist seeps into a small town, anyone who becomes engulfed in it soon finds themselves food for the nasty creatures that lurk inside. The action follows a group of townsfolk trapped in a supermarket and the tensions that quickly build.

Christian Torpe will executive produce the series which would order several series the network has in the works following orders for adaptations of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy and "Pendergast" based on the book series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Frank Darabont directed a previous film adaptation of the work in 2007.

Source: The Live Feed
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The Walking Dead producer bringing Pendergast to Spike TV

Gale Anne Hurd, producer of the ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead, is teaming up with Spike TV to bring Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Relic and Cabinet of Curiosities book series to the small screen, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.

The series will be titled Pendergast after its protagonist, the FBI special agent Aloysius Xingu Leng Pendergast, and “is set in a contemporary New York City, with season one focused on Pendergast investigating a present-day crime mimicking a century-old mystery — that links to his own family’s dark past.”

Hurd is set to executive produce the series alongside John McLaughlin (Black Swan), who will also write the adaptation.
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Pendergast: Spike TV Developing New Series with Walking Dead Producer

Spike is developing the Pendergast TV series drama, with Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions. The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd is executive producing, with Black Swan's John McLaughlin, who is also set as writer. Sharon Levy, Ted Gold, and Lauren Ruggiero will oversee the project for Spike.

Based on the novels Relic and Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Pendergast features Aloysius Pendergast, an eccentric FBI special agent. In the first season he will investigate a current crime that mirrors a century old mystery and is tied to his own family history.

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Spike TV Plans "Pendergast" Series Adaptation

Spike TV and "The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd are teaming for "Pendergast," a TV drama series adaptation of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's best-selling novel series following the character of FBI special agent Aloysius Pendergast.

In the novels the character is a highly intelligent, well-mannered, aloof and eccentric slender man who comes from a rich Louisiana family, most of whom are committed or deceased. His wife was killed by a lion years before in Africa, and his brother driven criminally insane during a traumatic childhood incident. Agent Pendergast usually investigates various serial killings, many of which have a highly unusual style to them.

Fifteen novels in the series have been published so far and dealt with everything from diamond heists and zombie cults to a genetically altered beast in the museum of natural history. The first novel in the series, "Relic," was adapted into the 1997 feature "The Relic" but omitted Pendergast's character,
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McQuarrie Helms "Ice Station Zebra" Remake

"Jack Reacher" writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has come onboard to pen and direct the Cold War thriller remake "Ice Station Zebra" at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Based on the novel by Alistair McLean ("Where Eagles Dare," "The Guns of Navarone"), the original 1968 John Sturges-directed feature begins when a spy satellite containing a highly valuable payload comes down in the Arctic Circle just north of Greenland.

A U.S. nuclear submarine stationed in Scotland is sent to rescue the personnel onboard a civilian weather station in the same area, the captain (Rock Hudson) forced to bring along a British intelligence agent (Patrick McGoohan), a Russian defector (Ernest Borgnine) and a troop of marines who have their own top secret mission - get to that payload before the Soviets do.

How this will affect "Mission: Impossible 5" is unsure as McQuarrie has long been the favorite to direct it, but the film's production schedule remains unsure.
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McQuarrie On "Mission Impossible 5" & Beyond

I attended a small roundtable with filmmaker and Hollywood's famous go-to scribe Christopher McQuarrie earlier this afternoon to talk about "Jack Reacher," an adaptation of Lee Child's "One Shot".

During the conversation, Graffiti with Punctuation asked about the status of "Mission: Impossible 5" and if McQuarrie had any new updates on "The Wolverine" which he wrote.

I followed that up with a question listing a half dozen projects McQuarrie's name has been attached to in recent years, and I asked what the status of each was. Here's his answers for all of them, plus he also amusingly confirmed he is Not in the running to direct the next "Star Wars" film:

Mission Impossible 5

With "Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol" director Brad Bird confirmed to not be returning, McQuarrie's name became attached as a possible director for a fifth "Mission: Impossible" a few weeks ago. Paramount is reportedly very pleased with
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Knox Case Tweaks Clooney's "Monster"

After the New York Film Festival premiere of “The Descendants” on Sunday night, George Clooney spoke with The Playlist about his future projects.

Clooney says he's no longer part of the heist film “Belmont Boys” and has opted not to direct the narrative film adaptation of the 2005 doco "Our Brand Is Crisis".

One film he did speak at length about though was his adaptation of Douglas Preston’s true-crime book "The Monster of Florence".

The book follows Preston who moved to Italy in 2000 and learned that an olive grove on his family's new property had been the scene of a brutal murder. Teaming with Italian journalist Mario Spezi, Preston began investigating the crime which was part of a series of eight double homicides between 1968-1985.

The pair became embroiled in a web of intrigue that grew all the more sinister when they themselves were implicated by the authorities for the slayings.
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Morris Unleashes A "Demon in the Freezer"

Academy Award-winning filmmaker and documentarian Errol Morris tells The Playlist that he's planning an adaptation of Richard Preston’s non-fiction work "The Demon in the Freezer".

Preston’s 2002 book explores the U.S. government’s relationship with the biological weapons anthrax and smallpox, focusing on both the “Smallpox Eradication Program” in the ‘60s and ‘70s and the threat of anthrax circa 9/11. Much like 'Hot Zone' or films like "Traffic", the text follows several different storylines in different countries and times.

Preston authored 1994's "The Hot Zone" which was a hot property that Hollywood tried to adapt in the mid-90's until rival project "Outbreak" opened and beat it to the punch. Preston also penned 2007's "The Wild Trees", while his brother Douglas Preston is the best-selling co-author of the Pendergast book series along with Lincoln Child.

Morris is best known for his documentaries like "The Fog of War," "The Thin Blue Line,
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[Casting] - George Clooney to Star in "The Monster Of Florence"

George Clooney is now attached to "The Monster Of Florence", which has been picked up by Fox 2000, reports Deadline. The film is being scripted by Christopher McQuarrie ("The Usual Suspects", "The Way Of The Gun") and his friend, Nathan Alexander, with whom he previously teamed for Valkyrie. Based on the besteller by by Douglas Preston (with Italian journalist Mario Spezi), "The Monster Of Florence" would star Clooney as the author who, along with Spezi, tried to bring up evidence against who they felt was responsible for a string of serial murders in Florence that began in the late 1960's....
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‘Monster Of Florence’ Acquired by Fox 2000, George Clooney Attached To Star

Deadline has just reported that Fox 2000 has closed a deal to adapt the best selling crime novel The Monster of Florence, with George Clooney attached as the lead. The film will be produced by Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, as well as Grant Heslov and Christopher McQuarrie. Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander are also on board to write the script for The Monster of Florence.

George Clooney is set to play the role of Douglas Preston, who wrote the nonfiction bestseller The Monster of Florence with Italian crime reporter Mario Spezi.

Deadline explains:

Preston is a thriller writer who met Spezi after moving to Italy. Together, they set out to solve a 30-year old serial murder case. Seven couples were savagely murdered between 1974 and 1985 while they sat in cars parked just outside Florence. The trail was cold when Preston moved into a nearby farmhouse and began asking questions. By that time,
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George Clooney to appear in ‘Monster of Florence’

George Clooney to appear in ‘Monster of Florence’
London, Jan 6 – George Clooney will now be seen in a movie based on the famous book ‘The Monster of Florence’.

The American actor would be portraying the character of Douglas Preston, the author of the best-selling non-fiction book of the same name, reports The Daily Express.

In the book, Preston tries to resolve the case of brutal killing of couples.
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George Clooney Attached to The Monster of Florence

George Clooney is attached to 'The Monster of Florence', an adaptation of the non-fiction best-seller of the same name, written by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi who solved the cold case of a serial killer.According to <a href='' target=_blank>Deadline</a>

Total Videos: (12)

Total Images: (8)');">Valkyrie co-writers Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander will write the script based on Preston and Spezi's book and Clooney will play Peterson in the movie that retell the story of duo who uncovered the identity of the serial killer who killed seven couples outside Florence between 1968 and 1985.Clooney's producing partner Grant Heslov will produce along with Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen.Source: <a href='' target=_blank>/Film</a>
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George Clooney Heads Back To Italy In Search of The Monster Of Florence

Fox 2000 have acquired the rights to The Monster of Florence, a crime novel written by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi about their real life investigation into the unsolved case of a killer or killers (known as Il Mostro) who murdered 7 couples/14 people between 1974 and 1985. According to THR, George Clooney is attached to produce and star as Preston, an American who teamed with Spezi, a local crime author, to solve the case.

Tom Cruise was interested in bringing the novel to the big screen a couple of years back and hired his Valkyrie screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander to work on the script, but the Cruiser seemingly lost interest and the script then found its way to Clooney, who recently filmed The American in Italy (and has a home there) and his producing partner Grant Heslov.

No director is attached at this time but Heslov, whose last film The Men Who Stare at Goats
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George Clooney in The Monster of Florence

George Clooney, quite busy guy indeed.

So, ladies and gentlemen, check this out: Clooney is now attached to star in Fox 2000’s adaptation of The Monster of Florence, the best-selling book by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi.

And if that sounds familiar to you, let us remind you that once upon a time (actually it was 2008) Tom Cruise acquired the rights to the same novel, and even recruited his Valkyrie screenwriter Chris McQuarrie to write and co-produce a big screen adaptation of the book.

Sound’s like some interesting story…

Here’s The Monster of Florence synopsis part:

“In 2000, Douglas Preston fulfilled a dream to move his family to Italy. Then he discovered that the olive grove in front of their 14th century farmhouse had been the scene of the most infamous double-murders in Italian history, committed by a serial killer known as the Monster of Florence.

Preston, intrigued, meets
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Clooney looks to 'Florence'

George Clooney will produce and possibly star in the serial-killer thriller "The Monster of Florence" for Fox 2000.According to Variety, Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks and Clooney's Smoke House partner Grant Heslov are producing.The project was picked up in turnaround from MGM, which optioned the book by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi as a starring vehicle in 2008 for Tom Cruise when he was running United Artists. "Florence" details eight double homicides believed to have been committed by one man between 1968 and 1985 in Florence. Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander will adapt the screenplay.Clooney will be seen in Fox Searchlight's upcoming comedy "The Descendants" and will direct and star in "The Ides of March," an adaptation of the Broadway play
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George Clooney to Confront The Monster of Florence

  • HeyUGuys
George Clooney is currently in competition with James Franco for the prize of hardest working actor in Hollywood.

His role in Alexander Payne’s next featureAlexander Payne(he was one of the director’s original choices for Sideways) is now complete and the film is in post-production, he’s prepping his forth directorial effort The Ides of March (formally Farragut North) and he was recently announced as the lead in Alfonso Cuaron’s long-in-development sci-fi thriller Gravity. There’s also whispers of him re-teaming with old buddy Steven Soderbergh for a big screen version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Now Deadline are reporting that Fox 2000 are turning crime book The Monster of Florence into a star vehicle for the actor, which he’ll also produce under his Smokehouse banner with partner Grant Heslov and one of the film’s scriptwriters, Christopher McQuarrie.

Clooney will play Douglas Preston,
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George Clooney Set to Star in 'The Monster of Florence'

The Monster of Florence is a crime drama based on a true story of a serial killer who committed 16 murders in Florence, Italy from 1968 to 1985 which later became a nonfiction book by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi.

Tom Cruise was first considered for the part in 2008, but Deadline Hollywood reports that George Clooney will now play the lead role of Douglas Preston.
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George Clooney stalks 'Monster of Florence'

George Clooney stalks 'Monster of Florence'
George Clooney is attached to Fox 2000′s planned adaptation of The Monster of Florence, Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi’s best-selling book about a serial killer who terrorized the Italian city for two decades. Variety initially reported the story, and a source close to the project confirms that Clooney will star in a script to be written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) and Nathan Alexander (Valkyrie).

Read more:

George Clooney pulled to ‘Gravity

George Clooney’s ‘Enron’ movie will likely seek bigger stars
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George Clooney to Investigate ‘The Monster of Florence’

It’s certainly shaping up to be a good week for monsters. “Monsters” director Gareth Edwards is directing the new “Godzilla,” and now George Clooney is attached to “The Monster of Florence.”

“Florence” is based on the best-selling 2008 book by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi, a true-crime account of Il Mostro, a serial killer (or killers) that murdered over a dozen people from the late ’60s through the mid-’80s. Preston himself ended up being investigated by the police when he was doing research for the book, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The book was initially optioned by Tom Cruise, who commissioned his “Valkyrie” screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander to pen the script. The project went into turnaround with the whole MGM financial debacle and is now in Clooney’s lap.

The earliest “The Monster of Florence” could begin shooting is sometime in the fall, as the ever-busy Clooney
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