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The new Fox comedy, Rake, is the next entry in the category of television shows remade from overseas efforts, and while it doesn’t come with all the same hurdles as most similar efforts, it has a tricky road ahead of it. The normal course would be to talk about the differences in comedic styles inherent in moving something across the pond, a problem Fox will soon face when it tries to “Americanize” the beloved, and wonderful, Gavin & Stacey with the upcoming Us & Them. This time, the show is from Australia, originally starred Richard Roxburgh, and aimed for a dark and tragic brand of comedy that was almost completely unique.

Roxburgh was not only brilliant, but brilliantly cast, relaying enough charm and delivering the proper form of wit to keep the character engaging and likable, no matter what he did. A modern version of a frequent side character in Elizabethan
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Ian Collie and Peter Duncan on ABC series Rake

This article originally appeared in If Magazine #148 (August-September).

The bar was lowered and now gets even lower. Controversial series Rake, which follows charismatic barrister Cleaver Greene.s legal misadventures, is currently assailing ABC viewers for a second time.

The first series, broadcast on ABC in late-2010, did well. It won lead actor Richard Roxburgh a Silver Logie for Outstanding Actor and the series attracted about 700,000 weeknight viewers, which the ABC considered good for an offbeat drama . enough to commission a second series.

Series two picks up where series one left off says producer (and former solicitor) Ian Collie from Essential Media & Entertainment. The story format is the same, with Cleaver defending a client each week . whom he knows to be guilty . intercut with episodes of his chaotic personal and family life.

The series continues to focus less on legal and police procedural elements than the typical legal drama and more on character and relationships,
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Rake, starring Richard Roxburgh, begins production in April

Series two of Australian drama Rake begins shooting in Sydney in April.

The series, which first aired on ABC1 in 2010, stars Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge, Blue Murder) as self-destructive criminal defence barrister Cleaver Greene.

Producer/director Peter Duncan said it was great to be back in production. "Once again we have an opportunity to channel our various depravities into Cleaver . rather than exercise them ourselves. This is a considerable relief for our friends and loved ones,. he said in a statement.

Indeed it is, as Cleaver.s debaucherous private life continues in series two. The series will see Cleaver engaged in a passionate affair with a dangerous liaison, stories of suicide bombers and psychotic schoolgirls, as well as a .pedantic chameleon. and an alleged .serial bobbitter..

The new series will see several actors returning including Matt Day (Tangle) as David Potter; Russell Dykstra (Romulus, My Father) as Barney, Cleaver.s
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