Exclusive Interview: Amber Heard (The Stepfather)

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Amber Heard has spent the last few years solidifying her career in Hollywood and these days her name is often at the top of every casting director's list. The actress is wanted for her eye-catching looks, professionalism, and her keen acting abilities that have drawn much attention as of late. The native Texan has scored some stellar roles in the past few years; she played Seth Rogen's girlfriend in Pineapple Express, shared the silver screen with Sean Faris in Never Back Down, and has a slew of Hollywood blockbusters waiting to be released. ScreenStar spoke with the actress about her onset chainsaw mishap, working with Penn Badgley, and the excitement surrounding The Stepfather. The stunning Amber Heard has had a very busy year; she had a cameo in the runaway hit Zombieland, wrapped playing Johnny Depp's love interest in The Rum Diary, and this weekend she stars alongside Gossip Girl stud Penn Badgley.
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Amber Heard Talks Stepfather , Zombieland

The Stepfather remake opens in theaters today, introducing audiences to a new form of fatherly aggression in the form of Dylan Walsh (Terry O'Quinn played the titular role in the '87 original film). Facing this threat is Kelly Porter, played by Amber Heard ( All the Boys Love Mandy Lane ), girlfriend of the film's protagonist Michael (Penn Badgley). "I enjoyed making the movie," Heard told us this week during a brief phone chat. "There's lots of bathing suits, lots of screaming and, well let's just say, what makes making films like this fun." Pressed for more details about her character, Heard offers a frank assessment: "She's not breaking the mold, she's a more classic example of a horror-thriller girl. She plays into more stereotypes than she...
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Amber Heard Dishes on The Stepfather

The busy young actress talks about her role in the remake and The Rum Diary as well

Amber Heard is easily one of the hottest young actresses out there, in more ways than one. After gaining acclaim for smaller roles in studio films like Friday Night Lights and portraying a young Charlize Theron in North Country and, of course, her lead performance as the title character in the cult horror classic All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, the actress has continued to add to her repertoire. The actress has more recently appeared in such hits as Never Back Down, Pineapple Express and the horror-comedy sensation Zombieland, Heard returns to theaters this weekend with the horror remake The Stepfather, which arrives in theaters on October 16. I met her and spoke with her briefly during my set visit last year, but earlier today I had the chance to speak with Heard exclusively
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