Arrow Video Launches Vinyl Outfit Arrow Music: Starts With Limited Edition Pieces Soundtrack

Arrow Video has just announced that they are launching a new music-focused subsidiary that they’re calling Arrow Music. To kick things off, they’re going to be releasing the original soundtrack to Juan Piquer Simón’s 1982 horror film Pieces, which they… Continue Reading →

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Cannes: Hereford Films Options Shaun Hutson’s Upcoming Horror Novel ‘Chase’ (Exclusive)

British production company Hereford Films has acquired movie rights to the upcoming novel “Chase” from prolific horror writer Shaun Hutson. The option is part of a deal with the British author and his publisher Caffeine Nights that will also see Hereford take rights to Hutson’s 1988 novel “Assassin,” as well as form a new publishing brand with Caffeine Nights.

The new publishing label, Hereford Books, will produce novelizations of other films on the independent production company’s slate, as well as spinoff titles and print-only “expanded universe” sequels. Hereford has previously seen Caffeine Nights publish novelizations of catalogue horror titles including “Vendetta,” “We Still Kill the Old Way” and “Age of Kill.”

Hereford CEO Jonathan Sothcott said he and producer Damien Morley had been looking to expand the company’s business interests into publishing and that, in Caffeine Nights, they believe they have found the perfect partner. “It is part
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Review: "Pieces" (1982) UK Dual Format Special Edition From Arrow

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By Darren Allison

Pieces” (Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche) 1982 Directed by Juan Piquer Simón, Starring Jack Taylor, Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Braña and Paul Smith. Arrow 3 disc Blu-ray, DVD and CD.

Arrow continue to satisfy our hunger for classic slasher movies with their latest release "Pieces" (1982), a classic slice of sickening nostalgia which emerged during the height of the video nasty era.

A Boston college campus is being terrorised by a black-clad maniac who collects body parts from his unfortunate co-ed victims. As the corpses (and red herrings) begin to pile up, can Professor Brown (genre veteran Jack Taylor) unmask the murderer before his morbid puzzle is complete?

Fans of the genre should be incredibly pleased with the treatment given to this three disc collector’s edition. Let’s be clear from the outset, “Pieces” is not the best directed movie you’ll ever see. Director Juan Piquer Simón,
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‘Pieces’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Stars: Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Brana, Edmund Purdom, Ian Sera, Paul L. Smith, Jack Taylor, Gerard Tichy, May Heatherly | Written by Dick Randall, Roberto Loyola | Directed by Juan Piquer Simón

Pieces is one of those movies that horror fans instantly fall in love with. While some would write it off as just another bad movie, others will love those moments of unintentional humour, especially from the dubbed version. This is what makes the Arrow Video Pieces: Limited Edition release on Blu-ray so much fun.

When a murderer stars killing off female students on a Boston college campus, the bodies soon start piling up. With body parts missing it seems that the killer is putting forming an interesting puzzle, but can they be stopped before they complete their work?

With a killer that is straight out of the Giallo genre, but a chainsaw that brings even more gore,
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Blu-ray Review – Pieces (1982)

Pieces, 1982.

Directed by Juan Piquer Simón.

Starring Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Jack Taylor, Frank Braña, Edmund Purdom, Paul Smith, and Ian Sera.


A killer stalks a college campus looking for victims so he can use their body parts to make a human jigsaw.

One of the better 1980s slasher movies to not get a sequel (although there is still time), Pieces is a Spanish production that followed in the wake of Friday the 13th, The Burning, My Bloody Valentine, et al but became notorious amongst savvy genre audiences for being more gruesome, bloody and downright sleazy than those previous movies. Naturally, the fully uncut version didn’t appear until relatively recently – within the last decade, in fact – and despite putting it out on DVD back in 2011, the wizards at Arrow Video have now unleashed the film on a limited edition Blu-ray, and if that wasn’t enough to
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Slugs (1988)

Give it up for Juan Piquer Simon. Not only did the Spanish director bestow upon the horror world one of the craziest and memorable slashers of all time, Pieces (1983), he also found it within himself to give us Slugs (1988). Not quite as crazy as Pieces (but almost as good), Slugs trades heavily in the J.P. Simon business: a whole lot of weird, a nuclear ton of energy, and gore galore. If you only see one badly dubbed mollusk monster movie, filled with heavy pettin’ and (literally) explosive action, you would be wise to choose Slugs.

Released Stateside by New World Pictures (post Roger Corman years) in February, this Spanish/American coproduction has never been as beloved as J.P.’s killer-on-campus opus, but that’s only because it seems to play out in a more straightforward manner. Trust me; this film brings all the B level goods, with no expiration date in sight.
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Daily Dead’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways: Day 11 – Waxwork Records, FiveFingerTees, Star Wars Books, Hero Complex Gallery & More!

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Welcome back for Day 11 of Daily Dead’s fourth annual Holiday Gift Guide, readers! Once again, our goal is to help you navigate through the horrors of the 2016 shopping season with our tips on unique gift ideas, and we’ll hopefully help you save a few bucks over the next few weeks, too. For our second-to-last day of this year’s Gift Guide, we’re going to be featuring several great cult films that arrived on Blu-ray in 2016, as well as Star Wars books, a ton of horror-themed enamel pins, the amazing artwork of Hero Complex Gallery, FiverFingerTees, and much more!

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by several amazing companies, including Mondo, Anchor Bay Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Magnolia Home Entertainment, who have all donated an assortment of goodies to help get you into the spirit of the season. Daily Dead also recently teamed up with
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Blu-ray Review: Slugs

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For a creature that is not inherently scary, the common slug sure has menaced a lot of horror movies. From Night of the Creeps to Slither to The Puppet Masters, the slimy little mollusks have played the villain on screen again and again. But it is only Juan Piquer Simón’s 1988 film Slugs (aka Slugs, muerte viscosa) that gives them top billing. Of all the slug horror movies, this one is the sluggiest.

Slugs is also trashy, gory nonsense, which is to be expected from the director of Pieces, one of the most insane slasher movies ever made. While Slugs lacks the inspired lunacy of Pieces, it’s not for lack of trying. The film stars Michael Garfield as Mike Brady (that’s right), a worker with the health department who suspects that a recent rash of gruesome deaths are the result of a new strain of slug that has
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When Pests Attack! 8 Kills that Came From the Garden

When Pests Attack! 8 Kills that Came From the Garden
Slugs (1988) Arrow Video recently released Juan Piquer Simon ‘s Slugs on Blu-ray and the oozy 1988 shocker has never looked better. As a film that lives or dies by the quality of its visual creature and gore FX, it remains a top notch curio of the era and has stirred in me an interest in revisiting more in the garden variety, […]
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Horror disc round-up: Ghoulies, The Burning, Frogs vs Slugs

Nick Aldwinckle Oct 25, 2016

Fancy some horror? We've been taking a look at the discs of Ghoulies, The Burning, Psychomania and more...

“Have you ever heard a frog scream?”, the tag-line to George McCowan’s 1972 ecological horror Frogs (out now on Arrow Blu-ray) should have read. Indeed, for any of you readers that have ever been rudely awoken at 2am by the sound of a traumatised frog being gifted to you by your pet cat/furry psychopath, an amphibian cry of terror is probably the second worst sound there is (behind, of course, Kaiser Chiefs).

See related Will Arnett confirms more Arrested Development Arrow's Stephen Amell stars in Lego Batman 3 Dlc trailer

Not that frogs themselves are inherently evil, though viewing this classic dose of seventies green-themed nastiness might convince you otherwise. Slugs are Ok, too, though we’ll get on to them later on in this month’s vague
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September 27th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Blood Diner and Chopping Mall

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You can tell Halloween is right around the corner, as September 27th has over 20 different horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases looking to put a dent in your wallet. As far as new movies go, The Shallows, The Neon Demon, and Warcraft are all coming home on Tuesday, and for all you classic horror fans, there are new releases of An American Werewolf in London, Blood Diner, Chopping Mall, Lady in White, Slugs, and the 30th anniversary Blu-ray for Highlander.

Other notable releases for September 27th include Stephen King’s Cell, Count Dracula’s Great Love, The Mangler, Grimm: Season Five, and The Shape of Things to Come.

An American Werewolf in London: Restored Edition (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray)

Re-discover one of the most gripping horror films of all time with the cult classic An American Werewolf in London Restored Edition. Blending the macabre with a wicked sense of humor,
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Scorpion Releasing and Kino Lorber Re-Opening The Rift on Blu-ray this Summer

Fresh off the Blu-ray release of his magnum opus Pieces, Scorpion Releasing and Kino Lorber surprised everyone with word that they’re teaming up to bring Juan Piquer Simon’s obscure and underrated 1989 underwater creature feature The Rift to Blu-ray this… Continue Reading →

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Harker’s Hits: New Releases March 2016

Harker’s Hits: New Releases March 2016
Some fun stuff dropping this month! A gory ’80s slasher, a thoughtful Sci-Fi epic, Lego superheroes, and More. Yes. More. No lie. Needle in my eye, etc. More.

The Peanuts Movie

Hailed by both critics and audiences, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the entire gang hit the big screen in their first 3D foray last year. Extras include featurettes like “You Never Grow Up, Charlie Brown,” “6 Snoopy Snippets,” and Meghan Trainor’s video for “Better When I’m Dancin’.” You know you want to revisit your youth. You know you want to fly with the Red Baron! You know you want to dance with Meghan Trainor!

$19.99 Buy The Peanuts Movie

Victor Frankenstein

Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, and the X-men’s Professor X, James McAvoy, join forces to breathe new life (so to speak) into one of the greatest horror stories ever told. Told from Igor’s perspective, this
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Grindhouse Releasing’s New Pieces Blu-ray Is One of the Year’s Best Home Video Titles

Juan Piquer Simon‘s classic 1982 slasher Pieces has finally landed on Blu-ray, and the result is well worth the wait. Grindhouse Releasing has packed their release with all kinds of love and affection from the beautiful picture presentation to a bevy of special features and extras. I was too slow to order and missed being one of the lucky 3000 to nab a copy that comes with a replica of the infamous nudie puzzle featured in the film’s opening, but even without that extra this is still one of the best home video releases of the year so far. Keep reading for a look at the movie (from my earlier review) and at the new Blu-ray release below. The Movie: It’s 1942, and a young boy sits on the floor of his bedroom innocently putting together a puzzle featuring a picture of a fully nude woman. He’s assembling it with the detached focus of someone whose
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Now On Blu-ray: Jp Simon's Pieces On Blu Looks Better Than Could Have Been Imagined

One of my first DVD reviews here at TwitchFilm was for the Arrow Video DVD release of Juan Piquer Simon's Pieces. At the time I was a virgin to the wonder of this incredibly bizarre and impossibly entertaining piece of Spanish gore-trash, but over the last five years I've returned to Pieces more than once. When it was announced that the film would be receiving a Blu-ray release from underground home video heroes Grindhouse Releasing, I was beyond excited, and now that I have the disc in hand and I've spent hours combing through its myriad bonus features and easter eggs, I can say like the other critics before me that this is clearly the definitive release of the film, and that it is a...

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March 1st Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Pieces, The Boy, Intruders

Happy March, everyone! This month’s home entertainment offerings are starting off with the proverbial bang as there seems to be a little something for every genre fan arriving on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday. Scream Factory is releasing both The Boy and Narcopolis on both formats this week, and Kino Lorber is resurrecting a pair of cult classics in HD as well: Gog (3D) and Transformations. Grindhouse Releasing has assembled an incredible Blu set for their release of Pieces, and the recent home invasion thriller, Intruders, makes its way onto DVD on March 1st.

For those of you who have made the leap to 4K, both The Last Witch Hunter and Mad Max: Fury Road are getting a special 4K release on Tuesday and other notable titles making their way home this first week of March include Zoombies, The Sinful Dwarf, The Fear of Darkness, Scream at the Devil,
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Round-Up: Pieces Fright Rags Shirt, Fallout 4 Add-Ons, Horror Movie A Day: The Book, Road Games Trailer, Fox Trap, Still Indiegogo

Inspired by the 1982 slasher directed by Juan Piquer Simón, the Pieces shirts from Fright Rags are back and available to order now. Also: details on the new add-ons for Fallout 4, release info for Horror Movie A Day: The Book, a Road Games trailer, new Fox Trap images, and Indiegogo details for Still.

Fright Rags' Pieces Shirt: From Fright Rags: “Pieces is Back! Official Pieces shirts are In-stock and Ready To Ship! Only at

Available in Guys (S-5X), Girls (S-2X) and Hoodies (S-3X). Art by Justin Osbourn.

Shop Now! :”


Fallout 4 Add-Ons: Press Release: "Since Fallout 4 launched, we’ve been blown away by your support for the game. It stands as our most successful title ever and that couldn’t have happened without you. It’s been truly inspiring, the stories, images, and experiences that you’ve created. And
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Revoltin’ Reviews: Pieces, The Mutilator, and The Vincent Price Collection III

Revoltin’ Reviews: Pieces, The Mutilator, and The Vincent Price Collection III
This one’s going to be a cake walk, creeps: two vintage 80s slasher flicks and some Vincent Price. Sometimes ancient talismans procured in questionable eBay lots really do work as advertised!


• Release Date: Available March 1st on Special edition Blu-ray (2 Blu-rays + CD)

• Written By: Dick Randall, Joe D’Amato

• Directed By: Juan Piquer Simón

• Starring: Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Braña, Paul L. Smith

Pieces had a weird effect on me when I first saw it. I remember thinkin’ it was one of the greatest slasher films I’d e’er slapped my eerie eyeballs upon, as it pretty much had everything that makes the genre so outrageous, only amped up to the nth degree. I also remember thinkin’ “Man, I need to own this film right away; it’s the bat’s knees!” I then sat down, ate a slice of pizza (maybe it was a sandwich…
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Grindhouse Releasing Sending ’80s classic Pieces to Bluray This March in Epic 3-Disc Special Edition!

Very few films hit my blood soaked heart as hard as Juan Piquer Simón’s slasher classic, Pieces. It’s such an excellent film, one that every horror fan should experience at least once in their lifetime. Thanks to the always kick-ass gang at Grindhouse Releasing, horror fans who have been aching for a special edition of the 1982 gorefest can now celebrate, with the announcement of an epic March 1st release of a 3-Disc collector’s edition of the film, complete with a massive list of special features, as well as a limited edition puzzle that comes along with the first 3,000 copies of the film (fans buying the film from DiabolikDVD will also receive the film on February 23rd, earlier than those who purchase it from other sites/stores). The pre-orders for the film (DiabolikDVD and Amazon) are already selling like crazy, so be sure to jump on this one,
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Bizarro Slashterpiece Pieces Coming To Blu-ray And Theaters From Grindhouse Releasing

There are few films quite as crazy violent as Juan Piquer Simon's Pieces.This delirious Spanish slasher from the '80s is among the best of the subgenre and stands out for its willingness to go completely bonkers at the drop of a hat. Cult home video heroes Grindhouse Releasing have announced an upcoming three disc Blu-ray release as well as limited theatrical engagements for the film and their recently completed 4k restoration.Here are more details from Grindhouse:Grindhouse Releasing is blazing a bloody trail of chainsaw carnage in 2016 with the company's best home video release to date: the highly anticipated 3-disc deluxe Blu-ray edition of the 1980s slasher classic Pieces.  Hitting stores March 1, this jam-packed, definitive hi-def set comes complete with an eye-popping Pieces jigsaw puzzle...

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