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'Can I Start Over?'

Picture it: You're in the midst of a stellar audition. You're in the moment, creating a memorable character, capturing every nuance and beat of a beautifully written script. Then the unthinkable happens: You flub a line. What to do next?"You should own it," says casting director G. Charles Wright, whose credits include "That '70s Show" and "The Middle." "Most actors, because they have stage experience, when they mess up a line, they just keep going because that's what you would do on the stage. But [you should] really take a second and go back a line and say, 'Let me take that back.' That's part of being present."Actor Kurt Long, who has appeared on "Bones" and "How I Met Your Mother," notes that he usually uses this approach, because "most [casting directors] are very critical about the word and what's been written down there for the character." That said, he acknowledges
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