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Illinois Man Allegedly Killed and Dismembered His Mother After She Complained About His Loud Music

Illinois Man Allegedly Killed and Dismembered His Mother After She Complained About His Loud Music
Police in Illinois have filed premeditated murder charges against a 55-year-old man accused of killing and then dismembering his mother, whose remains were discovered in duffel bags in a Chicago lagoon, People confirms.

According to the Elgin Police Department, Brian Peck reported his mother, 76-year-old Gail Peck, missing on Friday, allegedly telling detectives she went for a walk and never returned. Peck also allegedly told police that his mother brought her dog on the walk, and the pet found its way home.

For days, Elgin Police and several volunteers searched the area looking for any sign of Gail.

“The search
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Hollywood’s Underage Sexual Abuse Problem: 5 Shocking Injustices From ‘An Open Secret’

Hollywood’s Underage Sexual Abuse Problem: 5 Shocking Injustices From ‘An Open Secret’
An Open Secret” sounds like the perfect title for a brand-new documentary addressing the entertainment industry’s sexual harassment and assault epidemic, which in recent weeks has uncoupled Harvey Weinstein, Roy Price, and Andy Signore from their companies (and caused James Toback, President George H.W. Bush, Oliver Stone, Ben Affleck, and Mark Halperin to confront their own allegations). However, the documentary — which focuses on the abuse male managers, agents, and publicists inflict on young, male clients — premiered at Doc NYC in November 2014 and had a small release the following June (IndieWire awarded it an A-).

Despite its current 93 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, director Amy Berg — who’d previously investigated sexual abuse in “Prophet’s Prey” and “Deliver Us from Evil,” for which she earned a 2007 Best Feature Documentary Oscar nomination — was unable to find a distributor. “An Open Secret” producer Gabe Hoffman claims the film was even accepted,
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Sheen goes looking for Loch Ness monster

Sheen goes looking for Loch Ness monster
Los Angeles, July 12: Actor Charlie Sheen reportedly made a recent visit to Scotland to look out for the famous Loch Ness monster.

The monster has been a matter of muse since many years, and people have time and again tried to trace proof of its existence in the Loch Ness lake.

Sheen is said to have gone there in his private jet, and he was accompanied by his friends Todd Zeile and Brian Peck.

The friends stayed at the historic Aldourie Castle, on the shores of Loch Ness, for one night only, and the manager of the place is sure that Sheen will be back soon, reports

"All I can say is that Mr. Sheen.
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Full Schedule for WonderCon 2011

Hey gang! WonderCon 2011 invading San Francisco on Friday, April 1st through Sunday, April 3rd and the three-day schedule has been unleashed! Unfortunately we won't be able to make it up there this year, but if you are going, it looks like there's a ton of stuff for you to check out! I wish to hell I was going!

The convention will feature presentations and screenings for Falling Skies, Green Lantern, Super, Cowboys & Aliens, The Three Musketeers, Hanna, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man Anime, Priest, Immortals, Doctor Who, Terra Nova, Thundercats, and more.

Check out the full schedule below and start planning you WonderCon adventure!

Friday, April 1

12:30-1:30 Nerds! The Secret Origins of Game Designers— Comics. Movies. Games. Did you know that a life of fandom might be perfect training for a career as a video game designer? Learn the secret origins of industry veterans Haden Blackman
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Full Clu Gulager Film Festival Details!

What are you doing tonight? I'm recording a new Dinner for Fiends, but the rest of you in the L.A. area should be heading out to see the Clu Gulager Film Festival, which kicks off tonight at 7:30 Pm with a screening of Dan O'Bannon's punktastic Return of the Living Dead.

The film will be followed by a cast and crew Q&A with the following special guests: Clu Gulager, Dan O'Bannon, James Karen, Don Calfa,

Thom Matthews, Brian Peck, Beverly Randolph, John Philbin, Jewel

Shepard, Tony Gardner, Kenny Myers and Willian Stout!

The fest continues with a 9:45 Pm showing of Feast while Thursday's flicks consist of another Feast screening at 7:30 Pm with a Q&A with Clu Gulager, John Gulager, Diane Ayala Goldner, Duane Whitaker, Joel Soisson and Kevin O'Neill. This is followed by a second screening of Return.

Friday will bring The Killers showing
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