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New Grimm tonight, new projects for Kendall Cross and Patton Oswalt, and interviews with Bear McCreary and Calum Worthy

A few updates, because it's Friday:

Grimm 1x11, "Tarantella," airs tonight at 9 pm. (No, Patton Oswalt and Steve Carell aren't guest starring. Keep scrolling for those two.) Synopsis for "Tarantella:"

A String Of Homicides Leads Nick And Hank To A Woman With A Deadly Secret; Amy Acker Guest Stars – Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) find themselves on the hunt for a deadly heartbreaker leaving behind a web of dead bodies. Meanwhile, Nick’s growing recognition among the creature world is starting to threaten not only his safety but Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) as well, and it may be time for him to take action to keep her safe. Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.Sasha tweets that the show premieres in the UK on Watch this Monday at 9 pm. Spoiler TV has a few sneak peeks from tonight's episode.

This Means War, a romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon,
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New interview with Sasha Roiz and the weekend monster update

Let's start the weekly round-up with Grimm.

Grimm's ratings dropped a little this week, but the show still won the 18-49 demo in its timeslot, finishing ahead of CSI: NY, Fringe and Supernatural, and rising by a full frakking ratings point (1.8) after Chuck (0.8). Wake up, Chuck.

Hitfix visited the set in Portland recently and posted a lengthy report. Here is a snippet:

Sasha Roiz on how his character will develop later in the series: "I’m not a Grimm descendent, but I'm a descendent of a long line that dates back just as Grimm does and we have a bit of a history and a past, so my line is a royal line and that will slowly unfold throughout the series."Collider has a longer interview with Sasha and Reggie Lee (more at the link):

It’s nice to see your character – like the main character – has the duality.
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Alessandra Torresani on American Horror Story tonight, new interviews with James Marsters, Scott Porter & Christopher Heyerdahl

Okay, for real this time:

Alessandra Torresani guest stars on American Horror Story tonight at 10 pm on FX. Here is the synopsis for both Halloween episodes, from THR:

In Part 1, Vivien (Connie Britton) and Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) met the house's previous tenants, a gay couple (played by Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears) obsessed with decorating the home just right for Halloween so the Harmons can unload the property.

In addition, Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga) inch closer when the couple takes advantage of the old Halloween loophole that all the ghosts come out to walk the streets for the night as they hit the beach for their first official date.Alessandra plays Steph, one of the unwelcome visitors on that date. For previews, go to Sci Fi Mafia.

Ryan Robbins tweets that one of his recent films, Marilyn, will premiere at the Whistler Film Festival, which runs
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Grimm previews, interviews with Sasha Roiz and Esai Morales, new project for Brian Markinson, and general updates

A frakload of updates today, in very random order.

Husbands episode 10, "Return of the Zebra," has been posted on Only one episode left to go.

If you're in New York tomorrow, you can catch Jane Espenson and Alessandra Torresani at the Husbands panel at the New York Comic-Con. Hit the link for more info.

A bunch of new Grimm promos have showed up in the last few days.

Spoiler TV has four featurettes and a set of cast photos. Here are the ones with Sasha Roiz:

And here is the first behind-the-scenes video with Sasha and and his cast mates talking about the show (via

Brian Markinson has a new project lined up, a short film called Elijah the Prophet, which shoots next spring. More info, from

The short film script, ‘Elijah the Prophet’, was penned by the writing duo Zachary and Jesse Herrmann of Brooklyn,
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Polly Walker on Psych, Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State, interviews with Scott Porter, Philip Granger and Kacey Rohl

It's the Willow clan update today, for the most part. More updates coming tomorrow.

Polly Walker guest stars in the Psych season opener, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader," tonight at 10 pm on USA. Synopsis:

While on a mission to retrieve a stolen Darth Vader collector’s item from the British Ambassador’s son at the British Consulate Residence in Santa Barbara, Shawn finds a dead body left in one of the rooms. In order to get Sbpd on the case to find her killer, Shawn tells Lassiter and Juliet that the image of a dead body at the British Consulate Residence came to him in a psychic vision. However, Shawn’s credibility as a “psychic” could be placed in jeopardy if Sbpd finds out he actually witnessed the dead body in person and didn’t “divine” the image of her murder.And at 11 pm, you can catch Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State 3x05, "Training Day,
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Updates: Husbands, Comic-Con & cast roundup

One chaotic round of updates coming up.

Jane Espenson has announced the new project she has been working on with Alessandra Torresani, Brad Bell (Cheeks) and Sean Hemeon, in an interview with CliqueClack. Yes, it's Husbands, a web series about "two guys, a newly dating couple, who celebrate a new marriage equality law in Vegas and wake up married." A couple of snippets from the interview:

Km: What do you hope to become of Husbands in the long run? If it simply stays as a free series on the web, will that satisfy not only you but the actors?

Je: Honestly, I would love to see Husbands turn into a network television show. I’m loving the freedom that we’re enjoying as we put it together ourselves, but there’s something about it that feels so accessible — it’s Ab Fab, Dharma and Greg, Will and Grace … it feels
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New interviews: Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz, Bear McCreary, Scott Porter, James Marsters, Drew Z. Greenberg

A bunch of new interviews showed up over the last couple of days, so a regular round of updates will have to wait until tomorrow.

Before I get to the interviews, a reminder that Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales and Rise of the Planet of the Apes with Leah Gibson, James Pizzinato, Panou, Luc Roderique, Camille Atebe and Mike Dopud, both hit theatres tomorrow.

Esai Morales will be at the AMC Bay Plaza in the Bronx this Friday & Saturday signing posters. For a video invitation, go to Gun Hill Road's Fb page.

Also -- last minute notice -- you can catch Patton Oswalt in a new episode of Jon Benjamin Has a Van tonight at 10:30 on Comedy Central. Synopsis:

Jon talks to a Broadway producer (Patton Oswalt) about his newest success, but finds that the Jbhv van has been towed out of Times Square. He also hits
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Cast news, trailers & new interview with Jane Espenson

A bunch of updates today.

First, there are two things to check out on TV this Saturday.

Hiro Kanagawa, Alessandro Juliani and Dmitry Chepovetsky guest star on Chaos, in episode "Eaten by Wolves," which airs tomorrow at 8 Et/Pt on the CBS network. The press release for the episode is here.

Red Faction: Origins, directed by Michael Nankin and starring Robert Patrick, Kate Vernon and Sgu's Brian J. Smith airs at 9 pm on Syfy. Bear McCreary produced the score by Jonathan Ortega. has an interview with Kate Vernon, who tweeted the other day that the film might get picked up to series. The trailer is embedded below.

Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz will next be screened at the Stony Brook Film Festival in New York on July 22, possibly with daddy Graystone in attendance. Details at

The trailer for Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales has premiered exclusively on Apple.
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New interviews with Kevin Murphy & Bear McCreary

Hollywood Reporter has a new interview with Kevin Murphy. Among other things, he talks about Caprica and some of the challenges they faced in the second half of the season. The relevant bit:

The Hollywood Reporter: You’ve had some quickly-canceled shows on your resume. What did you learn from them?

Kevin Murphy: In a case like Caprica, I came in halfway into the order. After a week or so, Ron Moore and David Eick promoted me to showrunner and one of the interesting things there was figuring out how to make it grand -- how to make it live up to the [Battlestar Galactica] franchise while being realistic about the fact that the show had ended up costing NBCUniversal a lot more than they had originally expected or budgeted for. Part of that was the nature of the beast. When you’re doing a show set on a spaceship, you
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Cast news and new interviews: Michael Nankin, Leah Gibson, James Marsters

Plenty of updates today.

First up, there is a new story up at Beginning of Line, this time from Ryan Lawrence (you know him as the admin of The Caprica Times). Check it out here: Punishment.

Also at BoL, there is a Q&A with Teresa Jusino, who wrote the Tamara Adama three-parter, Safe Journey (Hypatian's Bluff, Spatiu Gol, The New Guatrau).

Some cast news, starting with the most excellent:

Sasha Roiz tweeted that he starts working on an episode of Castle this week. (Side note here: Tamala Jones says that they're currently shooting episode 3x23.)

According to the official Fb page for Alessandra Torresani's latest film, Playback, the film will be released this fall.

Gun Hill Road director Rashaad Ernesto Green tweets that the film is going on a world tour. A special heads-up to anyone living in Dallas, Denver, Oregon, San Francisco, Poland, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.
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Final week of Caprica auctions, cast interviews & new projects

Here comes the weekly round-up.

The Caprica auctions are in the final week. Propworx has posted a video featurette with a preview of the items (holobands included). You can bid on them on Ebay, as usual. The auctions end this Sunday (March 20).

The Caprica Times has an interesting article about the use robots in society. You can check it out here: Cylons in Society: Robots in Airports.

BSG and Caprica's costume designer Glenne Campbell will take part in a panel discussion, Outfitting the Fleet: The Costume Design of Battlestar Galactica, on March 26 (next Saturday) at the Emp|Sfm Building in Seattle. Details and tickets at

And a bunch of stuff has happened on other fronts since last week. Let's start with the festivals.

Fort McCoy, with Eric Stoltz, will be screened at the WorldFest Film Festival in Houston next month. Dates and tickets available here.

Gun Hill Road
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Weekend wrap

10 days left until the Caprica Season 1.5 DVD is out.

A quick round of cast updates:

Alessandra Torresani starts shooting a new pilot this week, called Circling the Drain. It's a single-camera comedy about a reporter who gets demoted from the style section to the obits desk at a newspaper. You can read a message from Alessandra about the project on her blog.

Deadline writes, "The Circling the Drain presentation will be completed by Jan.1, giving the project a jump start on the broadcast pilot season where production usually starts in February. While the project was originally envisioned as a cable show, the producers are now looking to cast a wider net for it."

Esai Morales has wrapped filming the webseries Los Americans. The first photos from his new movie, Gun Hill Road, which premieres at Sundance in January, showed up this week at Daemon's Movies. There is also an interesting
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Synopsis for "Here Be Dragons," Gemenon set tour, and cast updates

Caprica episode 1x17, "Here Be Dragons," airs tonight at 10 pm on Space. Here is the synopsis (spoilers):

The Graystones (Eric Stoltz, Paula Malcomson) find Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) with a vengeful Clarice (Polly Walker) closing in, while the Ha'la'Tha turns on the Adama brothers (Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz).

Like last week's episode, "Here Be Dragons" was directed by Michael Nankin. You can rate it below.

There is a new(ish) behind-the-scenes clip on Hulu. It's a tour of the Sto camp with Magda Apanowicz, with Michael Nankin and Christopher Heyerdahl also making brief appearances. If you haven't seen any episodes since "False Labor," there are probably some minor spoilers for "Blowback" and "The Heavens Will Rise" in the video (embedded below).

The apple campaign continues this week. You can find an update on the Save Caprica blog. 

From the description on Amazon, the European Caprica 1.0 DVD (out on January 3, 2011) will
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Synopsis for Caprica 1x16, "The Heavens Will Rise," and some cast updates

Caprica 1x16, "The Heavens Will Rise," airs tonight at 10 pm on Space. Both this week's episode and the next one, "Here Be Dragons," were directed by Michael Nankin.

Beyond that, there isn't much info out there about the last few eps, but there has been a lot of speculation about some massive plot points that happen toward the end of the season, so whether you are DVRing, downloading, waiting for the DVD, or waiting for Syfy to air the episodes, if you don't like reading major spoilers, stay away from reviews and discussion forums. Great choice there for most people: either steal or be spoiled. Thanks for that too, Syfy.

That said, Space has posted the synopsis for "The Heavens Will Rise:"

The Graystones (Eric Stoltz & Paula Malcomson) search New Cap City for Zoe (Alessandra Torresani), while Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) uncovers a mystery about the Cylons. Clarice (Polly Walker) learns the truth about Amanda.
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Poll: Caprica 1x15, "The Dirteaters"

All right, Caprica 1x15, "The Dirteaters," is finally out there. The episode was written by Matthew B. Roberts, who previously wrote "The Imperfections of Memory," and directed by John Dahl, who also directed "False Labor."

Returning guest stars include Scott Porter, Panou, Peter Wingfield, Teryl Rothery, Jorge Montesi, Sina Najafi and Genevieve Buechner. New faces are Aleks Paunovic (William Adama, Sr.), Alison Araya (Isabelle Adama, not Marie), Elisabeth Rosen (Kolibri), Daleal Monjazeb (Young Joseph), and Alexander Kambolis (Young Sam). Brian Markinson is back as Agent Duram.

The Thirteenth Colony has the recap. You can rate the episode below.

And you can find some campaign updates at the Save Caprica blog and

In other news:

Final reminder that several familiar faces are on Hellcats tonight at 9 pm on the CW network. Magda Apanowicz tweeted last week that this was her first episode on the show, Aaron Douglas is in the promos,
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Caprica 1.04 "Gravedancing" Recap

Caprica was all over the place tonight, but not in a bad way. Sorta. Story lines and character arcs took turns to the extreme and downright delectable, but I am still a bit thrown away about all of the similarities to our own Earth culture, which was a catch-22 tonight in my view. The reason? The Caprican culture has very little to add to shock value when it comes to human relationships, but the flip side of that coin reveals that is why the show works in some areas. It shows that no matter where and when, the human race is just one big race of assholes who need to get their crap straight. Caprica, as I said before, is a mirror to our own culture and tonight's episode, "Gravedancing", splattered Windex all over the surface so we could get a better look at ourselves. And boy are we ugly…
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'Love Happens' Celebrates World Premiere in L.A.

Three days prior to the theatrical release of "Love Happens", Universal Pictures presented the world premiere of the romantic drama. The red carpet event took place at Mann's Village Theatre in

Westwood, Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, September 15, and was highlighted with the arrival of celebrities.

Leading actors, Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, were present. Bringing in the Hollywood glamor to the red carpet, the two dressed to impress. Eckhart donned black tie suit, while his on-screen lover Aniston wore silver mini dress. They were joined by other cast members, Dan Fogler, John Carroll Lynch, Anne Marie DeLuise, Sasha Alexander, Panou and Tyler McClendon.

The cast were not the only representative from the movie on the special night. Director/co-writer Brandon Camp, co-screenwriter Mike Thompson, producer Scott Stuber and composer Christopher Young were also spotted attending the premiere. The celebrity guests, in the meantime, included "Watchmen" actress Malin Akerman and TV personality Terri Seymour.
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