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Piper Perabo Joins Gerard Butler in Angel Has Fallen

Millennium Films' Angel Has Fallen has added another new cast member, with Piper Perabo signing on in an unspecified role. While it is not known who she is playing, the actress joins Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen stars Gerard Butler (Mike Banning) and Morgan Freeman (Alan Trumbull), along with franchise newcomer Holt McCallany (Mindhunter). McCallany will be playing an old friend of Banning, Wade Jennings, an ex-military man who is now the head of a technology company.

This story will follow Mike Banning as he becomes the target of a terrorist attack, only this attack will take place on Air Force One, in mid-flight. While promoting his new film Geostorm in October, Gerard Butler offered some new plot details, comparing this story to Logan, hinting that his character Mike Banning is "paying the price" for everything he went through physically in Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen.
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'Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie': Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim Talk 'Billion Dollar Movie' And Poop Jokes

Having watched five seasons of "Tim and Eric, Awesome Show Great Job!" -- the irreverent, awkward comedy show on Adult Swim -- you half-expect that an in-person interview with the duo is all part of some elaborate prank that will end with you having a giant bucket of puke dumped on your head. In truth, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the creators of "Awesome Show" and stars of the upcoming spinoff, "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie," are totally normal guys. The film, which hits theaters in limited release this weekend, follows the duo as they try to repay their billion-dollar debt by re-opening a suburban mall. Poop gags, uncomfortable sex scenes and plenty of fake blood soon follow. Moviefone recently sat down with Tim and Eric to discuss "Billion Dollar Movie," jokes they consider off-limits, creating awkward comedy, and the walkouts that happened during their film's premiere at Sundance.
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