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Video Movie Review: Etxr (2014): Loud, Stylish, and Ultimately Empty

Etxr (2014) Video Movie Review, a film directed by Trevor Sands and starring Caleb Hunt, Jeremy Luke, Levi Fiehler, Brianne Howey, Lindsey Morgan, Xander Berkeley, Dan Donohue, Peter Douglas, Brendan Hunt, and Matt Nolan. Etxr‘s plot synopsis: “Bix the Bug is a DJ who comes into possession of a Teslascope — Nikola Tesla’s [...]

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DVD Review - Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

Sometimes They Come Back, 1991.

Directed by Tom McLoughlin.

Starring Tim Matheson, Brooke Adams, Matt Nolan, Chad Nyerges, Nicholas Sadler, William Sanderson and Robert Rusler.


A teacher with a troubled past returns to his hometown with his family to start a new beginning. However, his past soon comes back to haunt him as he remembers the traumatic event of his older brother’s death.

Based on a Stephen King short story, Sometimes They Come Back is a classic horror story of a tormented man who is revisited by his past in an all too vivid manner.

The film opens with a voiceover narration, a technique I have my gripes with. However, I have come to accept that it is mostly necessary with literary adaptations, and in the case of Sometimes They Come Back, it actually works quite well in establishing the character of Jim Norman, a father who is returning to his home town,
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Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 7.19: "Food for Thought"

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Hawkes (Hill Harper) attends a food festival, coerced by Camille (Lesley-Ann Brandt) where one of the food truck explodes. The chef, Derby Chayson (Daniel Bonjour) is dead. Flack (Eddie Cahill) thinks it may have been a terrorist attack. Mac (Gary Sinise) states the position of the truck and the time of the blast would not lead to loss of many lives. Mac finds traces of Tatp, an explosive made from household chemicals, that's why liquids are not allowed on planes. Jo (Sela Ward) comments on Hawkes calling in sick and he should save the explanations for Mac. Jo finds a bottle lid on the floor. Mac indicates the splash pattern shows the blast originated from the side panel, where the propane tank would have been located. The ignition source was the bottle. Mac thinks if they piece together the shrapnel it may tell them something. Regular as clockwork, Lindsay (Anna Belknap) pops up.
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