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BossLogic Transforms Cillian Murphy Into Doctor Doom, Can Marvel Be Swayed?

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BossLogic Transforms Cillian Murphy Into Doctor Doom, Can Marvel Be Swayed?
The Doctor Doom movie isn't dead yet. Noah Hawley recently announced he has finished the script and is going to push Marvel Studios to release it. This is sure to make Marvel fans very happy, but who will star as the iconic villain in the long-talked about movie? BossLogic has thrown actor Cillian Murphy into the mix and provided us with some artwork to further argue his point on why Murphy would be the perfect choice.

As is the case with anything BossLogic does, his Cillian Murphy as Doctor Doom is excellent and it looks like it could be real concept art from Marvel Studios. Murphy is no stranger to the superhero genre after playing Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and it's about time we see him return, possibly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Doom. With that being said, this is just wishful thinking at this time.
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The Batman Wants Pierce Brosnan as Butler Alfred Pennyworth?

Before saying a single word otherwise, we want to start this out by saying the following can only, at best, be regarded as a rumor for the time being. Nothing more, so this should not be regarded even remotely official until other sources weigh in on the matter. That said, a tantalizing new rumor has cropped up suggesting James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan could (and again we stress could) be up for the role of Alfred in The Batman.

Amateur filmmaker Ryan Unicomb is the genesis of this whole thing. Admittedly, that's not a great place to start. However, certain rumors, specifically relating to The Batman, started out in a similar fashion and proved to be true. Case in point, Robert Pattinson's casting as Bruce Wayne was put forth by artist BossLogic long before the announcement was made. So it's not impossible to imagine, somehow, Unicomb stumbled across something.
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Joaquin Phoenix studied victims of Plc to craft his take on the Joker laugh

  • JoBlo
Everyone knows that some actors like to get inside the heads of their characters. Unfortunately, it's a method that can often yield disastrous and even deadly results. One tragic example of this phenomenon is the case of the late actor Heath Ledger, who poured himself into the role of the Joker so completely for director Christopher Nolan's The Dark Night that it consumed him.…
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‘Tenet,’ Explained: 11 Things You Need to Know About Christopher Nolan’s Action Epic

‘Tenet,’ Explained: 11 Things You Need to Know About Christopher Nolan’s Action Epic
When it comes to original Hollywood filmmaking, it doesn’t get much bigger in the present day than Christopher Nolan. After mastering the comic book film with his “Dark Knight” trilogy and delivering some of the most inventive original blockbusters of the decade, Nolan finally landed his first Best Director Oscar nomination with his WWII survival thriller “Dunkirk.” So what does a director like Nolan do next? The answer is “Tenet,” an action epic opening in summer 2020 that remains shrouded in mystery.

“Tenet” is reportedly one of Nolan’s most expensive undertakings to date, which is saying something considering his hugely ambitious Batman movies and his 2014 space drama “Interstellar” weren’t exactly cheap. It’s a testament to Nolan’s critical and commercial pull that he’s one of the only filmmakers in Hollywood that a major studio like Warner Bros. is willing to give a giant budget to direct an original film.
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‘Saving Leningrad’ Review

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Stars: Andrey Mironov-Udalov, Maria Melnikova, Anastasiya Melnikova, Gela Meskhi, Pavel Druzhinin, Mariya Kapustinskaya | Written and Directed by Aleksey Kozlov

September 1941. In a turn of events young lovebirds Kostya and Nastya find themselves on board of a barge that will evacuate people from sieged Leningrad. At night the barge gets into the storm. When it starts sinking, enemy planes – but not rescuers – are the first to arrive at the scene.

Saving Leningrad is a mixture between Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, with the occasional peculiar Russian political twist thrown in for good rousing measure. The film follows Nastya (Mariya Melnikova) as she and number of Leningrad citizens are transported to haven from the city that was famously under siege for several years by German soldiers.

Director Alexey Kozlov’s film begins in a slow and meandering fashion that is only seemingly baiting its audience
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Harry Styles reportedly turns down Prince Eric role in Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Yesterday, U.S. theater chains AMC and Regal Cinemas both put out tweets suggesting that Harry Styles has been cast in the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but according to The Wrap, this info is inaccurate and the former One Direction star has actually passed on the role.

It had been revealed last month that Styles, who made his feature film debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, was in negotiations for the male lead in the live-action remake of the 1989 animated film, where he would have starred opposite Halle Bailey as Ariel. However, The Wrap has since claimed that Styles turned down the opportunity, and that while he “is a fan of the project [he] respectfully declined”.

See Also: Halle Bailey brushes aside criticism of Ariel casting in The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is being directed by Rob Marshall (Mary Poppins Returns) from a script
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Watch: A Collection of Rare Teaser Trailers Lost in Time, Found Again

Teaser mania! Creating and premiering a perfect teaser trailer is an art. Or at least, it used to be, a long lost art that Hollywood doesn't seem to care much about anymore. There are a few exceptions - Christopher Nolan's teaser trailers still have an art to them, showing little (or sometimes no footage) yet still making us excited for what's to come. Our friend Anton Volkov recently wrote an article wondering if teaser trailers are dying out, saying: "in today's age of spoiler paranoia, one would think that these more-restrained looks at upcoming films would be more beneficial, as more audiences start to care about not having their experience of seeing the full film for the first time ruined." Teasers had their golden age in the 1980s, and that lasted through the 1990s, too. Recently a number of teasers only available on 35mm or on VHS have appeared on YouTube,
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Batman: Hush Director Wants to Do No Man's Land Movie with Robert Pattinson

Director Justin Copeland, the man behind DC and Warner Bros.' animated adaptation of Batman: Hush, wants to take Robert Pattinson to No Man's Land. As fans of the Caped Crusader are surely aware by now, Pattinson, the former Twilight star and current indie aficionado, has been cast in the lead role for Matt Reeves' The Batman. The hope is that movie will kick off a trilogy and, should the opportunity arise for Copeland to have a stab at one, he knows exactly which story he wants to tell.

Justin Copeland has been making the rounds to promote Batman: Hush, which adapts one of the character's most beloved and seminal storylines. During a recent interview, he was asked what storyline he would take on, should he get the chance to ever do something with Batman in live-action. Here's what he had to say.

"It would definitely be No Man's Land.
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Harry Styles Says No to Prince Eric Role in Disney's Little Mermaid Remake

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Harry Styles Says No to Prince Eric Role in Disney's Little Mermaid Remake
Harry Styles won't be taking on the role of Prince Eric in Disney's the Little Mermaid remake. Back in July it had been reported that Styles was in negotiations to join the cast, but he has since turned down the part. When the initial reports began to circulate, many Disney fans believed Styles was a good fit for the upcoming remake, which will more than likely end up being another cash cow for the studio like the recently released Aladdin and Lion King remakes.

Apparently, the casting news about Harry Styles in The Little Mermaid remake were "premature," according to sources. The actor took a few weeks to make up his mind and later decided to pass. With that being said, it is believed that the decision was an amicable one between Harry Styles and Disney, which means it's time to look for a new actor to play Prince Eric.
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Harry Styles Turns Down Prince Eric Role in Upcoming ‘The Little Mermaid’ Film

Harry Styles Turns Down Prince Eric Role in Upcoming ‘The Little Mermaid’ Film
Harry Styles will not be portraying Prince Eric in Disney’s upcoming live-action film, The Little Mermaid, Variety reports and a rep confirmed to Rolling Stone. “Although he is a fan of the project he has respectfully passed,” a rep for the singer-actor said.

Reports that Styles was cast for the role were apparently premature. Had he accepted, Styles, who made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 WWII film Dunkirk, would have starred next to confirmed actresses Halle Bailey, who will play main character Ariel, a mermaid who falls
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Harry Styles Turns Down the Role of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake: Source

Harry Styles Turns Down the Role of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake: Source
Harry Styles won’t be going under the sea, after all.

Despite being in talks to play Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid for over a month, Styles has officially turned down the offer, People confirms.

“While he is a fan of the project, he has respectfully declined the offer,” a source close to the film tells People.

Disney has not commented on who is being considered to play the handsome prince.

News that Styles may be appearing as Princess Ariel’s love interest initially surfaced in July, shortly after R&b singer Halle Bailey,
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Harry Styles Turns Down Role of Prince Eric in ‘Little Mermaid’ (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
Harry Styles Turns Down Role of Prince Eric in ‘Little Mermaid’ (Exclusive)
Actor-singer Harry Styles has turned down an offer to play the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid,” individuals with knowledge of the project exclusively told TheWrap.

One of the individuals said that Styles is a fan of the project but respectfully declined.

On Tuesday, both AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas inaccurately tweeted that Styles had been cast in the role. Both theater chains later deleted the tweets.

Both tweets are now deleted, but for a brief moment today two of the biggest theaters in the country were "breaking" news #WhatHappened ???? (h/t @nigelmfs)

Jason Guerrasio (@JasonGuerrasio) August 13, 2019

Also Read: Will a Black 'Little Mermaid' Flip the Script on White Actresses in Hollywood? (Guest Blog)

Styles would have starred opposite actress and singer Halle Bailey, who is playing Ariel. Best known as a member of the British boy band One Direction,
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Incredible Hulk Star Edward Norton Throws Shade At Marvel In Resurfaced Video

Since his short time as the Incredible Hulk came to an end over a decade ago, Edward Norton hasn’t been shy in his dismissal of Marvel Studios and the gigantic green hero. When asked, even Mark Ruffalo, who’s played the McU’s Hulk since the first Avengers film, said that the Fight Club star offered him no words of advice. But one denouncement in particular has been gaining a lot of attention recently.

It took place last year at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis. Norton took the stage to poke fun at the career of one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, but as it turned out, he’d saved one bullet in the cartridge for Marvel.

Here’s how he put it:

“I tried to be like you. I did a big action movie called The Incredible Hulk. You know what went wrong? I wanted a better script…
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Twitter’s Going Wild Over The Harry Styles Little Mermaid Casting Rumors

If there’s one thing the staff at We Got This Covered has learned today, it’s that the internet as a whole has the innate ability to hype rumors up to unbelievable levels, even if nothing has been officially confirmed.

As you’ve probably surmised, we’re referring to the recent report that Harry Styles has been cast as Prince Eric in the live-action Little Mermaid remake, which is set to begin filming early next year. As we mentioned in our original article, this rumor hasn’t been confirmed by Disney just yet and so far, all roads lead back to an unconfirmed report via TheDisInsider, which itself is based off an unnamed source.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the hype train from barreling down the tracks, and as CinemaBlend reports, fans all over have been flocking to Twitter to share their excitement, even if the news is still unconfirmed.
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Harry Styles Passes on 'Little Mermaid' Role

Harry Styles Passes on 'Little Mermaid' Role
Harry Styles will not be heading under the sea for Disney's live-action Little Mermaid.

The Dunkirk actor is no longer in talks to play Prince Eric in the Rob Marshall-directed musical, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Grown-ish actress Halle Bailey is set to play Ariel, with Melissa McCarthy playing Ursula, Jacob Tremblay voicing Flounder and Awkwafina voicing Scuttle. 

Marc Platt, who worked with Marshall on Mary Poppins Returns and executive produced Guy Ritchie's live-action Aladdin remake, is producing. Marshall and John DeLuca are also producers on Little Mermaid, as is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Styles made his feature acting debut in Christopher Nolan's WWII epic ...
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Harry Styles Reportedly Signs On To Play Prince Eric In The Little Mermaid Remake

Even though Disney is already working on a number of live-action remakes, it seems the House of Mouse is showing no signs of slowing things down anytime soon. Aside from all their confirmed projects, we’ve heard reports that the company is also planning to reimagine classic films and franchises such as The Rocketeer, Tarzan and even Bambi.

Of course, most of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, considering they haven’t been confirmed. The same can’t be said though for this new piece of casting information that comes to us by way of Disney Insider, who report that Harry Styles (formerly a member of the boy band One Direction) has officially signed on to play Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

If this decision seems rather out of left field, you should know Styles does have some experience with acting.
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Christopher Nolan’s Sound Designer Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘The Dark Knight’

Christopher Nolan’s Sound Designer Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘The Dark Knight’
Richard King — sound designer and supervising sound editor on films including “Dunkirk,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” all of which won him Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing — has been creating aural effects for movies since 1983. He’s a longtime collaborator with Christopher Nolan, realizing the sonic worlds of all of the British auteur’s films since “The Prestige.” King also serves as supervising sound editor on Nolan’s upcoming, mystery-enshrouded “Tenet,” which currently has a trailer playing in theaters ahead of screenings of “Hobbs & Shaw.”

In a recent Reddit Ama, King shared some of the secrets to his success, including the innovative foley techniques he employed on 2017’s World War II epic “Dunkirk.”

With regard to one of the exhilarating plane-crash sequences in “Dunkirk,” King said: “Chris had the genius idea of having the plane’s engine winding up instead
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The Boys: Amazon's Gritty Superhero Series Has Officially Been Renewed For Season 2

  • Popsugar
In case Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and DC's more recent dark and serious superhero stories just weren't enough for you, Amazon teamed up with Seth Rogen to bring us yet another gritty comic adaptation in the form of The Boys. Luckily, this one has a sense of humor going for it, and apparently it's a hit - the series has officially been renewed for season two!

If you haven't had a chance to get into the show yet, it takes place in a universe where the most famous superheroes on the planet, nicknamed "The Seven," also happen to be corrupt assh*les. That's where the titular "boys," aka a group of vigilantes, come in. The group embraces their blue-collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty in an effort to take the superheroes down and stop them from abusing their powers rather than using them for good.
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The Dark Knight Trilogy: 10 Questions We Still Want Answered

Whenever fans or critics rank the greatest superhero films of all time, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy consistently secures several of the top spots. There’s a reason for this: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were genuine game-changers that challenged audiences’ perception of the genre. Not content to churn out simple “popcorn flicks”, Nolan and his cast and crew crafted a trio of movies that balanced pulse-pounding action with nuanced characterization and weighty themes.

Related: 9 Actors Who Turned Down The Role of Batman

But that doesn’t mean the Dark Knight trilogy is perfect. On the contrary, just like any acclaimed franchise, these pictures have their fair share of little blemishes – particularly when it comes to dangling plot threads. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of burning questions that remain unanswered nearly a decade on from this epic trilogy’s conclusion.
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Everything We Know about Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” So Far (Part II)

Christopher Nolan hasn’t really done a sequel outside of the Batman trilogy that sought to reinvent the dark knight in some way, but some are starting up the theory that Tenet could be related in a big way to the movie Inception, though at this point it’s more of a rumor and not much else. We know the lineup that’s going to be used for the movie and a few basic ideas that have been teased, but other than this there’s not a lot that’s been handed down that we can really use to extrapolate any further details. What does

Everything We Know about Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” So Far (Part II)
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