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Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Swan Thong

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Swan Thong
This Legends of Tomorrow episode review contains spoilers.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 15

Broadly speaking, there are three types of Legends of Tomorrow episodes. There are the gag episodes, where the entire thing is built around one bit. There are the experimental episodes, with countless examples, the most recent being last week’s Interdimensional Cable episode.

And there are the plot episodes, that move the season’s serialized story along. The first batch are hit or miss depending on how the one bit of the episode lands, but they generally hit. The second batch are what makes Legends Legends, something even the cast agrees with — even when they don’t work, they’re still interesting, and they almost always work spectacularly.

The plot episodes are where the show has traditionally struggled, because the strengths of the show are the characters and relationships they’ve formed, and historically, plot episodes on
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Entertainment News: Mainframe Comic Con 2.0 Happening Online Again on May 30-31, 2020

Entertainment News: Mainframe Comic Con 2.0 Happening Online Again on May 30-31, 2020
Chicago – The April “Mainframe Comic Con” … an entire online Comic Con, including guests, artists, exhibitors and even cosplay … was a huge success. So the team decided to do it again. Mainframe Comic Con 2.0 will take place on this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, May 30th and 31st, 2020.

The all-volunteer production staff – anchored by co-founder Chuck Lindsey – is presenting the Mainframe 2.0 again for a charitable purpose. The proceeds will go toward the Direct Relief Covid-19, an organization dedicated to delivering personal protective equipment (Ppe) during the pandemic, And Hero Initiative, a fund that helps comic creators affected by the quarantine. Mainframe Comic Con 2.0 is completely Free for its online participants on the 30th and 31st … no waiting in line to get access to this amazing line-up of guests (click here).

Participate on May 30th and 31st

Photo credit:

The guest star line up starts will begin on Saturday the 30th and includes Lance Reddick,
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Legends of Tomorrow: Nick Zano and Nate Heywood Form New Bonds

Legends of Tomorrow: Nick Zano and Nate Heywood Form New Bonds
Nick Zano claims he’s never shotgunned a beer before.

On its face, this feels ridiculous. If there’s any scripted show on television right now that seems like the cast engages in some periodic competitive drinking behind the scenes, it’s Legends of Tomorrow. But talk to him about it, as we did ahead of “Freaks and Greeks,” the next episode in the show’s still-wonderful fifth season, and it actually makes more sense. He hasn’t shotgunned a beer because he comes from a line of professional drinkers. “Ever go to a bar in New Jersey at 10:00 Am to 2:00 Pm?” he asks? “[His grandmother] was your bartender.”

So while Zano’s deft handling of a keyring and a can of Noonan’s Lite in the episode is out of the ordinary, his handling of his character on the show, Nate Heywood, the adventure professor who can turn to steel,
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Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: Genre Actors Over 70

Michael Ahr Dave Vitagliano Sep 22, 2019

Our genre television podcast hosts choose their favorite “elder elite” actors still working in TV and share listener choices.

We have nothing but respect for actors who choose to continue in their profession into their 70s and beyond, and there are many who have graced science fiction and supernatural television with their proven talents. In many cases, these actors have long and illustrious careers in film and on stage as well, but we always appreciate when they show up as wise mentors or grizzled villains or other similar roles in the genre shows that we love. The latest Sci Fi Fidelity discussion topic podcast entitled “Elder Elite” covers six of our favorite examples and shares listener contributions as well.

The criteria we used for qualification was that the actor in question must be 70 or older in 2019 and must have worked on a science fiction, fantasy,
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Home & Family Host and AMC Alum Cameron Mathison Shares Kidney Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Plan

Home & Family Host and AMC Alum Cameron Mathison Shares Kidney Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Plan
Cameron Mathison has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and will undergo surgery this Thursday to remove a tumor, he announced on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, which he co-hosts.

“About a month ago, I had an Mri for some gut issues I’ve been having, and during that Mri they found a tumor on my right kidney. It’s consistent with Renal Cell Carcinoma … or kidney cancer,” the All My Children alum later elaborated on Instagram, alongside a photo of him with Vanessa, his wife if 17 years, and their children Lucas and Leila.

More from TVLineHome & Family: Cameron Mathison Replaces
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Elementary Spoilers For Season 7,August 1, 2019 Episode 11 Revealed

Hey, "Elementary" fans. We hope you guys enjoyed tonight's episode 10. Now that it's officially come and gone, it's time to take a look at what this next, new episode 11 will be offering up. We've got a few teaser descriptions from CBS' recent press release for episode 11. So, we will definitely be referencing those in this spoiler session. To ge things started, we've got the new title for this thing. It's labeled, "Unfriended." It sounds like episode 11 will feature some pretty dramatic and super intense scenes as Holmes and Watson have to put in some major work to destroy Odin's friggin crime prevention system and more! In this plotline, it turns out that Holmes and Watson will just be absolutely fed up with Odin's crime prevention system. So fed up, in fact, that they are going to enlist the help of Holmes' father and his extensive criminal contacts in an effort to destroy Odin's creation!
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The Best Episodes Of Fringe According To IMDb

Created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, Fringe began airing on Fox on September 9, 2008. Starring Anna Torv, John Noble, and Joshua Jackson as FBI special agent Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop, and Peter Bishop, respectively, the show followed the investigations of a special task force supported primarily by the FBI, the Fringe Division.

Related: Fringe: The 10 Most Groundbreaking Episodes, Ranked

What started as a typical case-of-the-week procedural with a sci-fi twist turned into a show with a successful and intriguing mythology arc. In the grand total of the show's one hundred episodes, there are countless outstanding installments. We all have our favorites, but let's see what IMDb says, which episodes of Fringe are the best of the best.
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‘Love Island’ Stars Olivia & Alex Buckland & ‘Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Head To Discovery UK

‘Love Island’ Stars Olivia & Alex Buckland & ‘Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Head To Discovery UK
Former Love Island contestants Olivia and Alex Buckland and Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison have scored new series for Discovery in the UK after the factual giant struck a multi-series deal with indie Angel Eye Media.

The Curvy Brides Boutique producer is making one show for Discovery’s free-to-air network Quest Red and three shows for female-skewing TLC.

It comes after Pattison and the Bucklands previously appeared in one-off shows for the broadcaster.

TLC is launching Olivia and Alex: Happily Ever After (w/t), a seven-part series that will follow the pair as they settle into their first year of life as a married couple. Curvy Brides Boutique is also back for a fourth season with double its previous episode order. The show follows Jo Cooke and Alison Law as they help plus size brides-to-be find the wedding dress of their dreams. TLC has also ordered one other, as yet unknown show from the company.
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Morena Baccarin to Star in Sci-Fi Comedy Series for Nent Group’s Viaplay (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Morena Baccarin to Star in Sci-Fi Comedy Series for Nent Group’s Viaplay (Exclusive)
Morena Baccarin is set to star in “Home Invasion,” a science-fiction comedy series produced by Nent Group’s Brain Academy (“Conspiracy of Silence”).

The six-part English language series will also star Johan Glans (“Swedish Dicks”) and John Noble (“Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”). “Home Invasion” will premiere across the Nordics in 2020 exclusively on Nent Group’s

ambitious streaming service, “Viaplay.”

Don Bitters (“House of Cards”) will direct and create the visual effects for “Home Invasion.” It’s executive produced by Melanie Dipietro at Brain Academy.

Home Invasion” will center on a normal family made up of aliens sent to invade Earth. The series tells the story of two burglars who breaks into a house who find themselves face to face with an absurd close encounter.

“Nent Group has a unique ability to bring together talent from all over the world to tell fascinating stories with a Nordic twist.
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Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Nip/Stuck

Legends of Tomorrow has a perfectly ho-hum 45 minutes capped off by 10 minutes of pure, joyous insanity.

This Legends of Tomorrow review contains spoilers.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 14: Nip/Stuck

Everything about "Nip/Stuck" was down the middle Legends of Tomorrow fun. A bottle episode that shows character growth, some workplace comedy, light time travel nonsense, Matt Ryan in a terrible wig. All good! Nothing spectacular, but the show's been running hot lately and meeting-but-not-exceeding the very high bar you set yourself is still doing great work! And then with about five minutes left in the episode everything went suddenly, gloriously right.

When Brandon Routh tongue kissing Mama Cosmo from Fairly Oddparents is like, the third most ridiculous thing to happen in the episode...I don't know how they do it, man. This is a show that ended last season with a superhero team using Captain Planet rings to
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The 30 Best TV Episodes of 2018, Ranked

  • Indiewire
In an age when people are far too used to blasting through entire seasons (or series) in a weekend, it’s a pleasure to celebrate the concept of the great episode: a concise bite of storytelling that functions as its own narrative as well as a part of a larger whole.

Last year’s list was 25 episodes, but expanding this list to 30 became necessary given the incredible scope of television to be considered — across all platforms, there was too much to celebrate. Some of the series below represent the year’s most significant programs, while others may not have made IndieWire’s best-of lists, but deserved recognition for what they achieved within individual installments. From soul-deep despair to giggle-inducing joy, the range of TV in 2018 covered all corners of the human existence.

IndieWire’s picks for the best episodes of the year are an eclectic bunch, but what they have
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Movie Review – Silencio (2018)

Silencio, 2018.

Directed by Lorena Villarreal.

Starring Melina Matthews, Rupert Graves, John Noble, Michel Chauvet


Ana has to find a mythic stone to save her son’s life. During the search through space and time, she encounters family secrets and enemies who will stop at nothing to utilize the stone’s power.

In Mexico’s ‘Zone of Silence’ – a sort of real-life Bermuda Triangle area where all sorts of unexplained events have apparently taken place – two scientists researching a meteorite storm discover a mysterious stone, the like-of which they have never encountered before. The composition of it is deeply strange to them, as though it has come straight from the unknown of outer space. Soon enough, they find out the true power of the stone as it whisks them back to Prof. James (John Noble) tragic past and the loss of his entire family. Sensing a chance at changing the past,
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Film Review: ‘Silencio’

  • Variety
Film Review: ‘Silencio’
It’s become a reigning pulp cliché of our era that practically every dramatic protagonist must have a dead or endangered child motivating them. It’s the fallback device to provide “depth” to a troubled character, or to explain why they might bother saving the world or doing anything else for the greater good. Lorena Villarreal’s “Silencio” takes that lazy writer’s emotional choke-chain to ridiculous extremes, as eventually here it seems there’s almost no central figure who doesn’t have a child’s life to rescue or avenge. This turgid fantasy thriller, boasting scant thrills or imagination, douses a mystic time-travel concept with soap operatic hand-wringing to mawkishly unconvincing effect. The U.S.-Mexican co-production is getting released to some 300 Stateside screens, primarily targeting Hispanic markets.

A prologue depicts a Nasa missile going off-course and crashing in the Zone of Silence, “the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico” which
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Interview: Writer/Director Lorena Villarreal Talks Silencio

  • DailyDead
Set against the backdrop of Mexico’s Bermuda Triangle—the Zone of Silence—Lorena Villarreal’s sci-fi thriller Silencio is centered around a psychologist named Ana (Melina Matthews) who must locate a special stone discovered by her grandfather (John Noble) that has special abilities that can not only save her son’s life, but impact the world as we know it.

Silencio arrives in theaters this Friday, and earlier this week, Daily Dead spoke to Villarreal about how this strange phenomenon in Mexico inspired her to make this film, working with her incredible cast, the joy of having her film headed to the big screen for a theatrical run, and more.

Great to speak with you today, Lorena. I would love to start at the beginning of this, and talk about what inspired your story for Silencio. I didn't know much about the Zone of Silence myself, and I just
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Review: Silencio, Time-Bending Thriller That Misses Opportunities

Science fiction, arguably, has always been the more ponderous of the fantastic genres, in that in its various high-concept scenarios, it asks its audience to contemplate large questions regarding the nature of human existence, and how we function within that existence. Lorena Villarreal's english-language feature debut, Silencio, gives such a scenario, but sadly takes a long time to get there, and misses many opportunities to consider deeper and more interesting questions along the way. In the Zone of Silence, an area of Mexico names as such for its magnetic properties, scientists James (John Noble) and Peter (Nic Jackman) discover a strange stone, which, when handled at precisely 3:33, transports them to a tragic moment in time: when James' daughter, son-in-law, and grandaughters were killed in...

[Read the whole post on]
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‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’: Why the CW Underdog Is Television’s Most Delightful Series

  • Indiewire
This fall, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” star Dominic Purcell offered a withering indictment of the first season in an Instagram post — namely, that it “sucked.” This was not an uncommon opinion of the series when it initially launched in 2016. But it meant something coming from Purcell, who still plays Mick Rory on what has become, in Season 4, the most flat-out enjoyable show on television.

However, Purcell clarified that while the first season of the time travel adventure show “was a dud” and he “wanted off it,” the second season was “a genius master stroke” by the writers, who realized they could “have fun with it.”

Much like Purcell, fans have come to embrace the beautiful strangeness of “Legends.” It’s just one of the 14 series on which uber-producer Greg Berlanti currently has his name, but the only one that brings together a revolving door of lower-tier characters drawn
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Silencio Explores the Zone of Silence and its Mysteries this October 26th in Theatres

Silencio is an upcoming science fiction thriller. Filmed on the U.S./Mexico border, the film looks at some of strangeness that occurs in the Zone of Silence. Here, people have experienced real life mechanical troubles, or have simply disappeared. A trailer was released for the film, recently (found below). This exciting thriller will debut in the United States later this month and in Mexico, this November. As well, Silencio stars John Noble (The Lord of the Rings), Rupert Graves (V for Vendetta), Melina Matthews and Michel Chauvet. Director Lorena Villarreal developed her story from some of her research on the area. All of the details, on Silencio, are hosted here. Director Villarreal mentioned some of bizarre experiences that have taken place in the Zone of Silence. She says of the mysteries there: "we really wanted to focus on the mysterious occurrences that had no explanations. We did a lot of research,
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31 Characters Who Surprised Us With Their Amazing Vocals

  • TVfanatic
Everyone has, at some point, imagined a scenario where he is an amazing singer stepping onto a stage, and wowing thousands of people with his voice. 

Since we can't do that, we'll stick to the next best thing -- writing about those people who can sing -- because living vicariously through them is so much more fun.

Related: Enjoy Unlimited Access To Thousands Of Movies and TV Shows with  Amazon Prime Video. Watch Anywhere. Cancel Anytime!

Also, try not to smash your phone to pieces when you come across characters from canceled shows you're still pissed about, because it is a cruel world we live in, and no one likes us having good things.  

Settle down as we count down these 31 characters who you'd never expect can sing anyone back from the edge, and do it with style! 

1. Walter Bishop (Fringe) Yes, John Noble does sing. Walter sings his way
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Review: Legends of Tomorrow the Complete Third Season

  • Comicmix
“Insane is what we do best.”

To appreciate fully the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, you just have to lean in with the crazy. An antidote to the overly grim Arrow, the spinoff show embraces its sloppiness. The “legends” wear their inefficiency as a badge of honor and each episode of the third season amplifies this while also tightening the bonds between them.

Legends of Tomorrow the Complete Third Season is a three-disc set out now from Warner Home Video, In addition to all 18 episodes, we get the complete “Crisis on Earth-x” crossover with Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl. Taken as a whole, the season introduces a major threat and deals with it, while also pausing to focus on the various characters while also setting up the fourth season, doing a better job than its peers do.

We open with time having been broken and the Legends racing about repairing the
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Legends of Tomorrow Deleted Scene: Sara Learns About Ava's Ability to Love

Rip Hunter has words both laudatory and revelatory for Sara Lance in this deleted scene from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

In Season 3’s penultimate episode, titled “Guest Starring John Noble,” the Legends were ramping up toward their final clash with Mallus, while also processing the recent reveal that Agent Ava Sharpe is a clone, created when Rip founded the Time Bureau.

In the scene above, Rip (played by Arthur Darvill) reassures a second-guessing Sara (Caity Lotz) about her performance-to-date as captain of the Waverider. He then ponders Ava’s own accomplishments, before sharing some very important intel about how
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