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Print Biographies (44)

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Jules Witcover. The Resurrection of Richard Nixon. New York: Putnam's, 1970. ISBN 9780399106903

Film Biographies (10)

Portrayals (52)

Articles (22)

USA Today (US) November 11 2016, Vol. 35, Iss. 42, pg. 5B, by: Chris Woodyard, "Nixon Library welcomes 'a whole new generation' - $15M facelift casts the 37th president in a high-tech lighjt"
Los Angeles Times (US) April 3 2015, Vol. 134, Iss. 121, pg. C2, by: Neal J. Leitereg, "Former Nixon estate for sale at $75 million - La Casa Pacifica, an enclave in San Clemente, served as the president's Western White House"
Linn's Stamp News (US) March 16 2015, Vol. 88, Iss. 4507, pg. 4, by: John M. Hotchner, "Richard Nixon's philatelic presence mixed"
The Orange County Register (US) December 10 2010, pg. Local 1 + Local 3, by: Jessica Terrel and Michael Mello, "Nixon tapes show struggles of presidential power"
Chicago Tribune (US) June 24 2009, by: Cal Woodward, "Nixon Records Show Aides Tried to Save His Presidency by Demonizing Watergate Investigator"
The Los Angeles Times (US) June 24 2009, by: Christopher Goffard, "New Batch of Nixon Tapes Released"
Chicago Tribune (US) June 24 2009, by: Christopher Goffard, "New Batch of Nixon Tapes Released"
The Washington Post (US) December 11 2003, Vol. 127, Iss. 6, pg. C1+C9, by: Ken Ringle, "Still Bugged By Nixon: Archives Releases More Watergate Tapes"
New Zealand TV Guide (NZ) April 28 2001, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, pg. 23, by: Les Wilson, "Nixon 'almost out of his mind at times'"
Rolling Stone (US) August 24 1995, Iss. 715, by: Jancee Dunn, Michael Rubiner, "Hot Politician: Richard Nixon"
Time (US) May 2 1994, Vol. 143, Iss. 18, pg. 26 - 29, by: John F. Stacks, "Victory In Defeat"
Time (US) May 2 1994, Vol. 143, Iss. 18, pg. 42 - 51, by: Otto Friedrich, "I Have Never Been A Quitter"
The New York Times (US) April 24 1994, by: John Herbers, "The 37th President; In Three Decades"
The Los Angeles Times (US) April 23 1994, by: James Gerstenzang, "Nixon Dies; Ex-President Was Major Figure on World Stage"
Hustler (US) October 1982, Vol. 9, Iss. 4, by: Dr. Walter F. Fergeson, "The Last Secret Nixon Tape"
Hustler (US) April 1979, Vol. 5, Iss. 10, by: Chuck Ashman, "Nixon's Great Diamond Heist"
Penthouse (US) March 1979, Vol. 10, Iss. 7, pg. 106-107, by: Nat Hentoff, "The Real Legacy of Richard Nixon"
Playboy (US) April 1978, Vol. 25, Iss. 4, by: James Reston, Jr., "The Breaking of Richard Nixon"
Chic (US) September 1977, Vol. 1, Iss. 11, by: Richard Nixon, "Nixon's Memoirs"
The Los Angeles Times (US) January 24 1973, pg. A1, by: Robert C. Toth, "Nixon Announces 'Peace With Honor'"
Life (US) January 1973, pg. 42-49, by: Bonnie Angelo, "The Fate of the President"
Penthouse (US) September 1972, Vol. 4, Iss. 1, pg. 44-47, by: Gore Vidal, "Power Play"

Pictorials (4)

LIFE (US) December 29 1972, Vol. 73, Iss. 25, pg. 14-15, by: Ollie Atkins, "Nixon ries a new course in China"
LIFE (US) December 29 1972, Vol. 73, Iss. 25, pg. 16, by: Harry Benson, "He hobnobs i Russia with party bosses"
Life (US) June 2 1972, Vol. 72, Iss. 21, pg. 4-7, by: n/a, "The Beat of Life"
¡Hola! (ES) January 30 1971, Iss. 1379, pg. 53, "Panorama"

Magazine Covers (31)

Time (US) May 2 1994, Vol. 143, Iss. 18
Time (US) May 9 1977
Time (US) September 16 1974
Time (US) July 22 1974
Time (US) July 1 1974
Time (US) June 24 1974
Time (US) May 13 1974
Time (US) April 15 1974
Newsweek (US) November 26 1973
Newsweek (US) November 5 1973
Time (US) November 5 1973
Time (US) October 29 1973
Newsweek (US) October 22 1973
Newsweek (US) September 3 1973
Time (US) August 20 1973
Newsweek (US) August 6 1973
Time (US) July 30 1973
Newsweek (US) July 23 1973
Time (US) July 9 1973
Newsweek (US) July 9 1973
Sports Illustrated (US) June 4 1973
Time (US) May 14 1973
Newsweek (US) April 30 1973
Life (US) November 17 1972
Time (US) January 3 1972
Time (US) August 30 1971
Time (US) July 26 1971
Time (US) October 5 1970
Time (US) April 20 1970
Time (US) August 1 1960
Life (US) January 18 1954

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