Five Things You Didn’t Know About John Wesley Shipp

Actor John Wesley Shipp is well-known for a variety of television and film roles. He was born on January 22, 1955, in Norfolk, Virginia. His first role in television was playing Dr. Kelly Nelson, a regular character on a daytime soap opera called ‘Guiding Light’. However, it is ‘The Flash’ for which he is best-known. In this CBS series, he played Barry Allen and The Flash between 1990 and 1991. He was cast in a mysterious role in the CW series ‘The Flash’ in 2014 and this character was later revealed as Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen/ The

Five Things You Didn’t Know About John Wesley Shipp
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Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch remembered: Our favorite songs

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In the wake of the tragic passing of Beastie Boys Adam Yauch, we at thought it only seemed appropriate to pass along some of our favorite memories of the Beastie Boys through the years.  Feel free to share your own in the comments below.

"Hold It Now, Hit It" wasn't the band's biggest hit, but the 1986 single from their first album -- and its video -- captures McA (Adam Yauch), Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) and their silly best before they got hip to slick video producers and grew up. The raw talent is there, even if it is hidden by a few layers of goofiness. And, hey, they're having fun and we're all for that. I love it because the Beastie Boys were my first concert. It was 1987 at the Capital Centre in Landover, Md., and because of our proximity to Washington, D.
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'Mad Men's Fat Betty Francis: Yay or nay?

January Jones' return to "Mad Men" as Fat Betty Francis (she even inspired a Twitter meme) divided fans of the show down the middle. Some love the new, blunt Betty, some not so much. Both camps were amply represented at Zap2it and the topic marks the maiden voyage for one of our new recurring features, Rant! Rave!

Rant! Fat Betty Francis must go

Here's the thing: If Betty didn't mind her weight, I wouldn't either.

It makes sense that the show went there and it makes the icy January Jones a touch more likeable that she was willing to become Fat Betty. Especially considering the high Norbit-ing risk factor. She was willing to suit up in prosthetics and makeup to become the embodiment of an unhappy middle-aged woman; that's a brave thing for any actress to do. But maybe we shouldn't be surprised. We already knew Jones was brave -- after all,
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'The Walking Dead': Live zombie chat, Episode 209, Monday, 1 p.m. Et

"The Walking Dead's" second season is underway and the surprises -- in the form of strangers and an unfortunate car crash -- are already piling up like so many rotten zombies. On Sunday (Feb. 19), "Triggerfinger," the second episode back into the midseason delivered even more action.  

Join Zap2it's Liz Kelly Nelson and Washington Post Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney live on Monday, Feb. 20 at 1 p.m. Et (10 a.m. Pt) for the weekly "Walking Dead" next-day chat. Liz and Jen spent four years collaborating on "Lost" analysis and chats before the show stopped moving our TV island.

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'The Walking Dead': Live zombie chat, Monday, 1 p.m. Et

"The Walking Dead"  is back from its winter hiatus on Sunday (Feb. 12) and, obviously, there's A Lot to talk about. So we're convening a zombie chat to dissect exactly what happened, where the show should head next and try to quantify exactly how hot Daryl (Norman Reedus) may or may not be.

So, join Zap2it's Liz Kelly Nelson and Washington Post Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney live on Monday, Feb. 13 at 1 p.m. Et (10 a.m. Pt) for our inaugural "Walking Dead" next-day chat. Liz and Jen spent four years collaborating on "Lost" analysis and chats before the show jumped the shark and sailed off of our TV island.

So have your questions ready and join us right here:

<a href="" >'The Walking Dead': Let's talk zombies!</a>
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'Breaking Bad,' 'The Vampire Diaries' and more: Zap2it's favorite dramatic episodes of 2011

We've told you about our favorite guilty TV pleasures of 2011, and we've highlighted some of the underrated performances of the year. But what about the the stuff we just flat-out liked?

The episodes on this list -- which encompasses everything from "Breaking Bad" to "The X Factor" -- represent Zap2it's favorite dramatic episodes of 2011. Tell us yours in the comments.

Jean Bentley

"The Vampire Diaries" - "Klaus": It took the better part of Season 2 to meet the ultimate bad guy threatening our favorite Mystic Falls residents, but it was so worth the wait. In "Klaus," we finally met the evil half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrid played by sexy Brit Joseph Morgan. And since the introduction happened via flashback, there was plenty of long, luxurious medieval hair to go around. Plus: Clueless Aunt Jenna finally (Finally) found out about the vampires in her midst. Although it wasn't as sensational as some of the series' other episodes,
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Halloween poll: What's your favorite scary movie?

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What's your favorite scary movie?

No, we're not trying to reenact the gory opening of "Scream" -- in preparation for Halloween, the Zap2it team is compiling a list of the scariest, funniest, weirdest horror films we hold near and dear. Did all that head-spinning in "The Exorcist" freak you out as a child? What about Jack Nicholson's terrifying turn in "The Shining"? Or perhaps you prefer the kitschy fun of a retro B-movie?

Either way, you'll want to check out Zap2it's list of our favorite scary movies, then leave your own suggestions in the comments. Together, we'll create the perfect Halloweekend movie marathon playlist!

"Halloween"This movie has acquired a bad rap over the years because of the innumerable sequels and the ill-advised 2007 remake (which was itself followed by a sequel). But go back and watch John Carpenter's 1978 original. It gets gory as all hell before things come to a climax,
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News anchor hates Kim Kardashian so much he won't say her name. Who's your pop culture Voldemort?

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The CW might've canceled "H8R," but irrational celebrity hatred lives on. 

Just this week a Dallas news anchor refused to even utter Kim Kardashian's name when discussing her 31st birthday (Oct. 21) on-air because he was so disgusted that she was an actual famous person people care about.

Well, "Good Morning Dallas" anchor Tim Ryan, we understand you all too well. Here at Zap2it, there are plenty of people we dislike so much it hurts to say their names. In honor of your brave stand against inexplicable reality star Kim Kardashian, here are the people whom, much like Voldemort, we can't even mention by name.

Paris HiltonEvery time I re-watch "Veronica Mars," I get to the second episode and become infuriated that Paris Hilton sullied one of my all-time favorite shows. It is grossly unfair that someone so disgusting and stupid has so much money. - Andrea Reiher

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Emmys 2011: Who will ('Mad Men,' Laura Linney) and should win (Kyle Chandler, 'Parks and Rec')

The television academy did a pretty good job at picking its Emmy nominees this year. Will the list of winners be just as satisfying?

We'll find out on Sunday (Sept. 18) when the Emmys air live at 8 p.m. Et/5 Pt on Fox. We have some ideas of our own, though, on how the awards will play out -- and, in our ideal world, how they ought to go. Read on for our predictions, and let us know your own picks in the comments.

Outstanding supporting actress - drama

Will win: Margo Martindale. Martindale's performance as tough hillbilly Mags on "Justified" was a tour-de-force, and she'll win the hardware. She's a first-time nominee, but has been around Hollywood a long time and we think the Emmys will finally give her some recognition. (Though I won't be mad if Michelle Forbes takes it).

Should win: Michelle Forbes. In truth, Martindale also "should" win,
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'American Idol,' 'Supernatural,' 'Modern Family': The 2010-11 season's best and worst finales

It's over: The 2010-11 TV season as measured by Nielsen officially ended Wednesday night (May 25). It was a rough year for new series -- only a handful of first-year shows made it to a second season -- but a number of veteran shows had strong seasons, and a few in particular went out with a bang.

As for others, well, let's just say that it's probably a good thing they have the summer off to rejuvenate.

We've watched dozens of season and series finales over the past couple of months. Here are Zap2it's picks (in alphabetical order) for the best and worst of the bunch.

The Best

"Brothers & Sisters": As a season finale, it was excellent. All the major stories of the season were wrapped up with just a few small teases for the next season, and we got a fun wedding with a hilarious musical number by the men.
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Ciara dances with 'Hellcats': Singer says guest-starring gig was 'organic'

Popstar Ciara is best known for her singing and dancing, so it's no wonder that when it came time to flex her acting muscle, she went for a show that's always full of performance and musical numbers: The CW's "Hellcats."

On Tuesday's (May 10) episode, Ciara guest stars as herself when Lewis (Robbie Jones) and Alice (Heather Hemmens) decide to face off in a dance marathon she's judging. Like the characters, Ciara herself was a cheerleader, though she never quite got to do anything as crazy as the dance competition.

"We didn't have as many of the cool things that they got to do, like for example, in the set up that I did, they're having a really long dance contest, like a dance marathon. My school's never done something like that!" she says. "They definitely had a bit more resources in comparison to what we had in high school, but
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