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"Batman: Alfred Pennyworth"

Epix will produce the 10-episode straight-to-series live-action drama prequel, "Pennyworth", set in the 'Batman' universe, following the origin and back story of young 'Alfred Pennyworth', the butler/bodyguard/confidante of 'Bruce Wayne' aka 'Batman', airing in 2019:

"...'Pennyworth' is based on DC characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, following the legendary butler of 'Bruce Wayne', 'Alfred Pennyworth'...

"...a former British 'Sas' soldier who forms a security company...

"...then goes to work with 'Thomas Wayne', Bruce's billionaire father, in 1960's London, UK..." 

Bruno Heller ("Gotham") and executive producer Danny Cannon will serve as showrunners for the first season.

Debuting in DC's "Batman" #16 (April 1943), by writer Don Cameron and illustrator Bob Kane, 'Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth' is depicted as Bruce Wayne's loyal and tireless butler, housekeeper, legal guardian, best friend, aide-de-camp, and surrogate father figure following the murders of 'Thomas' and 'Martha Wayne'.
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Gotham Alum To Launch New Batman Prequel Series Pennyworth Set In 1960s London

Proving there’s still life beyond Gotham, Epix has served up a 10-episode, straight-to-series order for Pennyworth, a Batman prequel series primed to explore Alfred’s time as a former Sas soldier in 1960s London.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, stressing that this is not a Gotham spinoff, but rather something else entirely – the only connective tissue here is Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller, who has agreed to develop the origin story for the MGM-owned premium cable network.

Casting is yet to begin, though we understand Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred Pennyworth on Fox’s flagship Gotham series, won’t be involved, which presumably leaves the door open to cast a new and younger (?) incarnation of Batman’s loyal ally and friend. Jeremy Irons, Michael Gough, Michael Caine, Alan Napier and William Austin have all portrayed the world-famous butler over the years, so we’re curious to see who lands the gig.
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Hangover Square

No, it’s not a the-day-after sequel to The Lost Weekend, but a class-act mystery-horror from 20th-Fox, at a time when the studio wasn’t keen on scare shows. John Brahm directs the ill-fated Laird Cregar as a mad musician . . . or, at least a musician driven mad by a perfidious femme fatale, Darryl Zanuck’s top glamour girl Linda Darnell.

Hangover Square


Kl Studio Classics

1945 /B&W / 1:37 Academy / 77 min. / Street Date November 21, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell, George Sanders, Faye Marlowe, Glenn Langan, Alan Napier.

Cinematography: Joseph Lashelle

Film Editor: Harry Reynolds

Original Music: Bernard Herrmann

Written by Barré Lyndon

Produced by Robert Bassler

Directed by John Brahm

Here’s a serious quality upgrade for horror fans. Although technically a period murder thriller, as a horror film John Brahm’s tense Hangover Square betters its precursor The Lodger in almost every department. We don
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That Time on 'Batman' When Alfred Fought the Joker

Alfred Pennyworth has always been vital to Bruce Wayne and Batman's success, both in the comics and onscreen. 

The butler is father figure, a mentor and a trusted colleague. 

And with it being made clear in the new Justice League trailer (which already has more than 23 million views on YouTube) that Jeremy Irons' incarnation will once again take a more hands-on role with Batman's adventures, it is time to look back at the heroics of the first live-action Alfred, played by Alan Napier.

Napier, who died in 1988 at the age 85, appeared as Alfred in all 120...
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36 Hours

Long before movies routinely created ‘worlds’ with their own twisted fantasy logic, only a few paranoid thrillers, usually odd genre items, tried out twisted stories of deceptive ‘hidden realities.’ Like an extended Twilight Zone entry, this lively James Garner war pic morphs into a bizarre conspiracy worthy of Philip K. Dick. If only it weren’t so “L-a-o” — Literal And Obvious.

36 Hours


Warner Archive Collection

1965 / B&W / 2:35 widescreen / 115 min. / Street Date April 11, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor, Werner Peters, John Banner, Russell Thorson, Alan Napier, Oscar Beregi, Ed Gilbert, Sig Ruman, Celia Lovsky, Karl Held, James Doohan.

Cinematography Philip H. Lathrop

Art Direction Edward Carfagno, George W. Davis

Film Editor Adrienne Fazan

Original Music Dimitri Tiomkin

Written by George Seaton, Carl K. Hittleman, Luis H. Vance from a story by Roald Dahl

Produced by William Perlberg

Directed by George Seaton

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Jeremy Irons to return as Alfred for 2017’s Justice League Part One

Since an on-screen Batman isn’t complete without his Alfred Pennyworth, Jeremy Irons will be reprising his role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the Wayne family butler and chief of security in Zack Snyder’s Justice League Part One.

The news was confirmed to Showbiz 411 by Irons himself while he was promoting his newest film The Man Who Knew Infinity. The outlet also mentions that Irons will be back on board for the 2018 Batman solo film, directed by his frequent Dawn of Justice screen partner and the Caped Crusader of DC Extended Universe, Ben Affleck.

The size of Irons’ role in Justice League is currently unknown, but it shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise that he’ll be back, considering that for each of the Dark Knight’s previous live-action cinematic efforts, dating back to 1966’s Adam West-starring Batman, Alfred has appeared.

Irons took the role over from Michael Caine,
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Supercut Pays Tribute To Live-Action Versions of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's Beloved Butler

Ben Affleck is a solid Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I think Jeremy Irons could end up being a great Alfred if he's given enough material to work with. As it is, he didn't have very many moments to shine in the new film, but he made the most of it and did a fine job. The character of Alfred Pennyworth has traditionally been a source of dry wit in the comics and movies, and since humor seems to be something the new Batman and Superman films in the Dceu are largely looking to avoid, I wonder if Irons will get the chance he deserves to leave his mark and make a lasting impact as this character.

In any case, Slate is here with a supercut to the live-action versions of Batman's beloved butler. I really enjoyed Michael Gough's take, and Alan Napier was
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Oberon Later Years: From Empress to Duchess, Shah of Iran Mexican House Connection

Merle Oberon films: From empress to duchess in 'Hotel.' Merle Oberon films: From starring to supporting roles Turner Classic Movies' Merle Oberon month comes to an end tonight, March 25, '16, with six movies: Désirée, Hotel, Deep in My Heart, Affectionately Yours, Berlin Express, and Night Song. Oberon's presence alone would have sufficed to make them all worth a look, but they have other qualities to recommend them as well. 'Désirée': First supporting role in two decades Directed by Henry Koster, best remembered for his Deanna Durbin musicals and the 1947 fantasy comedy The Bishop's Wife, Désirée (1954) is a sumptuous production that, thanks to its big-name cast, became a major box office hit upon its release. Marlon Brando is laughably miscast as Napoleon Bonaparte, while Jean Simmons plays the title role, the Corsican Conqueror's one-time fiancée Désirée Clary (later Queen of Sweden and Norway). In a supporting role – her
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Alfred evolves from butler to 'grease monkey' for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

  • Hitfix
Alfred evolves from butler to 'grease monkey' for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Whether you love or hate the DC Cinematic Universe, most fans can agree there have been some significant shifts in personality and tone from the comic book source material. Some fans like that, some fans don’t. Personally I fall into the second category and I’ve made my opinion no secret. Despite my reservations that Superman should ever be a grimdark character, it’s where Batman has always lived (at least since the death of the Adam West era). Batman was made for this gritty universe where suspicion and paranoia rule the day. But what about Alfred? While revealing the new BatCave, Entertainment Weekly also posted information from Jeremy Irons about what his role as Alfred would be in “Batman v Superman.” And it might be the most hands-on version (in canon) ever. Image Credit: Warner Bros/EW “Alfred is a lot more hands-­on in our film than he has previously been.
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Ralph Fiennes To Voice Alfred In "Lego Batman"

Oscar-winning actor Ralph Fiennes has signed on to voice Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's loyal butler, in the "Lego Batman" movie at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The spin-off to last year's successful "The Lego Movie" sees Will Arnett reprising his role as the Caped Crusader. This time he's joined by Michael Cera as Robin, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl and Zach Galifianakis as The Joker.

Chris McKay directs from a script by Seth Grahame-Smith. Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are producing.

The role is a distinguished one with actors such as Michael Caine, Michael Gough, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Alan Napier having portrayed it in the past. Currently Sean Pertwee plays him on Fox's "Gotham," while Jeremy Irons will take on the role in next year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice".

This also adds yet another major franchise to Fiennes' resume following his roles as Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" films,
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Walker on TCM: From Shy, Heterosexual Boy-Next-Door to Sly, Homosexual Sociopath

Robert Walker: Actor in MGM films of the '40s. Robert Walker: Actor who conveyed boy-next-door charms, psychoses At least on screen, I've always found the underrated actor Robert Walker to be everything his fellow – and more famous – MGM contract player James Stewart only pretended to be: shy, amiable, naive. The one thing that made Walker look less like an idealized “Average Joe” than Stewart was that the former did not have a vacuous look. Walker's intelligence shone clearly through his bright (in black and white) grey eyes. As part of its “Summer Under the Stars” programming, Turner Classic Movies is dedicating today, Aug. 9, '15, to Robert Walker, who was featured in 20 films between 1943 and his untimely death at age 32 in 1951. Time Warner (via Ted Turner) owns the pre-1986 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library (and almost got to buy the studio outright in 2009), so most of Walker's movies have
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Mike Gold: Alfred, Master of the Butlerverse!

When it comes to the world of heroic fantasy, there have been a hell of a lot of really great butlers. We’ve got such luminaries as Ram Singh (The Spider), Bernardo (Zorro), Cadbury (Richie Rich), Ianto Jones (Torchwood), Lurch (The Addams Family), Max von Mayerling (Sunset Boulevard), two different Smitherses (Veronica Lodge and the Simpsons), Fritz Brenner (Nero Wolfe), Birmingham Brown (Charlie Chan) and of course Edwin Jarvis (The Avengers or Agent Carter – take your pick). There were the Green Hornet’s Kato, but that dude was more of a partner/sidekick than a butler, and Jack Benny’s pal Rochester was only technically a butler. He was actually Benny’s arch-enemy.

But head and shoulders above all other butlers, the king of the mountain of butlers is Bruce Wayne’s own Alfred Pennyworth. You can tell from the actors who played him on film and television – Michael Caine,
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Jeremy Irons promises "more hands-on" Alfred for Batman v Superman

Jeremy Irons promises
Jeremy Irons has said that his version of Alfred Pennyworth in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be "more hands-on".

The actor said that his take on Bruce Wayne's butler would be "quite different" from those that have come before.

"Zack Snyder had very clear views about what he wanted," Irons told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I would just say he's more hands-on perhaps than just a butler."

Irons added that his part in the film is "not a large role".

Pennyworth is currently being played on screen by Sean Pertwee in Fox's Gotham.

He has previously been portrayed by actors including Michael Caine, Alan Napier and Michael Gough.

Although usually confined to his role as a butler on screen, Pennyworth has also been portrayed as a former actor, army field medic and spy.

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jesse Eisenberg and Holly Hunter
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Review: Batman: The Complete Series

  • Comicmix
Opening Batman: The Complete Series, I said, “This is my childhood in a box.” When the ABC series debuted in January 1966, I was seven, the exact perfect age to be utterly captivated by seeing a comic book faithfully adapted to the small screen. Without fail, I was glued to the television set on Wednesday and Thursday evenings right until the final episode aired in March 1968, leaving indelible images in my mind. These were reinforced just a few years later when local syndicated reruns burned the stories, sounds, and characters deeper into my psyche.

I was too young to understand the context of the show and its impact on popular culture, DC Comics, or the world of licensing. I didn’t get the wry jokes, it’s knowing pop camp approach to storytelling, or how it cleverly worked on multiple levels (a rare occurrence on prime time back then). Instead,
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Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu-ray Trailer & Comic-Con Announcement

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will officially unveil the details of its highly-anticipated November 2014 release of "Batman: The Complete Television Series" at a Comic-Con International panel -- featuring special guests Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar -- on Thursday, July 24 from 6:00-7:00pm in Hall H. Starring Adam West, Burt Ward, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin, John Astin, Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton, Stafford Repp, Madge Blake and Yvonne Craig with special guest appearances by George Sanders, Otto Preminger, Victor Buono, David Wayne, Eli Wallach, Cliff Robertson, Carolyn Jones, Milton Berle and Vincent Price, 1960s series was known for its comic camp, upbeat theme music and overt moral lessons geared towards children. The actors...
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Special Features - The *Other* Batman vs Superman Casting Issue

Oliver Davis on the *other* bit of Batman vs. Superman casting news....

On Friday, the latest bit of casting news for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman was announced by its director, Zack Snyder. "Having Jesse [Eisenberg] in the role," he said of the new Lex Luthor, "allows us to...take the character in some new and unexpected directions." New and unexpected directions. Remember that. It'll come up later.

People tweeted in uproar, others more wisely reserved judgement until they see the film itself. But there was another piece of casting news, one overshadowed by the Lexenberg announcement, and one that might just hint as to what these "new and unexpected directions" are: Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth.

Here's what the director had to say on Irons' casting:

As everyone knows, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s most trusted friend, ally and mentor, a noble guardian and father figure. He is an absolutely
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Batman 1960s TV Series Complete Box Set Will Be Released in 2014!

Batman 1960s TV Series Complete Box Set Will Be Released in 2014!
Conan O'Brien, whose show Conan is shot on the Warner Bros. lot, announced today that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the original 1966 Batman series on DVD later this year. Take a look at the late-night talk show host's tweet, which includes a photo of him with the original Batmobile.

Very excited @WBHomeEnt is releasing the Batman '66 Complete TV Series in 2014! The seat smells like Adam West:

Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 15, 2014

Although it isn't the most conventional way to announce a highly-anticipated DVD set like this, Conan O'Brien does have somewhat of a history with the legendary franchise. He lent his voice to talk show host David Endocrine in the animated adventure Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 last year.

The original Batman series spanned 120 episodes over three seasons from 1966 to 1968, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. The series
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Rex Harrison hat on TCM: ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Anna and the King of SiamRex Harrison is Turner Classic Movies’ final "Summer Under the Stars" star today, August 31, 2013. TCM is currently showing George Cukor’s lavish My Fair Lady (1964), an Academy Award-winning musical that has (in my humble opinion) unfairly lost quite a bit of its prestige in the last several decades. Rex Harrison, invariably a major ham whether playing Saladin, the King of Siam, Julius Caesar, the ghost of a dead sea captain, or Richard Burton’s lover, is for once flawlessly cast as Professor Henry Higgins, who on stage transformed Julie Andrews from cockney duckling to diction-master swan and who in the movie version does the same for Audrey Hepburn. Harrison, by the way, was the year’s Best Actor Oscar winner. (See also: "Audrey Hepburn vs. Julie Andrews: Biggest Oscar Snubs.") Following My Fair Lady, Rex Harrison
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TCM Celebrates Oscar Nominee Blyth's 85th Birthday

Ann Blyth movies: TCM schedule on August 16, 2013 (photo: ‘Our Very Own’ stars Ann Blyth and Farley Granger) See previous post: "Ann Blyth Today: Light Singing and Heavy Drama on TCM." 3:00 Am One Minute To Zero (1952). Director: Tay Garnett. Cast: Robert Mitchum, Ann Blyth, William Talman. Bw-106 mins. 5:00 Am All The Brothers Were Valiant (1953). Director: Richard Thorpe. Cast: Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger, Ann Blyth. C-95 mins. 6:45 Am The King’S Thief (1955). Director: Robert Z. Leonard. Cast: Ann Blyth, Edmund Purdom, David Niven. C-79 mins. Letterbox Format. 8:15 Am Rose Marie (1954). Director: Mervyn LeRoy. Cast: Ann Blyth, Howard Keel, Fernando Lamas. C-104 mins. Letterbox Format. 10:00 Am The Great Caruso (1951). Director: Richard Thorpe. Cast: Mario Lanza, Ann Blyth, Dorothy Kirsten, Jarmila Novotna, Richard Hageman, Carl Benton Reid, Eduard Franz, Ludwig Donath, Alan Napier, Pál Jávor, Carl Milletaire, Shepard Menken, Vincent Renno, Nestor Paiva, Peter Price, Mario Siletti, Angela Clarke,
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Forget Hitchcock's Vertigo: Tonight the Greatest Movie About Obsessive Desire

Joan Fontaine movies: ‘This Above All,’ ‘Letter from an Unknown Woman’ (photo: Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine in ‘Suspicion’ publicity image) (See previous post: “Joan Fontaine Today.”) Also tonight on Turner Classic Movies, Joan Fontaine can be seen in today’s lone TCM premiere, the flag-waving 20th Century Fox release The Above All (1942), with Fontaine as an aristocratic (but socially conscious) English Rose named Prudence Cathaway (Fontaine was born to British parents in Japan) and Fox’s top male star, Tyrone Power, as her Awol romantic interest. This Above All was directed by Anatole Litvak, who would guide Olivia de Havilland in the major box-office hit The Snake Pit (1948), which earned her a Best Actress Oscar nod. In Max Ophüls’ darkly romantic Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948), Fontaine delivers not only what is probably the greatest performance of her career, but also one of the greatest movie performances ever. Letter from an Unknown Woman
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