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Kalahari Bushman Film Star Dies

The Gods Must Be Crazy star N!Xau has died of natural causes while collecting wood in the Namibian countryside. N!xau, 59, gained international acclaim for his performance in the 1980 film and the 1989 sequel - but decided to return to life as an African herdsman. Mireschen Troskie-marx of Mimosa Films says, "Apparently he went out to find wood on Tuesday and never returned. His family went out looking for him and he was found dead in a field. We believe it was of natural causes. He went to America, to Paris, to Japan. He was a world star, but he came back and he want back to his old roots." The Gods Must Be Crazy was a comedy hit worldwide and made an unlikely star of N!xau, who appeared in a number of kung-fu flicks in Hong Kong.

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