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Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese to reteam for Teddy Roosevelt biopic

It looks like Martin Scorsese will follow up his currently-in-production mob epic The Irishman by reuniting with Leonardo DiCaprio, although it may not be for the previously reported FBI tale Killers of the Flower Moon or the Dr. H.H. Holmes serial killer film The Devil in the White City.

According to Deadline, the duo are set to collaborate on a biopic of the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, which was first set up way back in 2005. Originally it was to take its inspiration from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Edmund Morris book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, with Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) penning the screenplay. However, this new take will instead be based on a script by Scott Bloom.

Roosevelt’s life including military honours, leading the legendary cavalry regiment the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War, before moving into politics where he served as Governor of New York,
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Every Book Barack Obama Has Recommended During His Presidency

Every Book Barack Obama Has Recommended During His Presidency
This post originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

Whether he’s reading to kids at the White House, hitting up local bookstores on Black Friday, or giving recommendations to his daughters, President Barack Obama may as well be known as the Commander in Books.

Potus is an avid reader and recently spoke to the New York Times about the significant, informative and inspirational role literature has played in his presidency, crediting books for allowing him to “slow down and get perspective.” With his presidency coming to an end this Friday, EW looked back at Obama’s lit picks over the years
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Daniela Taplin Lundberg Launches Stay Gold Features With Teddy Roosevelt Biopic (Exclusive)

Producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg is a product of a Hollywood upbringing. Her father Jonathan Taplin is a veteran producer (“Mean Streets”) and her mother Rosana DeSoto is a character actress. When Taplin Lundberg was doing the awards season push for her feature “Beasts of No Nation” last winter, she recalls her parents’ colleagues approaching her. “I’d love to have a meeting with you,” they’d say. “I can’t figure out the business model.”

That’s the problem she’ll be grappling with at her new company, Stay Gold Features. The kinds of films Taplin Lundberg makes — edgy, adult-oriented movies with nary a comic-book hero in sight — have become dinosaurs. Just ask Harvey Weinstein, who has been slowly gravitating away from producing films like “Pulp Fiction” and into television.

To navigate these choppy waters, Taplin Lundberg will rely on her reputation, honed at the New York-based Red Crown Prods.
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Leonardo DiCaprio keen to play Theodore Roosevelt in new film

Leonardo DiCaprio keen to play Theodore Roosevelt in new film
New York, February 18: Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly eyeing to play the role of Theodore Roosevelt in an upcoming biopic.

Sources have revealed that the 'Titanic' star is telling his friends that after his latest movie proved to be a massive box-office hit, he's pushing forward with his biopic of Roosevelt, which will reunite him with Martin Scorsese, the New York Post reported.

The film, which is based on Edmund Morris' Pulitzer-winning biography "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt," would follow Roosevelt's life from his childhood to being a president. (Ani)
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Conan O'Brien previews hour-plus chat with the 'relentless' Mel Brooks -- Exclusive Video

Conan O'Brien previews hour-plus chat with the 'relentless' Mel Brooks -- Exclusive Video
Mel Brooks’ fingerprints are all over Conan O’Brien’s absurd brand of comedy — can’t you see Richard Pryor loving Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? — and the famous funnymen’s mutual respect is evident in a recent sit-down for Conan’s Serious Jibber-Jabber web series. (The full chat hits TeamCoco.com on Monday.)

EW got Conan on the phone to talk about his admiration for Brooks and what he learned during their hour-plus talk. (The Serious Jibber-Jabber tagline: “Conan O’Brien talks for a long time with interesting people.”) We also nabbed an exclusive preview clip below, in which
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Leonardo DiCaprio Eyes Starring Role in Woodrow Wilson Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio Eyes Starring Role in Woodrow Wilson Biopic
Leonardo DiCaprio was recently seen as a tyrannical slave owner, he'll next be seen as a coked out Wall Street trader and two years ago he played J. Edgar Hoover. Now he has his eyes set on the Presidency as his Appian Way production company is eying an adaptation of the just-released biography "Wilson" by A. Scott Berg, telling the story of our 28th president. There is no deal yet in place, but DiCaprio would star and Warner Bros. would distribute should things work out. The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit and Andy Lewis seem to be looking at it and making comparison's to Steven Spielberg's Lincoln saying Berg's book "offers up a heroic, larger-than-life Wilson" along with "several well-narrated dramatic moments that could serve as the basis for a film." Here's a little trivia for you, at one point Martin Scorsese was attached to direct DiCaprio
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Conan Premieres New Talk Show Series Where He’s All Serious

Many people claim they watch The Daily Show for both its comedic value and its surprisingly candid newsworthiness. A new web series, however, could add a new name alongside Jon Stewart's to the list of trusted late night comedic talk show hosts. We told you earlier this month how Conan O'Brien announced he would be launching an interview show called Serious Jibber-Jabber. Well, the first installment of that interview show is now love and it looks to deftly blend Conan's witty sense of humor with, well, serious stuff. The show debuted with a 45 minute long interview with presidential biographer Edmund Morris, with a disclaimer at the beginning of the video explaining the driving forces behind Serious Jibber-Jabber. "The following is something Conan wanted to do," a deep baritone informs us, "He will make more whenever time and fate allow." The voice then quips, "He apologizes to Charlie Rose for stealing his set.
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Pajiba After Dark 3/9/11

  • Pajiba
I've spent a good portion of today half convinced it was Thursday. I'm sure this happens to everyone now and again, the persistent feeling that it's a different day than it really is, but seeing as how I'm going out of town on Thursday and I haven't even finished packing yet this particular bit of cognitive dissonance is more confusing than usual and is causing me the occasional mild panic until I remember that it's not freaking Thursday and I maybe need some more coffee. This is similar to those times that I wake up from a dream where I slept through my alarm by hours only to realize that it's still dark out and I begin to wonder if my brain is driving me crazy and then I think "how can one's own brain drive them crazy?" and then I realize that my brain can totally tell I'm onto its plan.
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The Daily Beast's Favorite Books of 2010

Tina Brown, Peter Beinart, John Avlon, Michelle Goldberg, and other Daily Beast writers and contributors pick their favorite books of 2010.

Tina Brown

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It takes a daring biographer to turn her sharp eye on her own life as Antonia Fraser does so movingly and beautifully in her memoir Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter. It's a compelling diary of a passionate love affair, marriage, and 40-year conversation of two soul mates in the milieu of London's chattering classes.

Harvard superstar professor Niall Ferguson wrote a superb book, High Financier, that I hope every Wall Street banker is receiving along with their fat bonus checks because Siegmund Warburg was a banker with style, integrity, and a serious intellect-rare qualities these days.

Daily Beast columnist Peter Beinart's The Icarus Syndrome is one of the most important books of the last
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