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  • (1926) Stage: Appeared (as "Henry Spoffard") in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Anita Loos and John Emerson. Directed / produced by Edgar Selwyn. Times Square Theatre: 28 Sep 1926-Mar 1927 (closing date unknown/199 performances). Cast: Katherine Brook (as "Miss Chapman"), Grace Burgess (as "Lulu"), Grace Cornell (as "Ann Spoffard"), Roy Gorham (as "William Gwynn"), Grace Hampton (as "Lady Beekman"), William T. Hayes (as "Old Spoffard"), Edna Hibbard (as "Dorothy Shaw"), Bruce Huntley (as "H. Gilbertson Montrose"), G.P. Huntley (as "Sir Francis Beekman"), Mrs. Jacques Martin (as "Mrs. Spoffard"), Edwina Prue (as "Dickie"), Vivian Purcell (as "Connie"), Ruth Raymonde (as "Gloria Atwell"), Georges Romain (as "Robert Broussard"), Adrian Rosely (as "Louis Broussard"), Arthur S. Ross (as "Gus Eisman"), Harold Thomas (as "Harry"), June Walker (as "Lorelei Lee"), Daniel Wolf (as "Leon"). NOTE: Filmed as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).
  • (1926) Stage: Appeared (as "Henri Fournier") in "A Weak Woman" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Ernest Boyd. From the French of Jacques Deval. Directed by Aidan Payne. Ritz Theatre: 16 Jan 1926-Mar 1926 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Richard Bowler, Louise Bradley, Franklin Francis, Shirley Gale, Frank Henderson, Edward Keane, Charles Klouder, Ralph Morgan (as "Serge Paveneyge"), Clement O'Loghlen, Diantha Pattison (as "Baroness De Claches"), Carl Reed, Flora Sheffield, Beverly Sitgreaves, Ernest Stallard (as "Baron De Claches"), Estelle Winwood (as "Arlette Leterne"). Produced by Henry Baron.
  • (1924) Stage: Appeared in "The Firebrand" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared in "The Lullaby" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared in "Seventh Heaven" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "The Dream Maker" on Broadway. Melodrama.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "The Triumph of X" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "The White Villa" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1920) Stage: Appeared in "Her Family Tree" on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared in "My Lady Friends" on Broadway. Farce.
  • (1918) Stage: Appeared (as "Alfred Hardy") in "Rock-a-Bye Baby" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Material by Edgar Allan Woolf and Margaret Mayo (based on her farce). Lyrics by Herbert Reynolds. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Choreographed by Robert Marks. Directed by Edward Royce. Astor Theatre: 22 May 1918-3 Aug 1918 (85 performances). Cast: Gus Baci, Mae Carmen, Constance Carper, Sydney Chon, Ruth Collins, Frank Derr, Dorothy Dickson, H. Nelson Dickson, Louise Dresser (as "Aggie Jinks"), Florence Eldridge (as "Florence"), Evelyn Ferris, Alan Hale (as "Monte Laidlaw"), Edna Hibbard, Claire Hillier, Carl Hyson, Olive Jacqueline, Walter Jones, Frances Kaufman, Arthur Lipson (as "Pasquale"), Albertine Marlowe, Janet McIlwaine, Eddy Meyers, Edna Munsey, Claire Nagle, Bert Pullaney, Norah Sprague, Phil Stanton, Charlotte Wakefield, Gladys White, Lilyan White, Clothilde Woods. Produced by Selwyn & Co.
  • (1916 Stage: Appeared in "Under Sentence" on Broadway.
  • (1915) Stage: Appeared in "Under Fire" on Broadway. Written by Roi Cooper Megrue. Directed by William Courtenay (also in cast) and Roi Cooper Megrue. Hudson Theatre: 11 Sep 1915-Jan 1916 (cloing date unknown/129 performances). Cast: Dorothy Abbott, Sydney Chon, Frank Craven, Robert Fischer, Phoebe Foster, Violet Heming, Edward Hicks, Felix Krembs, NcKay Morris, Edward G. Robinson [Broadway debut], Malise Sheridan, Henry Stephenson, Norman Tharp, Harland Tucker, Jack Wessel. Produced by Selwyn & Co.
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared in "Mr. Wu" on Broadway.
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared in "A Woman Killed with Kindness" (performed in repertory with "Granny Maumee") on Broadway.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared in "The Band Wagon" on Broadway. New American Theatre, June 3 1931-Jan. 14 1932.
  • Spoken-word album: Narrated the children's story "Gossamer Wump" (Capitol Records).
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "Hey Nonny Nonny!" on Broadway. Musical revue. Written by Florence Calkins and Harry Ruskin. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner and Raymond Sovey. Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Shubert Theatre: 6 Jun 1932-2 Jul 1932 (32 performances). Cast: Gertrude Blake, Billie Burns, Joan Carter-Waddell, Wilma Cox, Richie Craig Jr., Edna Eustace, Mitzi Garner, Ruth Gordon, Gypsy Hollis, Tina Marie Jensen, Joann Larkin, Jack McCauley, Dorothy McNulty, Bunny Moore, Frank Morgan [final Broadway role], Jerry Norris, Jean O'Neill, Estelle Phillips, Rita Reese, Virginia Renaud, Ralph Sanford, Ann Seymour, Erik Rhodes (credited as Ernest Sharpe), Charlotte Stoll, Bee Sullivan, Mildred Tolle, Peggy Walsh, Deniston Wilson. Produced by Forrest C. Haring and John H. Del Bondio.
  • (1940) Shot a special promotional trailer for The Shop Around the Corner (1940).

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