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St Vincent review: 'There's something joyous about Bill Murray'

St Vincent review: 'There's something joyous about Bill Murray'
Director: Theodore Melfi; Screenwriter: Theodore Melfi; Starring: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O'Dowd, Terrence Howard, Jaeden Lieberher; Running time: 102 mins; Certificate: 12A

There is something joyous about Bill Murray in a bad mood from Ghostbusters through Groundhog Day to this comedy drama where he also brings stirring depths to the titular Vincent. It's a film cut to fit by indie writer/director Theodore Melfi and in playing to the strengths of his star, he manages to spin a rather obvious story into a fresh and edgy coming-of-age yarn.

Jaeden Lieberher features as 12-year-old Oliver, an efficiently pintsized straight-man who moves in next door to Vin with his adoptive mother Maggie (played with surprisingly gentle humour by Melissa McCarthy). Maggie works long shifts at the hospital and turns to Vin in desperation when she needs a last-minute babysitter; desperate, because with his bitter sarcasm, penchant for booze, gambling habit
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Psycho Path: Tracing Norman Bates' Twisted Trail Through Page and Screen Part 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of Psycho Path, a look at fictional madman Norman Bates from the Psycho franchise.

Intended to run in five parts, Psycho Path will focus on each of Norman’s adventures – in novels, films, and television series – while examining each incarnation of the character and the differences amongst them.

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Part IV: Endings

"There are times I wonder if all of what passes for sanity isn’t just a form of remission from our own natural state. What was it Norman Bates used to say? Something like 'everybody goes a little crazy at times.'"

In 1990, nine years after his last Psycho novel, novelist Robert Bloch returned to the world of Norman Bates for the third and final time with Psycho House - a tense thriller that finds good old-fashioned murder more popular than ever,
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