‘The Counterfeiters’ Stefan Ruzowitzky To Helm ‘Jet Lag’ For Code Ent, The Exchange – Berlin

‘The Counterfeiters’ Stefan Ruzowitzky To Helm ‘Jet Lag’ For Code Ent, The Exchange – Berlin
Exclusive: Oscar-winning Austrian filmmaker Stefan Ruzowitzky has become attached to direct Jet Lag, an airport-set thriller. Brian O’Shea’s The Exchange has boarded international rights with Rich Freeman of Code Entertainment producing alongside Nic Izzi. Sales start at the Efm next week. Jet Lag, penned by Craig Mitchell, is the story of a college student who falls in love with a mysterious woman and uncovers her deadly smuggling ring during a layover at a busy…
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Los Angeles Film Festival Unveils Winners

Los Angeles Film Festival Unveils Winners
Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and Daniel Powers’ Becks, inspired by the life of singer-songwriter Alyssa Robbins, took home the U.S. Fiction Award, and Amanda Kopp and Aaron Kopp’s Liyana, which focuses on a group of orphaned children in Swaziland, claimed the Documentary Award as jury prizes were announced at the Los Angeles Film Festival, which concluded Thursday.

Audience Awards were presented to Karen Moncrieff’s The Keeping Hours, named best fiction feature film, and to Mark HayesSkid Row Marathon for best documentary feature. The latter, a film about a running club organized by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Craig Mitchell,...
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From Homeless to Film Composer, ‘Skid Row Marathon’ Charts Amazing Journey (Exclusive Video)

From Homeless to Film Composer, ‘Skid Row Marathon’ Charts Amazing Journey (Exclusive Video)
The documentary “Skid Row Marathon,” which premiered this week at the Los Angeles Film Festival, chronicles the unlikely path some recovering addicts, alcoholics and convicts have taken from homelessness to marathon running. But in the case of one of its subjects, Ben Shirley, the path has been even stranger: He went from almost destroying his life through substance abuse to conducting music for the documentary in which he appears, with stops along the way to run a couple of marathons. The central figure in director Mark Hayes’ film is Craig Mitchell, a Los Angeles superior court judge and former prosecutor who.
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La Film Fest 2017 Exclusive Clip: Skid Row Marathon, Running, Judging, and Then What?

Its prosaic title only begins to suggest the real-life drama contained within Skid Row Marathon. And we have an exclusive clip that illustrates that. Set to enjoy its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this coming Saturday, June 17, the documentary, directed by Mark Hayes, explores the idea of physical exercise as a means of overcoming challenges that might seem insurmountable to some. But it's not just any physical exercise. Here's the official synopsis: From his seat as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Craig Mitchell hands down sentences to convicted criminals. But at the Midnight Mission on La's Skid Row, Judge Mitchell trades his robes for running shoes, leading a long-distance running club that gives its members a sense of purpose and...

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'Phantasm' director Don Coscarelli on the 'blessing and curse' of his cult horror series

  • Hitfix
'Phantasm' director Don Coscarelli on the 'blessing and curse' of his cult horror series
Though he was just 25 years old when Phantasm hit theaters, many don't know that the cult 1979 horror film was actually director Don Coscarelli's third movie. In fact, at the age of 19, he became the youngest director ever to have a film distributed by a major studio (a statistic that's often been alleged but which I cannot independently confirm) when Universal acquired his teen drama Jim, the World's Greatest for distribution. That film, which was financed by Coscarelli's father -- who put up the money for production after having "a good year in the stock market," in Coscarelli's words -- landed the teenage filmmaker and his co-director Craig Mitchell an office on the studio's lot to finish the movie. It was an unusually auspicious Big Hollywood start to a career that ended up taking a less-mainstream turn as the years went on. "I've been working my way downward ever since,
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Spectre: 13 spoiler-y questions answered




The new James Bond film, Spectre, leaves lots of questions behind. We try and answer some of them here...

This article contains spoilers for lots of James Bond films, including Spectre.

The new James Bond movie will have been out for a week before we know just how well it's done at the box office, but based on the hype, the critical acclaim and the extended nine-day opening 'weekend' (including 60% of the whole UK box office take on Monday, despite only showing after 7pm), it's likely that Spectre will break records for this year.

The 24th instalment, and Daniel Craig's fourth outing as 007, comes on the heels of the billion dollar success of Skyfall, currently the highest-grossing film of all time at the UK box office and the highest-grossing British film of all time, full stop. With Sam Mendes back in the director's seat, the shadow
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Joe Carnahan To Helm "Motorcase"

DreamWorks has set Joe Carnahan ("The Grey," "Narc") to write and direct their long-gestating action thriller "Motorcade".

The story deals with a terrorist attack on the U.S. President's motorcade as he travels through Los Angeles, and was originally pitched back in 2004 by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell.

Several other high-profile names have been linked to the project in the past including Tom Cruise and Len Wiseman. Billy Ray previously took at shot at the script which shifted the original pitch's action from New York to Los Angeles.

It's unclear what changes Carnahan's version will employ just yet. Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will executive produce.

Source: Heat Vision
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Joe Carnahan Will Conduct DreamWorks’ Motorcade

Joe Carnahan has been tapped to write and direct Motorcade for DreamWorks, a project that the studio has had in the works for over a decade.

The thriller will center on a Secret Service agent who fails to stop a deadly and vicious attack on the President of the United States as he rides in a motorcade.

Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell originally pitched the pic to DreamWorks back in 2004, and the studio picked it up for a modest sum. Over the years, writers Ehren Kruger, Billy Ray and Robert Rodat have all circled for rewrites, and Jon Cassar was at one point attached to direct, but somehow Motorcade has yet to be made. Carnahan, though, is expected to take it on as his next project.

The helmer last made comic thriller Stretch, starring Patrick Wilson, for Blumhouse, which eventually tabled its release and quietly sent it on to Netflix,
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Joe Carnahan Will Direct 'Motorcade' for DreamWorks

Joe Carnahan Will Direct 'Motorcade' for DreamWorks
After languishing in development for more than a decade, DreamWorks is finally moving forward with their thriller Motorcade, bringing on Joe Carnahan to write the script and direct. The story follows a terrorist attack on the U.S. President's motorcade as he travels through Los Angeles. We first reported on the project back in November 2004, when DreamWorks picked up the pitch from writers Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell (Highwaymen).

The project has attracted plenty of top-notch talent throughout the years, with Tom Cruise being eyed to star at one point, and filmmakers such as Jon Cassar and Len Wiseman circling the project as well. The story was previously set in New York City, but the most recent version of the script by Billy Ray is set in L.A. No further story details were given at this time.

Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will executive produce, although no production schedule was given.
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Joe Carnahan Set to Direct One Time Possible Tom Cruise Starrer 'Motorcade'

Before Tom Cruise decided to star in Knight & Day for James Mangold he was considering several projects. One was The Tourist, which Johnny Depp ultimately took, another was The Matarese Circle, which would have put him alongside Denzel Washington with David Cronenberg directing and the other was Motorcade, a thriller that was, at the time, to be directed by Len Wiseman, who instead went on to direct the Total Recall reboot. Looking at those options, it seems Cruise made the best choice for the time, but Motorcade never really died and Dreamworks is now ready to bring it back to life. It was just announced Joe Carnahan has been brought aboard to direct the thriller which pits the U.S. president against terrorists who commandeer his motorcade on the streets of Los Angeles and Carnahan is bringing along his Smokin' Aces star Ryan Reynolds to play a disgraced Secret Service
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Joe Carnahan to Write, Direct 'Motorcade' for DreamWorks

Joe Carnahan to Write, Direct 'Motorcade' for DreamWorks
Joe Carnahan has signed on to write and direct Motorcade, the long-in-the-works action thriller set up at DreamWorks. Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are executive producing. The story centers on a Secret Service agent who fails to prevent an attack that occurs on the president of the United States and his motorcade. DreamWorks picked up the project as a pitch from Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell back in 2004 for low- to mid-six figures. The project always has attracted a level of interest and drew writers Ehren Kruger, Billy Ray and Robert Rodat to it for

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Gary Neville's facial hair conundrum | Martin Kelner

He is about to embark on the superannuated sportsman's greatest quest: how to fill the retirement years

The possibility – a distant one, I believe – of the newly retired Gary Neville taking over Andy Gray's role at Sky has prompted a fair amount of discussion/abuse on football fan forums, the more playful of which has focused firmly on Neville's upper lip. Even staunchest admirers would admit their hero has always seemed more comfortable with a tricky opposition winger than with facial hair, and this view was reinforced last week by BBC Match Of The Day's very useful guide to the several ages of Neville's moustache.

Ostensibly it was a tribute to Neville's achievements, with shots of him lifting trophies at various stages in his Manchester United career, but the montage also acted like one of those speeded-up sequences of a flower blooming you used to see on nature programmes,
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311 Day 2010: A Tour Of The Stage And A Preview Of The Webcast

This week, 311 celebrate their fans and their music during a three day festival called 311 Day. We sent two 311 superfans to give us the diehard's perspective about the show, the crowds and the vibe of the greatest 72 hours in 311 history..

By Dave Kosin

Meeting 311 and talking to Nick, Sa and P-Nut was the thrill of a lifetime, but even as the guys exited to take care of other 311 Day-related stuff, the surprises continued. As we walked out, Craig Mitchell with Lmg Touring (the people responsible for the live 311 Day webcast) gave us a tour of what's going to make the webcast run. We got to see the control area and all the equipment, including the military-grade satellite dish that'll be used to transmit the broadcast. Then he said, "If you guys have a second, I can take you out to see the stage."

Do I have a second to see the stage?
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The Girl Next Door (1998)

Directed by: David Greene

Written By: Mel Frohman and Ross Firestone,

Starring: Tracey Gold, Sharon Gless, Tom Irwin

Originally produced for CBS in 1998, The Girl Next Door is a decent time waster about the perils of a weak spirit coerced into committing murder in the name of love – or so she believes.

Tracey Gold has played victim, predator, hero... you name it. Her baby faced, slightly frumpy appearance allows her to take on all kinds of various Lifetime-esque roles, and how can someone not appreciate that? Although I prefer when she’s the psycho, I do like her as various other characters too...

But in The Girl Next Door she’s about as weak a wet paper bag, barely finding any real strength at the end. She plays Annie Nolan, a sweet but naïve girl in a bad relationship. One day a neighbor calls the police when Annie is getting
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Ryan Reynolds Wanted for Motorcade

DreamWorks has had developing the Motorcade script by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell on their agenda for years, but it never quite seemed to come together as a viable project. Now, however, with a little script doctoring and a celebrated TV producer/director attached, Motorcade seems done spinning its wheels.

Motorcade tells the story of an ousted Secret Service agent who happens to be on hand when the U.S. President is kidnapped. Originally planned as a Tom Cruise vehicle with Len Wiseman directing, the script for Motorcade is now being worked on by Billy Ray. Jon Cassar is attached as director, which would mark the 24 producer/director's first gig helming a theatrical production. Variety reports that Cruise is no longer in consideration for the lead role, with DreamWorks interested in casting Ryan Reynolds instead.

Next Showing:

Link | Posted 10/8/2009 by BrentJS

Jon Cassar | Ryan Reynolds
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24 director heads behind the wheel of DreamWorks' Motorcade

Jon Cassar, the co-executive producer and frequent director of Fox's 24, is sliding into the director's chair for Motorcade, the long gestating action-thriller that's been in development at DreamWorks. Ryan Reynolds is now attached to play the lead role, a disgraced Secret Service agent that gets embroiled in a kidnapping attempt of the President of the United States.

DreamWorks is hoping to have Motorcade shooting by this time or earlier next year. The script is by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell, with Billy Ray (State of Play) performing rewrites at the present time.

Cassar's directed 59 episodes of 24 so he's got plenty of experience ordering around a jiggling camera. This would be his first feature film.
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Ryan Reynolds Eyed for Motorcade

DreamWorks is moving forward with Motorcade , hiring director Jon Cassar, best known as co-executive producer and a prolific helmer of the Fox TV drama "24." The studio hopes to get the picture into production by late summer or early fall 2010, and DreamWorks is eying Ryan Reynolds to play the disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the U.S. president is kidnapped in New York. Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing. Billy Ray continues to work on a script that was originated by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell.
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Jon Cassar Climbs Aboard Motorcade

DreamWorks has given a new lease of life to Motorcade, a project that has taken its time getting off the ground, by putting the film into the safe hands of Jon Cassar.

Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell originally drafted the script for the action thriller, telling the story of a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the American President is kidnapped while driving in his motorcade through New York. Billy Ray then took over writing duties, and last year Len Wiseman was in talks to direct and Tom Cruise showed an interest in playing the lead.

Now it seems the man for the helmer's job is Cassar, who is best known for directing 59 episodes of 24, as well as the spinoff telepic, 24: Redemption. And although nothing has been signed on the dotted line yet, DreamWorks is eyeing up Ryan Reynolds for the lead role,
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Jon Cassar to direct Motorcade for DreamWorks. Ryan Reynolds considered for lead as a disgraced Secret Service agent.

Jon Cassar will direct DreamWorks Pictures' "Motorcade." Billy Ray works on the screenplay originated by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell. Ryan Reynolds is being considered to star as a distrage Secret Service agent who is the wrong place at the right time when on the U.S. president is kidnapped during a visit to New York. Apparently, this was one of the projects Tom Cruise seriously considered when Len Wiseman ("Underworld," "Live Free or Die Hard") was attached to direct.
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Ryan Reynolds To Board Motorcade?

Last we heard about Motorcade, Tom Cruise was set to star in the Len Wiseman-directed thriller - but one thing that never changes in Hollywood is the fact that things change. So now 24's Jon Cassar is directing and studio DreamWorks is chasing Ryan Reynolds to star.Of course, Reynolds is a bit busy right now gearing up for The Green Lantern, which starts shooting in the spring, but the hope is that this film will begin filming next summer or autumn, giving him time to do both.The story focuses on a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the right place at the right time to help when the Us President is kidnapped in New York.Billy Ray (2009's State of Play, Flightplan) is currently rewriting the script, from Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell's (The Flock) original. What's the betting that, if Reynolds is cast,
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