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Academy Awards Film Series: From Class Distinctions to Incest - Adult Themes in First-Rate, Long-Thought-Lost Drama

'Sorrell and Son' with H.B. Warner and Alice Joyce. 'Sorrell and Son' 1927 movie: Long thought lost, surprisingly effective father-love melodrama stars a superlative H.B. Warner Partially shot on location in England and produced independently by director Herbert Brenon at Joseph M. Schenck's United Artists, the 1927 Sorrell and Son is a skillful melodrama about paternal devotion in the face of both personal and social adversity. This long-thought-lost version of Warwick Deeping's 1925 bestseller benefits greatly from the veteran Brenon's assured direction, deservedly shortlisted in the first year of the Academy Awards.* Crucial to the film's effectiveness, however, is the portrayal of its central character, a war-scarred Englishman who sacrifices it all for the happiness of his son. Luckily, the London-born H.B. Warner, best remembered for playing Jesus Christ in another 1927 release, Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings, is the embodiment of honesty, selflessness, and devotion. Less is
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Hollywood Scandals Long before Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders To-Do

Hollywood Scandals: Errol Flynn / Roman Polanski / Charles Chaplin / Mary Miles Minter / Rex Harrison. (Photo: A young Errol Flynn. See previous article “In Good Company: Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”) William Desmond Taylor murder / Mabel Normand, Mary Miles Minter According to Hollywood lore, director William Desmond Taylor’s still unsolved murder ruined the careers of actresses Mabel Normand and Mary Miles Minter in the early ’20s. Normand, however, continued making movies after the scandal; her failing health may have been the reason — or at least one reason — for her less frequent output in the mid-to-late ’20s. [...]
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Movie Poster of the Week: William Desmond Taylor’s “The Green Temptation”

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There are two stories I want to tell with this glorious 1922 poster: one is about the film itself—a forgotten silent melodrama—and the sad fates of its main protagonists, and the other is about the artist Henry Clive.

The Green Temptation, a film which I’m not even sure is extant (the silent film database says “survival status: unknown”), starred Betty Compson as Genelle, a member of the Parisian underworld who, along with her partner Gaspard, runs a travelling theatre as a ruse to pickpocket their patrons and burgle their homes while they’re watching the show. When the First World War starts, Genelle joins the Red Cross as a nurse to evade the police and after the War emigrates to America to start a new life. But her attempt to turn over a new leaf is foiled by the reappearance of Gaspard who forces her to
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Huckleberry Finn Review: Lewis Sargent d: William Desmond Taylor

Huckleberry Finn (1920) Direction: William Desmond Taylor Cast: Lewis Sargent, George Reed, Katherine Griffith, Frank Lanning, Gordon Griffith, Esther Ralston, Edythe Chapman, Martha Mattox Screenplay: Julia Crawford Ivers; from Mark Twain's novel Lewis Sargent in William Desmond Taylor's Huckleberry Finn Directed by William Desmond Taylor, Huckleberry Finn stars a fresh, freckle-faced Lewis Sargent as Huck. (Sargent was also featured in another 1920 Taylor production, The Soul of Youth.) Set in the antebellum South, this sentimental retelling of Mark Twain's iconic story revolves around the adventures of Huckleberry Finn after he is kidnapped by his no-good, drunken father (Frank Lanning). When Huck manages to escape, he enjoys his newfound freedom so much that he continues to elude the search party. As a result, everyone thinks he is dead. Soon, Huck is joined by Jim (George Reed), a slave on the run. Later on, they meet up with a pair of
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