The Devil’s Business DVD Review

Director: Sean Hogan

Starring: Billy Clarke, Jack Gordon, Jonathan Hansler, Harry Miller

Running time: 75 minutes

Certificate: 18

Synopsis: When two hitmen are assigned to kill an old associate of their boss, Bruno, they go to the target’s house and await his return. But what they discover there disturbs them greatly, and when the marked man returns home, they realise he is no ordinary foe…

Finding its way onto the festival scene at a similar time to the commercial release of Ben Wheatley’s Kill List, and with a similar premise, Hogan’s second feature film embodies many of the same themes as its larger-budgeted counterpart. However, it stands alone, and feels more like a three-act play than a feature film, doubtless due to its meagre financial means, four-man cast, and resemblance in style to the work of Pinter and Beckett. It purports Pinter’s commonly used tropes, including absurdism, and
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DVD Review: The Devil’s Business

The Devil’S Business

Stars: Jack Gordon, Billy Clarke, Jonathan Hansler, Harry Miller | Written and Directed by Sean Hogan

Some of the most powerful films come from a well written story, good direction and above all believable characters. They don’t rely on huge special effects, they don’t even have to have many settings, like a play in a theatre they can simply have a few rooms and a script that pulls you into the plot and leaves you begging for more. The Devil’s Business is one of those and for the most part does what it sets out to do very well indeed.

Two hitmen wait in a house for the owner to come back. As they wait they talk about what it means to do the job, how to be professional and above all how to do the job good. The older hitman is teaching the younger what he knows,
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Prince Harry's Naked Photos: Desperate U.K. Papers Get Creative Amid Media Blackout

Prince Harry's Naked Photos: Desperate U.K. Papers Get Creative Amid Media Blackout
Sure, Prince Harry flashed his, um, crown jewels. But U.K. tabs are still trying to figure out how to flash pics of his flashing. In the wake of a palace-imposed media blackout on images of the party prince's raunchy Vegas getaway, British papers are finding creative ways to report the scandal while sticking to the palace's requests. The results have been, shall we say, cheeky. Irreverent tab The Sun went all out by actually recreating the image with another Harry: one of its own reporters, Harry Miller. The journalist could be seen copying the prince's notorious privates-cupping pose, and he didn't scrimp on versmilitude: He's even wearing a necklace and bracelet...
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Exclusive: New Clip from UK Horror, The Devil’s Business

  • HeyUGuys
Writer-director Sean Hogan made an impression with his debut in 2005, Lie Still (also known as The Haunting of #24), and has been one to watch in the horror genre ever since.

Hogan returns behind the camera with The Devil’s Business, which has been earning buzz over the past year doing the festival circuit, and we’ve now got a world exclusive new clip from the film ahead of its release in the UK this month.

“Two hit men are sent to murder an old associate of their underworld boss. But things are not all what they seem in their quarry’s house and the discovery of a make-shift black magic altar – and its shocking sacrifice – sends the uncomprehending duo into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls and terrifying confrontations with their worst primal fears.

Brilliantly acted, solidly crafted and exuding a palpable atmosphere of claustrophobic dread, this eerily
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