Toronto's Canwest Cabaret Festival Line-Up Announced, 10/29 - 11/1

Albert Schultz, General Director of the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, today announced the Canwest Cabaret Festival 2009, an intimate weekend of songs and stories at the Young Centre this fall. The second annual Canwest Cabaret Festival brings together over 150 of Canada's most diverse and exciting artists under the same roof for more than 60 unique performances. Every corner of the Young Centre is teeming with activity all weekend long.

Building upon the success of the inaugural festival in 2008, the weekend-long Canwest Cabaret Festival transforms the Young Centre into five intimate club venues. The Cabaret Festival highlights the collaboration of artists and artistic disciplines, while celebrating master musicians as well as emerging artists. Artists perform intimate cabarets showcasing their artistic strengths and interests. Featured artists are musicians, singers, actors, poets and dancers from across Canada, including Molly Johnson, Jackie Richardson, Melanie Doane, Tomson Highway, Kenneth Welsh, Brent Carver, Sharron Matthews, John Alcorn,
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Get Your Perfect 'Hi Def' Six Pack

"The Insider" is in the operating room as Dr. John Millard performs his surgical "magic" to sculpt a defined, sexy stomach.  The advanced new technique -- called Vaser Hi Def -- uses ultrasonic sound waves that literally melt some fat away so the doctor can use remaining fatty tissue to "carve" the elusive six pack. This method of modernized liposuction can be completed in just a few hours and recovery time is typically only about five days. Watch the video to see Dr. Millard performing the procedure on his friend and fellow surgeon to the stars -- Dr. David Matlock -- who aims to to turn his four pack into a six pack. The procedure costs from $8,000 to $15,000 -- depending on the number of areas to be transformed -- and patients begin to see results within two months. For more on the Vaser Hi Def system, visit http://www.vaser.
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