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Legendary '70s Jazz Sessions Reissued

Michael Cosmic: Peace in the World / Phill Musra Group: Creator Spaces (Now-Again)

For fans of avant-garde jazz who like to dive deep into the music's history, this combination of two rarities is the reissue of the year. Michael Cosmic and Phill Musra are twins who were born, respectively, Thomas Michael Cooper and Phillip Anthony Alfred Cooper in Chicago in 1950. Falling under the influence of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians after being recruited as teens by Aacm member Roscoe Mitchell, they studied with Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, and Aacm founder Muhal Richard Abrams. A year at the University of Wisconsin (1970-71) gave them the opportunity to take Cecil Taylor's class, after which they moved to Boston along with fellow student Jemeel Moondoc.

Boston in the early '70s was a hotbed of avant jazz, and associate producer Clifford Allen's detailed liner notes say the brothers got to play
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Peaky Blinders series 4: Tommy has “atrophied emotionally”

Louisa Mellor Nov 22, 2017

Isolated, ageing and without the one person he trusts most, Tommy Shelby isn't in a good way in series 4, says Cillian Murphy...

Warning: contains spoilers for Peaky Blinders series 4 episode 1.

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“Tommy packs things away,” says Cillian Murphy. “He’s a really, really complicated man emotionally and he doesn’t deal with stuff.”

“He doesn’t spend money on therapy, that’s for sure. He packs everything away so then it comes out how it shouldn’t come out, or he just drinks a lot of whisky. He self-medicates. He doesn’t really emotionally process things properly.”

Losing Grace in series three put Tommy’s emotional development in reverse, says Murphy at the series four press launch. “Any progress he’d made emotionally through being married and through her,
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Sci-Fi London 2015: ‘Man Vs.’ Review

Stars: Chris Diamantopoulos, Michael Cram, Drew Nelson, Alex Karzis, Kelly Fanson, Sam Kalilieh, Kate Ziegler, Constantine Meglis, Chloe Bradt | Written by Adam Massey, Thomas Michael | Directed by Adam Massey

Doug Woods may be a semi-successful media presenter and outdoorsman (at least on the web) but he’s hardly Bear Grylls in real life. He’s barely even a decent family man, sneaking out on his wife and daughter to go film his latest episode, which is why he and his crew are making a last-ditch attempt at a TV pitch by dropping him in the wilds of Northern Ontario for five days with little except his wits and some snazzy camera equipment to keep him company.

Or so he thinks, at least. Over the course of the next few days, strange things start to happen in the woods: chess pieces are moved on Doug’s board while he’s off
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IFC Heads into the Backcountry for New Acquisition Deal

IFC Midnight announced today that the company is acquiring U.S. rights to Adam MacDonald’s Backcountry from Fella Films.

The film, written and directed by MacDonald, stars Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop, Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell, and was produced by Thomas Michael.

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Missy Peregrym’s Horror-Thriller ‘Backcountry’ Bought by IFC for U.S.

Missy Peregrym’s Horror-Thriller ‘Backcountry’ Bought by IFC for U.S.
IFC Midnight is acquiring U.S. rights to Adam MacDonald’s thriller “Backcountry,” two months after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Fella Films sold “Backcountry,” written and directed by MacDonald. Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop, Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell star.

Thomas Michael produces and the film, executive produced by Jeff Roop, Michael Baker and Brandon Baker.

Peregrym portrays a busy executive with her sporadically employed boyfriend on a camping trip, where they have an unsettling encounter with a stranger wandering through the woods and take an impromptu detour that leaves them at the mercy of the wilderness and its ferocious inhabitants.

Cinetic Media negotiated on behalf of the filmmakers.
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IFC steps into Backcountry

  • ScreenDaily
IFC steps into Backcountry
IFC Midnight has acquired Us rights to the Fella Films thriller.

Adam MacDonald wrote and directed Backcountry, about a busy executive and her boyfriend on a camping trip who get into trouble in the wilderness.

Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop, Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell star. Thomas Michael served as producer

Roop, Michael Baker and Brandon Baker are the executive producers.

IFC negotiated the deal with Cinetic Media. Backcountry premiered in Toronto.
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Tj Lane, High School Shooter, Captured After Escaping From Ohio Prison

Thomas 'T.J.' Lane, a 19-year-old convicted killer, escaped from an Ohio prison Thursday and was captured six hours later in a nearby church.

Tj Lane Captured After Escape From Prison

Lane and two other inmates, Lindsey Bruce and Clifford Opperud, escaped from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 11. All three have been captured, and the exact details of their escape have not been made public. Lane was found early Friday morning, outside a church merely 100 yards away from the prison.

We are confirming that Thomas Michael "Tj" Lane III is in custody. He has been returned to the prison. #TJLane

— Lima Police (@LimaPolice) September 12, 2014

Lane was sentenced to life in prison without parole in March of 2013 after he killed three students and injured others in a shooting rampage at Chardon High School the previous year. Though he was 17 at the time,
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European Film Promotion Selection for Producers Lab Toronto

The fifth edition of Producers Lab Toronto is set to launch during the Toronto International Film Festival® from September 3 to 6, 2014. Ten producers each from Europe and Canada and four participants coming from Australia and New Zealand will meet at Tiff to exchange ideas and information on funding and co-production on both sides of the Atlantic and Down Under. Each year, this successful networking platform facilitates the development of several trans-Atlantic co-productions. Sixty-six of the 96 previous participants are working on 82 projects at different stages of production, with some of the films having since been completed.

The international networking event is organized by European Film Promotion (Efp) in collaboration with the Ontario Media Development Corporation (Omdc) and the Toronto International Film Festival®. For the second time, Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission (Nzfc) will be supporting the event. Additional financial backing comes from Eurimages and Telefilm Canada and the associated Efp member organizations.

On the look-out for projects with a wider scope regarding financing, creativity and distribution, the 24 participants will be taking part in pitching sessions, case studies, roundtables and various networking events with key people from the film industry and film funds.

The participants of the Producers Lab Toronto 2014 program have prior co-production experience and high-quality projects in the pipeline which could be interesting for the international market. The Europeans are selected by the Efp network from the alumni of their prestigious Cannes-based networking platform Producers On The Move. Canadian producers are selected by Omdc and Tiff from an open call across Canada, while Screen Australia and New Zealand Film Commission each selected two participants from their countries.

This year, four participants will see their films included in official sections at the Toronto International Film Festival®: two Canadian world premieres - "Wet Bum," produced by Paula Devonshire, and "Backcountry," produced by Thomas Michael - have been selected for Tiff. In addition, Italy's Alessandro Borrelli co-produced "La Sapienza," which will have its North American premiere in Toronto, and New Zealand’s producer Tom Hern is present at Tiff with "The Dark Horse."

European participants

Nuno Bernardo , beActive Entertainment (Portugal)

Alessandro Borrelli , La Sarraz Pictures (Italy)

Daniel Burlac , Elefant Films (Romania)

Alise Ģelze , Tasse Film (Latvia)

Henning Kamm , DETAiLFILM (Germany)

Mark Lwoff , Bufo (Finland)

Radim Procházka ; Produkce Radim Procházka

(Czech Republic)

Xavier Ruiz , Rce Ruiz Cardinaux Entertainment (Switzerland)

Isabelle Stead , Human Films (United Kingdom)

Marta Velasco , Áralan Films (Spain)

Australian participants

Kristian Moliere , Triptych Pictures

Anna Vincent , Southern Light Alliance

Canadian participants

George Ayoub , Ramaco Media

Bev Bliss , Moving Films

Paula Devonshire , Devonshire Productions

Borga Dorter , Gearshift Films

Walter Forsyth , Gorgeous Mistake Productions

Judy Holm , Markham Street Films

Mehernaz Lentin , Industry Pictures

Thomas Michael , Fella Films

Geordie Sabbagh , Geordie Sabbagh Productions

Marc Stephenson , Sheep Noir Films

New Zealand's participants

John Barnett , South Pacific Pictures

Tom Hern , Four Knights Film
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Lunchbox, '71 producers selected for Omdc's Iff

  • ScreenDaily
Forty Canadian and international producers will head to the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s annual International Financing Forum in Toronto.Scroll down for full list of projects

The ninth-annual International Financing Forum (Iff), a feature co-financing market for English-language projects, will run Sept 7-8 during Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14).

The two-day event includes one-on-one meetings, an industry panel discussion, roundtable meetings, a networking luncheon, and a producers’ opening night networking reception.

Iff partners include Telefilm Canada, UK Trade and Investment (Ukti), and Toronto Film Commission & Entertainment Industries.

Among this year’s international projects are:

The Lunchbox producer Guneet Monga with sci-fi drama Punha, starring Kanal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory;

Land Ho! producers Mynette Louie and Sara Murphy reteaming with director Aaron Katz on Settlers;

former Screen International Future Leader Sol Bondy of Germany’s One Two Films with Us-based Jennifer Fox with her thriller The Tale to star Laura Dern, Ellen Burstyn and [link
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Producers Lab Toronto reveals line-up

  • ScreenDaily
The UK’s Isabelle Stead, Canada’s George Ayoub and Australia’s Kristian Moliere are among those selected for this year’s Producers Lab Toronto.

The24 producers from Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will participate in the fifth edition of the networking platform, which runs Sept 3-6 during the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14).

Plt is targeted at producers who have had previous experience in working on international co-productions and now have projects in the pipeline that could be interesting for the international market.

European producers

The ten European producers were selected by European Film Promotion’s member organisations from previous participants of its Cannes-based initiative Producers on the Move. They include:

Human Films’ co-founder Isabelle Stead, who has played a key role in the new wave of Iraqi cinema by producing such award-winning films as Mohamed Al-Daradji’s Son Of Babylon and In The Sands Of Babylon. She is now
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Afm 2013: Sales Art for Backcountry Makes It Out Alive

We're just two weeks away from the start of the American Film Market, which means lots of small, blurry sales art is heading our way; and today we have a look at an early poster for the currently in production Backcountry.

Along with Eric Balfour (pictured), the film stars Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop, and Nicholas Campbell. It's directed by Adam MacDonald and produced by Thomas Michael.

Look for more soon!


Backcountry is a tense thriller about a young couple who go camping in the Canadian wilderness. Alex is a seasoned camper while Jenn is... not. After much convincing, she finally agrees to let him take her to one of his favorite spots, the secluded Blackfoot Trail. They push deeper and deeper into the forest, Alex insisting that he remembers the way. However, the farther they go, the less certain he becomes. After three days, their path disappears: They are hopelessly lost.
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[Now Streaming] Your ‘Cars 2,’ ‘Bad Teacher,’ ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’ & ‘A Better Life’ Alternatives

Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to the worthwhile titles currently available on Netflix Instant Watch.

This week Cars 2 gives sequels a bad name, and Bad Teacher attempts to cash in on the R-rated comedy wave, while limited release offers A Better Life and discovers Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. Now, if these features can’t fulfill your need for animated tales of triumph, rotten role models, immigrant-centered drama and sidesplitting tour docs, don’t fret. We’ve got a line up that’s sure keep you on the edge of your seat as you kick back in your AC!

— — —

Cars 2

Larry the Cable Guy returns to voice the buck-toothed pick-up truck Mater, who falls into a world of international espionage as his buddy Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) spins his wheels abroad. Michael Caine, John Turturro and Eddie Izzard join the free-wheelin’ cast.
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Trailer of 'A Beginner's Guide to Ending'

The trailer of Jonathan Sobol's A Beginner's Guide to Endings is already online. The film is currently being screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Tiff, here's the story:

Duke White (Harvey Keitel) hasn’t been an ideal father to his five boys. An inveterate gambler who never experienced a windfall he couldn’t blow within twenty-four hours, he has come to the end of his rope, literally. Years ago, he signed up his three eldest sons for unsafe drug tests that turned out to have dire consequences: the boys’ life expectancy have been substantially reduced. Upon receiving the news after their father’s funeral, the sons return to their family home in Niagara Falls, where they respond to their eminent demises in different yet equally hilarious ways.

Womanizing Cal (Scott Caan) is determined to hook up with Miranda (Tricia Helfer), the one girl who got away.
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Henry Winkler Becoming A Mayor In Canada

We can hope against hope that Henry Winkler will be playing Barry Zuckerkorn when the Arrested Development movie finally, finally starts shooting. But hey, the Fonz can't just sit around forever and wait for Mitch Hurwitz to get his act together, so he's jetting off to Canada to star in Running Mates, a comedy directed by Thomas Michael. DJ Qualls, who was the one thing I didn't absolutely loathe about All About Steve, has also signed on, according to THR. Winkler will play the incumbent mayor in a town where two childhood best friends (Archie Fenton and Paolo Mancini) are running against each other for the spot, while Qualls plays a local kid with the unfortunate nickname "One Ball." Filming is currently happening in Ontario.
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Henry Winkler, DJ Qualls in Running Mates

Henry Winkler and DJ Qualls have joined the Canadian comedy "Running Mates" from director and actor Thomas Michael. Film is produced by Buck Productions and Fella Films. Thomas Michael stars as Archie Fenton, an ambitious guy who goes back to his small town roots with the plan of running for mayor against his childhood pal Reg (Paolo Mancini). Jane McLean of "Dexter" and "24" is in as Fenton's wife and Mike Beaver is Reg's brother.
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Henry Winkler, DJ Qualls join 'Running Mates'

Henry Winkler, DJ Qualls join 'Running Mates'
Toronto -- Henry Winkler and DJ Qualls ("CSI") have jumped on board "Running Mates," the Canadian theatrical comedy from actor and director Thomas Michael.

The Canuck film, from Buck Productions and Fella Films, also stars Michael as Archie Fenton, an ambitious young man who returns to his small town roots to run for mayor against his childhood friend Reg, played by Paolo Mancini.

Winkler plays the incumbent mayor Weatherbee in the fictional town of Shoulder, while Qualls plays a local boy who suffered a tragic accident that left him with the nickname "One Ball."

Also starring in "Running Mates" is Jane McLean ("24," "Dexter") as Fenton's wife, and Mike Beaver, who plays Reg's brother.

Principato Young, which packaged the Canadian feature, represents Michael, Winkler and DJ Qualls.

"Running Mates" is shooting in Burk's Fall, Ontario to the end of October.
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Pair hops aboard bunny pic 'Hank'

Wes Bentley and Joe Mantegna have been the cast in Hank and Mike, a dark comedy about two Easter bunnies being produced by Canada-based Darius Films and Shoreline Entertainment. Matthiew Klinck is directing the film.

Thomas Michael and writing partner Paolo Mancini wrote the script and play the title roles of two foul-mouthed Easter bunnies who get fired and try their hand at an assortment of odd jobs, their lives unraveling until they realize that without their jobs they are nothing.

Bentley will play an efficiency consultant, and Mantegna is the owner of Easter Enterprises.

Michael and Mancini have been performing and honing the characters of Hank and Mike on television and stage in Canada since they created the rabbit buddies nearly 10 years ago.

Producing are Darius' Nicholas Tabarrok and Shoreline's Morris Ruskin along with Michael, who is producing via his Peeping Tom Films. Pierre Even (C.R.A.Z.Y.) also is producing.

Shoreline Entertainment is representing the film in the U.S.

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