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Robin Williams Accused of Stealing Jokes in New Book

Robin Williams Accused of Stealing Jokes in New Book
The late Robin Williams has been accused of stealing jokes back in the early days of his comedic career in a new comedy tell-all book written by the legendary Budd Friedman. Friedman founded the New York and Los Angeles Improv Comedy Clubs and has seen a lot of things in his 85 years. In addition to ratting out Robin Williams, Friedman devotes an entire chapter to the iconic and polarizing comedian, Andy Kaufman, and dishes on managing Bette Midler as well as witnessing Johnny Carson getting wasted and making out with an 18-year old girl in the backseat of a car.

Many comedians have been accused of joke stealing, but as it turns out, Robin Williams was reportedly notorious for it back when he was for starting out. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Budd Friedman about his book and the author revealed that Richard Lewis and Robert Wuhl both accuse Williams
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Celebrity Food Fight: Andy Richter to Host Food Network Series

[caption id="attachment_48209" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Image courtesy Food Network./caption]

Put on your eating pants. Celebrity Food Fight TV show on Food Network premieres with back-to-back episodes, Sunday, May 29, 2016, at 10:00 and 10:30pm Et/Pt. Conan's Andy Richter hosts. Guests in the first season of Celebrity Food Fight include Tom Arnold, Jonathan Bennett, Richard Blais, Anne Burrell, Kim Coles, Scott Conant, Coolio, Andy Dick, Graham Elliot, Bill Engvall, and Jennie Garth.

Other celebs appearing in Celebrity Food Fight, season one, include: Duff Goldman, Greg Grunberg, Alex Guarnaschelli, Penn Jillette, Kristen Johnston, Kevin Jonas, Christopher Knight, Katie Lee, Tara Lipinksi, Antonia Lofaso, Carlos Mencia, Damaris Phillips, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Caroline Rhea, Melissa Rivers, Aarón Sánchez, Jean Smart, Ruben Studdard, and Kendra Wilkinson.

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Elvis & Nixon Review [Tribeca 2016]

Based on a true-ish, larger-than-life story, Elvis & Nixon sounds like a fabricated clash of public icons, but I assure you this craziness actually happened (karate chops and all?). In 1970, Elvis drove up to the White House, knocked on the door, and demanded a pow-wow with President Nixon. A conversation was had and Elvis was bestowed a power some lawmakers forgot even existed. It’s an obscure, influential, and epic moment from America’s past, begging for a cinematic retelling, yet we feel none of the importance that director Liza Johnson strives to deliver. This swanky 70s time machine dresses the part and talks the talk, but fails to honor such patriotic prestige with a story truly deserving of such Mt. Rushmore-worthy weirdness.

Shannon stars as the hand-waving, self-proclaimed “King” who needs no introduction – Elvis Presley. His musicianship is the stuff of legends, but this isn’t a movie about making albums and dealing with stardom.
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Comedians Dump Campus Gigs: When Did Colleges Lose Their Sense of Humor?

  • The Wrap
Comedians Dump Campus Gigs: When Did Colleges Lose Their Sense of Humor?
After comedian Carlos Mencia did his standup act at Rutgers University’s Homecoming last September, a student activist complained that the routine was littered with racial and sexual epithets. Mencia was pleasantly surprised when the students and administration of the diverse Newark, N.J., campus opted to support him. “I personally thought I was a huge success in the fact that, for the first time, somebody pointed out that the exception was the exception and not the rule,” Mencia told TheWrap. “It wasn’t, ‘We’re going to take this one person’s complaints and turn it into, ‘This is how everybody else felt,
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Rick Famuyiwa ('The Wood,' 'Brown Sugar') Teams Up w/ Forest Whitaker For Dramedy 'Dope'

A name we haven't mentioned on this blog, likely since his last feature directorial effort, 2010's Our Family Wedding (which starred starring Forest WhitakerLance GrossAmerica Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, and others), writer/director Rick Famuyiwa is prepping to get behind the camera again, teaming up with one of his Our Family Wedding stars, Forest Whitaker (who will produce) for a drama feature titled Dope. Whitaker's Significant Productions (along with partner Nina Yang Bongiovi), as well as Pharrell Williams are all producing the film, which Famuyiwa has written and will direct, with a summer 2014 production start date eyed, in Los Angeles. Dope's synopsis...
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Straight Comics, Gay Jokes

Stand-up comedy has always been predominantly a straight man’s game. And because of that it has always been a treacherous place for Lgbt audiences. Let’s face it, “gay panic” and straight men’s squeamishness with homosexuality have been go-tos for guaranteed barroom laughs for decades.

Gay jokes may still be low-hanging fruit for straight comics but in recent years there has been a pronounced shift in the way that the broader culture frames its discussion of gay people. This article is a survey of recent “gay” material from popular straight male comedians. Some of the routines discussed here will be offensive to some readers. Some of them are offensive, period. But I’ve chosen to highlight comics and routines that I feel signify a shift – however slight – in how gay people are discussed in straight stand-up. Some of these men seem to sincerely support gay rights and gay people,
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Jonah Hill: 'Scorcese Thinks I'm Awesome'

Jonah Hill is trying so hard to get people to take him seriously that it seems it may only get worse from here.

It seems like it was only yesterday when the "Superbad" star and "21 Jump Street" star/producer refused to talk about farting, or his workout plan (which, um, we're not sure he's still on), or smoking weed, or anything else fun surrounding "This is the End." His co-stars were totally fun and funny in the same Rolling Stone cover story. Meanwhile, Hill has doubled down on his new "I'm A Serious Actor" defensive/dick-y persona in a new interview with Bullet where he snorts: "Whatever, man. Scorsese thinks I'm awesome."

The entire profile is in-depth and well written, but for the Add-ers out there, Salon was kind enough to cull some of the highlights:

"You can dis me all your want on a blog, or write whatever you
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Top 10 Wtf With Marc Maron episodes

Top 10 Glen Chapman 7 May 2013 - 07:30

Glen counts down ten terrific episodes of Marc Maron's Wtf comedy podcast. See if your favourites made the cut...

There have been close to four hundred episodes of Us comedy podcast Wtf since it started in September 2009 and its list of guests read as a who's who of comedy and the entertainment industry. During that time, the profile of host Marc Maron has increased enormously, and in the week that his self-titled TV series debuts on IFC (read our episode one review, here) how better to salute the man himself than with a run-down of Wtf's ten best episodes...

Robin Williams – 67

Starting off the list with a giant of comedy is no bad thing, particularly one who has such a long and interesting story as this one. Williams' manic energy and charisma made him a star but his battles with addiction over the
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Amy Schumer: Comedy Central’s New Show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Is A Hit

Amy’s new show premiered on April 30, and while it’s hilariously funny, it certainly pushes the boundaries on all things sex, relationships and race. Are you a fan?

Amy Schumer, who placed fourth in the fifth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and is best known as a staple on the Comedy Central Roast scene, has made her first foray into series television with Inside Amy Schumer. The series, which premiered on April 30, brought all kinds of raunch in the series’ first episode, and it’s wickedly funny. If you’re not watching yet, you ought to be!

Inside Amy Schumer’: Review Roundup

In one particular scene, Amy drags her friends to O’Nutters, the male equivalent of Hooters, where the guys wear crotch-hugging outfits. (You can watch the scene below!)

Amy’s new show is a mix of traditional stand-up comedy, sketches and on-the-street interviews that produces genuine laughs.
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TV Review: Louie 3.10, “Late Show Part 1″

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Considering the rising success Louis C.K. has seen in the last few years, largely due to his Diy work ethic in Louie as well as the waves he made regarding the self distribution of his last few stand-up specials, “Late Show Part 1” is a much harder sell than the similarly autobiographical Louie segment, “Oh, Louie”, in which C.K.’s troubles with network executives in developing an honest and authentic family sitcom were depicted. The dissonance felt in “Late Show Part 1” results from the fact that both Jay Leno and a fictional CBS chairman, excellently played with an apt combination of sleaze and cunning by Gary Marshall, characterize Louie’s appearance as lead guest on The Tonight Show as the big break for which he’s been waiting his entire career. Marshall even goes so far as to say the comedian, “peaked five years ago.” This
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'Phunny Business' On DVD 10/2 (Rise & Fall of Premiere Black Comedy Club All Jokes Aside)

Directed by John Davies, the feature-length documentary's synopsis reads: For a decade, Chicago’s All Jokes Aside was the premiere Black Comedy Club in the country giving early exposure to most of the important young comedians including: Bill Bellamy, Cedric the Entertainer, Dave Chappelle, Deon Cole, Earthquake, Mike Epps, Jamie Foxx, Adele Givens, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac, Carlos Mencia, Mo’Nique, Craig Robinson, Chris Rock, Jb Smoove, Sheryl Underwood and George Wallace to name a few. Using a mix of stand up and interviews with the comedians who performed there, Phunny Business chronicles the rise and fall of All Jokes Aside, takes an in-depth look at...
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Red Eye Panel Disputes Impact Of Obama’s New Immigration Measure

President Obama's immigration executive order yesterday was the source of most cables new talk of the day, and Red Eye this morning was no exception, with the panel debating both the policy itself and the method the President chose to implement it. While the theories for how this would affect America's immigration problem varied from a random whiteboard Eric Bolling left lying around to a naked ploy to boost tickets to Carlos Mencia shows.
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Marc Maron’s ‘Wtf’ Podcast Getting a Box Set

  • Vulture
Marc Maron’s ‘Wtf’ Podcast Getting a Box Set
Marc Maron's "Wtf" podcast has gone in some sincerely surprising and heartening directions, including public radio and an IFC single-camera pilot based on the twice-weekly garage-recorded venture. Now Maron may very well pioneer the category of "podcast box set" by releasing the first 100 episodes of the show — now, with the show approaching its 300th episode, relegated to archival status and only accessible through premium membership to Maron's comedy-talk empire — in a collectible two-disc set for $50. The first hundred episodes aired from September 2009 through August 2010 and feature, among many others, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Patton Oswalt, Robin Williams, Zach Galifianakis, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Dave Attell, an infamous two-parter with publicly shamed joke-stealer Carlos Mencia, and an episode that unearthed not-wretched aspects of Dane Cook. The box set will also feature a video of one of Maron's live Wtf tapings from the Bell House in
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Do You Need More Marc Maron In Your Life?

Do You Need More Marc Maron In Your Life?
Attention all WTFers, Wtf buddies, WTFineers, WTFniks, and WTFericans. Soon, you'll be able to buy a two-disc compilation documenting the first 100 episodes of of Marc Maron's groundbreaking podcast. Ast Records will release the 2-cd set, which will include all of the early episodes of "Wtf with Marc Maron" as well as a video of Maron doing a live podcast taping.

But those who want to keep their Cat Ranch broadcasts for posterity will need to act quickly. Only 1,000 copies of the die-cast packaged box set will be released, and the limited edition release is sure to become a collector's item. Pre-orders will begin April 17 and the set will officially go on sale April 24. The set costs fifty bucks, and can be ordered on Ast Records' website.

The first 100 episodes of the biweekly Wtf, spanning from September 2009 to August 2010, include a number of the comedian interviews that made an impression
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Marshall Fine: That's Not Funny

  • Aol TV.
Marshall Fine: That's Not Funny
I host and program a film series where the usual fare tends to be fairly serious, whether as a drama or a documentary. Occasionally, the patrons of my series will ask, "How about a comedy?"

And I try -- I really do -- to find comedies that will work for my audience. But I have one big problem: I find so few comedies that work for me. Two recent examples: last week's This Means War and this week's Wanderlust. To paraphrase an old joke, if humor was dynamite, these movies wouldn't have enough to blow their nose.

That's true at the movies and on TV. While there are shows that make me laugh on a regular basis (from Curb Your Enthusiasm to The Big Bang Theory to Hot in Cleveland), there are many, many more that don't.

I don't mean to pick on women's sitcoms, except that they seem to
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Carlos Mencia -- Comedy Is Harder When You Lose the Fat

  • TMZ
Carlos Mencia knows that fat is funny -- and dropping 70 lbs can be a career killer for a comedian -- but this weekend, the comic found a way to make skinny work ... with the help of a little person. A slimmed-down Mencia was telling us all about the weight loss at The Improv in L.A. ... when his former "Mind of Mencia" co-star Little Brad stopped by. Mencia -- pointing to his pal -- told us,
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The best documentaries of 2011

Why not fold documentaries into my list of the "Best Films of 2011?" After all, a movie is a movie, right? Yes, and some years I've thrown them all into the same mixture. But all of these year-end Best lists serve one useful purpose: They tell you about good movies you may not have seen or heard about. The more films on my list that aren't on yours, the better job I've done.

That's particularly true were you to depend on the "short list" released by the Academy's Documentary Branch of 15 films they deem eligible for nomination. The branch has been through turmoil in the past and its procedures were "reformed" at one point. But this year it has made a particularly scandalous sin of

omission. It doesn't include "The Interrupters" (currently scoring 99% on the Tomatometer), which has received better reviews and been on more critic's Best lists than any other.
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Key & Peele could be Comedy Central's next big sketch comedy show

Sketch comedy on television has a very defined life cycle: few shows survive their first year. Though there are a few notable exceptions (Your Show Of ShowsFlip WilsonMr. Show, Kids In The Hall), most sketch-comedy shows (with the exception of Saturday Night Live) rarely live past four or five seasons. Pop-culture references change. Ensemble players become stars. Staff writers become head writers. Sunrise, sunset.  Nearly eight years ago, we saw the cycle play out for Dave Chappelle and his own show. The show's sharp-tongued wit, fearless social commentary, and subsequent popularity rekindled an interest in sketch comedy, if a temporary one. After Chappelle's departure, Comedy Central tried again with Carlos Mencia, who later went on to be the most hated man in comedy. More recently, they tried again with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, but his racism in puppet form wasn't a success either.  Today, Keegan [...]
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Russ Says: Carlos Mencia Rocks At Surprise Comedy Central Event

"Comedy Central Pop-Up Stand-Up" is all about surprising crowds with some of the most entertaining comics around, so consider me one of the lucky ones to catch Carlos Mencia on Dec. 5 at The Ice House in Pasadena. There were many clues posted online on who would be the surprise guest at The Ice House for the Dec 5th show at The Ice House in Pasadena. But who was it going to be? Well our friends at Comedy Central and Corona delivered with a top notch show with the headliner Carlos Mencia! At first you would of swore that it wasn't Carlos Mencia, the reason being is that he has recently lost 70 pounds which has drastically made his appearance change in a healthy way. Just coming off his "Carlos Mencia: New Territory," Mencia’s one-hour Comedy Central on Dec. 4th, Carlos took the gloves off and made fun of anything and everyone.
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Contest: Win Carlos Mencia: New Territory on DVD

Now available on DVD is Carlos Mencia: New Territory from Comedy Central. The stand-up routine runs just under 90 minutes and includes the featurette 'Carlos Mencia's Guide to Getting Fit.'

We have three copies of Carlos Mencia: New Territory on DVD that are up for grabs in this contest. For a chance to win one of them, please fill out and submit the entry form below. You can optionally increase the odds of winning each day you stop back to enter again for as many days as the contest is open. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada to enter.
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