Sony unveil the tracklisting for ‘SingStar: Back To The ’80s’

Sony have today revealed for the first time, a full list of the unforgettable tunes you will be reliving on PlayStation3, this autumn with SingStar: Back To The ’80s. The track list is full of the most treasured tunes that the ‘80s era had to offer, including the incredible Soul II Soul, Kim Wilde, Elton John and melodic icon Jennifer Rush – so backcomb your hair, pull on your fingerless lace gloves and grab your neon legwarmers to sing along to original classic ’80s tunes. SingStar: Back To The ’80s from Sony’s London Studios, comes packed with 30 classic tracks from the ’80s that are guaranteed to throw you back to your school disco days – all complete with original videos where available… and bizarrely the tracklisting reads just like my iTunes account!

ABC Poison Arrow Beastie Boys (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) Bros When Will I Be Famous?
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Paranormal Activity 3: Is there a demon in the house?

Lock your doors – the horror series featuring a poltergeist with a fondess for interior design is back to rearrange your furniture

In these troubled times, the continuing determination to turn Paranormal Activity into a blockbuster franchise is strangely reassuring. No matter how many upheavals or atrocities the world endures, at least every October there'll be another low-budget night-vision movie about a door that sometimes opens by itself or whatever.

But how can Paranormal Activity 3 differentiate itself from its predecessors? Well, the directors are Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made Catfish. Does this mean that Paranormal Activity 3 will have an urgent documentary feel? Does it mean that we'll all root for the demon because because it seems like it's been exploited? The first Paranormal Activity 3 trailer is online – let's take a closer look:

1) There's already one huge difference. The date onscreen says 1988, which means this is a period piece.
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