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  • (1901 - 1912) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1901) Stage Play: The King's Carnival. Musical/burlesque (return engagement). Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Sydney Rosenfeld. Additional lyrics by George V. Hobart and William Jerome. Featuring "My Evaline' with words and music by Mae Anwerda Sloane. Musical Director: J. Sebastian Hiller. Additional music by Jean Schwartz. Directed by Frank Smithson. New York Theatre: 9 Sep 1901- 12 Oct 1901 (38 performances).
  • (1901) Stage Play: The Supper Club. Musical comedy. Music by A. Baldwin Sloane, Mae Anwerda Sloane, Rosamond Johnson, Robert Cole, Ben Jerome, William Penn, Will D. Cobb and Gus Edwards. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Sydney Rosenfeld, A. Baldwin Sloane, Mae Anwerda Sloane, Rosamond Johnson, Robert Cole, Ben Jerome, William Penn, Will D. Cobb and Gus Edwards. Musical Director: Genaro Saldierna. Directed by Lionel E. Laurence. New York Winter Garden Theatre: 23 Dec 1901- 25 Jan 1902 (40 performances). Cast: Adele Archer (as "Nettie, the Marquis' daughter/Chorus"), Eugenie Bashford (as "Mrs. Knightly"), Lilian Bond (as "Chorus"), Donald Brian (as "Castor Beane, Bess' lover"), Richard Brown (as "Old Beane, father of Castor"), Florence Carlisle (as "Chorus"), Alexander Clarke (as "The Marquis de Castalenne"), Toby Claude (as "Nan, youngest daughter of Dingtuttle"), Virginia Earle (as "Mrs. Winifred Darling Smith, President of the Progressive Dames"), Nina Farrington (as "Mrs. Flighty"), Mazie Follette (as "Chorus"), John Ford (as "Tom, butler at the Supper Club"), Maude Francis (as "Chorus"), George Fuller Golden (as "Master of Ceremonies/Boss Thomas, a noted politician"), Effie Hamilton (as "Lettie, the Marquis' daughter/Chorus"), Al Hart (as "Ichabod Bender, a grafter"), Stuart Hyatt (as "John, the butler"), Stella Kenny (as "Chorus"), Leon Kohlman, Lionel E. Laurence (as "Bert Hopkins, a fashionable dentist"), Adah Baker Lewis (as "Kate, Dingtuttle's oldest daughter, married to Hopkins"), Gertrude Lewis (as "Mrs. Springhtly"), Grace Maitland (as "Chorus"), Junie McCree (as "The Dummy"), Vera Morris (as "Mrs. Golightly"), Natalie Olcott (as "Chorus"), Eugene O'Rourke (as "Chief William, a noted politician"), Ethel Perry (as "Chorus"), John W. Ransone (as "Boss Richard, a noted politician"), Grace Rogers (as "Chorus"), Josie Sadler (as "Louise, the chambermaid"), Thomas Q. Seabrooke (as "Pop Dingtuttle, who has risen from the ranks"), The DeRigney Sisters (as "Singing Trio"), Jessie Thompson (as "Chorus"), Maude Williams (as "Bess, daughter of Dingtuttle"), Oriska Worden (as "Hettie, the Marquis' daughter/Chorus"), Bessie Wynn (as "Chorus"). Produced by The Sire Brothers.
  • (1902) Stage Play: The Hall of Fame. Musical. Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Additional music by Mae A. Sloane, Henry Waller, Raymond Browne and Billy Johnson. Additional lyrics by Robert Cole and Theodore M. Morse. Musical Direction by Genaro Saldierna. Scenic Design by St. John Lewis. Costume Design by Will R. Barnes. Electrical Effects by John Whalen. Choreographed by Carl Marwig. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New York Theatre: 5 Feb 1902- 4 Jun 1902 (137 performances). Cast: Will Archie, Marguerite Binford, Lilly Brink, Esther Brunette, Emma Carus, Alexander Clark, Frank Doane (as "Major John Drew Bingham/Monsieur Richard Beaucaire Mansfield/Captain Valentine Brown"), Marie Dressler (as "Lady Oblivion"), Nina Farrington, John Ford, Mabelle Gilman, Edgar Halstead, Louis Harrison, Florence Hayes, Eithel Kelly, Georgia Kelly, Leon Kohlmer, Adah Baker Lewis (as "The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch/Lady Patrick Tanqueray Campbell"), Daniel McAvoy, Junie McCree (as "Kinky/King Louis"), Mildred Meade, Edythe Moyer, Charles H. Prince, Josie Sadler, Amelia Summerville, Nella Webb, Marion Winchester, Julia Woodruff, Dorothy Zimmerman. Produced by The Sire Brothers.
  • (1902) Stage Play: The Wild Rose. Musical comedy. Music by Ludwig Englander. Book by Harry B. Smith and George V. Hobart. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith and George V. Hobart. Musical Director: Frederic Solomon. Featuring songs with lyrics by William H. Penn, Ren Shields [earliest Broadway credit] and Clifton Crawford. Additional lyrics by William Jerome, Junie McCree, Cecil Mack, John Gilroy and Vincent Bryan. Additional music by Harry Linton, Will Marion Cook, Harry von Tilzer, Ben Jerome, Melville Ellis and Jean Schwartz. Scenic Design by D. Frank Dodge. Costume Design by Caroline Seidle. Dances arranged by Adolph Neuberger. Directed by George W. Lederer. Knickerbocker Theatre: 5 May 1902- 30 Aug 1902 (136 performances). Cast: Madge Adae (as "Diane D'Ivry"), Marion Alexander (as "La Boulotte"), George Ali (as "Baby"), Neva Aymer (as "Michelline"), Theresa Barron (as "Lena"), David Bennett (as "Lieutenant Marcel de Talleyrand-Perigord"), Irene Bentley (as "Rose Romany"), Irene Bishop (as "Fanchonette"), William Wallace Black (as "Count von Lahn/Scipio"), Minna Blackman (as "Lisa"), Madge Brooks (as "La Radieuse"), Marie Cahill (as "Vera von Lahn"), Viola Carlstedt (as "Lieutenant Goetz"), Marguerite Clark (as "Lieutenant Gaston Gardennes"), Ma Belle Davis (as "Cigale"), Louise De Rigney (as "Lieutenant Bourbon"), Belva Don Kersley (as "Germinie"), Teddie DuCoe (as "Gretchen"), Elsie Ferguson (as "Philomele"), Evelyn Florence (as "Vashti"), Mazie Follette (as "Petite Singe"), Edwin Foy (as "Paracelsus Noodles"), Ida Gabrielle (as "Rafael"), Archie Guerin (as "Fritz"), Averell Harris (as "Lieutenant Walther"), Albert Hart (as "Mahomet"), Charles Hooker (as "Lieutenant Pierre de Rastignac"), Helga Howard (as "Beppo"), Ethel Jewett (as "La Joyeuse"), Louis Kelso (as "Lieutenant Henri St. Bris"), Elba Kenny (as "Lieutenant Charlevoix"), Richard Lambert (as "Major Hauptmann"), V.H. Lee (as "Lieutenant Conrad"), David Lythgoe (as "Rudolph von Walden"), Hazel Manchester (as "Barbara"), Madge Marston (as "Eve Bonheur"), Junie McCree (as "Victor Hugo de Brie"), Rube Miller (as "Lieutenant Franz von Richter"), Charles Morton (as "Lieutenant Leopold"), E.H. O'Connor (as "Aristotle"), Carrie E. Perkins (as "Mirabel"), Nina Randall (as "La Rouleuse"), Mollie Sherwood (as "Rosalie"), Maida Van Buren (as "Rigolette"), Mai Walker (as "Lieutenant Drachenfels"). Produced by George W. Lederer.
  • (1903) Stage Play: George W. Lederer's Mid-Summer Night Fancies.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Sergeant Kitty. Musical comedy/opera. Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Book by R.H. Burnside. Lyrics by R.H. Burnside. Musical Direction by Carl Burton. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Daly's Theatre: 18 Jan 1904- 12 Mar 1904 (55 performances). Cast: Harmon Anderson (as "Private Danton"), Grace Belmont (as "Ninon"), Harry Braham (as "Pierre Picorin"), Virginia Earle (as "Kitty LaTour"), Nellie Emerald (as "Suzette"), James A. Furey (as "Notary Le Van"), Charles J. Goode (as "Sergeant Lefevbre"), Lawrence Hilliard (as "First Gendarme"), Sylvain Langlois (as "General Dubois"), Ethel Lloyd (as "Babette"), George E. Mack (as "Celestin Brideaux"), Junie McCree (as "Jacques Jonquiniere"), Albert Parr (as "Lucien Valliere"), Carrie E. Perkins (as "Mme. Angelique"), Charles Renwick (as "Jean Cornichon"), W.C. Roberts (as "Second Gendarme"), Harry Stone (as "Henri de Marrillac"), Estelle Wentworth (as "Louise de Marrilac"). Produced by George R. White.
  • (1904) Stage Play: The Southerners. Musical comedy. Music by Will Marion Cook. Book by Will Mercer and Richard Grant. Lyrics by Will Mercer and Richard Grant. Musical Direction by Antonio DeNovellis. Featuring songs by Egbert Van Alstyne. Featuring songs with lyrics by R.C. MacPherson, Harry Williams, Harry B. Smith and Will Marion Cook. Choreographed by Joseph C. Smith. Directed by George W. Lederer. New York Theatre: 23 May 1904- 25 Jun 1904 (36 performances). Cast: Florence Arkell (as "Lily"), Wilmer Bentley (as "Colonel Maximilian Easy"), William Wallace Black (as "Colonel Maximilian Easy"), Hattie Burdell (as "Louisiana"), Irene Cameron (as "Pansy"), Vinie Daly (as "Parthenia"), Ethel Davies (as "Florida"), Reine Davies (as "Japonica Preston"), Mildred De Vere (as "Violet"), Paul Decker, Walter Dixon, Belva Don Kersley, Wheeler Earl (as "Sam Blossom"), Elfie Fay, Edith Girvin, William Gould, Albert Hart, Louise Lathrop, Eddie Leonard, Sallie Loomis (as "Virginia"), Junie McCree (as "Brannigan Bey"), Abbie Mitchell (as "Mandy Lou"), Charles Moore (as "Uncle Mose"), Bertyne Mortimer (as "Magnolia Preston"), Bessie Moulton (as "Georgia"), Lorraine Osborne (as "Marguerite"), Violet Pearle (as "Atlanta"), Theodore S. Peters (as "Lewis Middleton"), Ella Ray (as "Carolina"), Lillian Rice (as "Orleans"), Averta Sanchez, Cecil Somers, Joseph W. Standish, Mabel Verne, Charles Wentz. Produced by George W. Lederer.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Babes and the Baron. Musical. Lyric Theatre: 25 Dec 1905- 27 Jan 1906 (45 performances).
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Girl Question. Musical comedy.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Yankee Girl. Music by Silvio Hein. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Additional lyrics by Junie McCree and C.F. Zittel. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer and C.F. Zittel. Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange. Costume Design by Castel-Bert and Mme. Ripley. Conducted by William Lorraine. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Herald Square Theatre: 10 Feb 1910- 30 Apr 1910 (92 performances). Cast: Henry Bergman (as "Morales"), Vinnie Bradcome, Helen Broderick, Theresa Bryant, William Burress (as "Ambrose Castroba"), Janet Burton, E.J. Caldwell, William P. Carleton, Olive Carr, Ada Christy, Bonnie Clarke, Edith Cramer, Peter Curley, Naomi Dale, Evelyn Dare, Mildred DeSilva, Florence Douglas, Marie DuPree, Nell Feltas, Dolly Filly, Eva Francis, Louis Franklyn, Harry Gilfoil, Gertrude Grant, William Halliday, Robert F. Hamilton, Effie Hopkins, Dorothy Jardon, Isabelle Lattan, Helen Latten, Harriet Leidy, Maurie Madison, Margaret Malcolm, Lotta Morse, Edith Offurt, Irene Palmer, Frederick Paulding (as "Oyama"), Katharyn Pinkerton, Anita Pollock, Paul Porter, Elsie Raymond, Blanche Ring (as "Jessie Gordon"), Juan Villasana, Lillian Wallace, Nellie Ward, Ella Warner, Sallie Webb, May Wesley, May Willard, Charles Winninger (as "Rudolph Schnitzel"), Beck Wood. Produced by Lew M. Fields.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Up and Down Broadway. Musical revue. Music by Jean Schwartz. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by William Jerome. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer, Ted Snyder, Melville Ellis, Melville Gideon and Louis A. Hirsch. Additional lyrics by Edward Madden, Junie McCree and Irving Berlin. Musical Direction by Oscar Radin. Directed by William J. Wilson. Casino Theatre: 18 Jul 1910- 17 Sep 1910 (72 performances). Cast: Adelaide & Hughes (as "Special Dancing Feature"), Ricca Allen (as "Mrs. Shark"), George Anderson (as "Apollo"), Leota Armitage (as "Chorus"), Lillian Barnett (as "Chorus"), Edna Bates (as "Chorus"), Anna Berg (as "Chorus"), Irving Berlin (as "Entertainer at the Cafe d'Lobster"), Ammie Berry (as "Chorus"), Betty Best (as "Chorus"), Martin Brown (as "Erato"), Sara Carr (as "Chorus"), James B. Carson (as "Isadore Schlameil"), Emma Carus (as "Melpomene"), Bertha Caruthers (as "Chorus"), Sylvia Clarke (as "Lucius/Chorus"), Edward Cutler (as "Chorus"), Lillian Darlington (as "Chorus"), Mae Dealy (as "Mrs. Shopleigh/Euterpe"), Ray Dodge (as "Chorus/George Lushington"), Edna Dodsworth (as "Chorus"), May Donahue (as "Mrs. Bumpkin"), Florence Douglas (as "Chorus"), Helen Edwards (as "Chorus"), Marie Flood (as "Mrs. Shirkflat/Chorus"), Gene Foxcroft (as "Chu Gum"), Eddie Foy (as "Momus"), Lillian Gay (as "Chorus"), Phyllis Gordon (as "Thalia"), Jack Hagner (as "Chorus"), Frances Halliday (as "Chorus"), Patsy Hamilton (as "Chorus"), Ernest Hare (as "Vicius/Officer Casey"), Martha Hines (as "Chorus"), Henry Holt (as "Sing Hi"), Thea Howard (as "Chorus"), Ada Howell (as "Chorus"), Morien Huben (as "Chorus"), Maude Inglesby (as "Chorus"), Susie Kerwin (as "Chorus"), Ida Kramer (as "Chorus"), Irma La Pierre (as "Chorus"), Margaret Langhorne (as "Chorus"), Betty Lavalliere (as "Chorus"), George Lyman (as "Chorus"), Harry MacDonough (as "Nabba/Henry White/Jean Garcon"), Adele Marie (as "Chorus"), Blanche Marr (as "Chorus"), Blanche Mell (as "Chorus"), Peggy Merritt (as "Genus/Chorus"), Marguerite Meyers (as "Chorus"), Robert Milliken (as "Dutch McGee/Willie Run/An Umpire"), Nat Nazarro Jr., Gloria Pierce (as "Mazie Malborough"), Harry Potter (as "Chorus"), Frederick Powell (as "George Bumpkin"), Frankie Rice (as "Chorus"), Agnes Richter (as "Chorus"), Harold A. Robe (as "Gilligan/Chorus"), Hans Robert (as "Harry Soakem/Bunco Bill"), Mathilde Rodriguez (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Rose (as "Chorus"), Milbury Ryder (as "Chorus"), Oscar Schwartz (as "Chorus"), Ted Snyder (as "Entertainer at the Cafe d'Lobster"), Marguerite St. Clair (as "Pythagoras/Chorus"), Melissa Ten Eyck (as "Fan Tan"), Jane Warrington (as "Chorus"), Anna Wheaton (as "Miss Frite"), Vida Whitmore (as "Terpischore"), Eva Williams (as "Lazia"), Jesse Willingham (as "Chorus"), Jessica Worth (as "Caliope/Vivian Bumpkin"), Dorothy Wright (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert and Lew M. Fields.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Madame Sherry. Musical. Music by Karl Hoschna. Book and lyrics by Otto A. Harbach. Based on the German musical by Benno Jacobson, Maurice Ordonneau, Paul Burani and Hugo Felix. Book adapted by Charles E. Hands and Adrian Ross. Featuring songs by Hugo Felix [earliest Broadway credit], Harry von Tilzer and Phil Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by Harold Atteridge, Junie McCree and Edward Madden. Musical Director: Hans S. Linne. Directed by George W. Lederer. New Amsterdam Theatre: 30 Aug 1910- 11 Mar 1911 (231 performances). Cast: Lina Abarbanell (as "Yvonne Sherry"), Naomi Dale (as "Dorothy Pelham"), Frances Demarest (as "Lulu"), Almanore Francis (as "Florence Brevoort"), Jack Gardner (as "Edward Sherry"), May Hanna (as "Helen Van Ness"), Ralph C. Herz (as "Uncle Theophilus Sherry"), Dorothy Jardon (as "Pepita"), Frank Johnson (as "Hectar"), Marcelle Lamb (as "Bertha Von Hutton"), Roselle Lyons (as "Betty Palmer"), Ignacio Martinetti (as "Phillippe"), Elizabeth Murray (as "Catherine"), Elizabeth Nelson (as "Eleanor de Peyster"), Alice Palmer (as "Irene Vandervelt"), Irene Palmer (as "Loy De Puyster"), John Reinhard (as "Leonard Gomez"), Joseph C. Smith (as "Bobby"), Leslie Stose (as "Marion Pallerson"), May Thompson (as "Myrtle Stuyvesant"), Lillian Tucker (as "Florence Astoria"), Evelyn Westbrook (as "Ruth Amsterdam"). Produced by Mr. Woods, H.H. Frazee and George W. Lederer.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Happiest Night of His Life. Comedy. Music by Albert von Tilzer. Book by Junie McCree and Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Junie McCree and Sydney Rosenfeld. Featuring songs by Phil Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Rudolf Berliner. Directed by George W. Lederer. Criterion Theatre: 20 Feb 1911- 11 Mar 1911 (24 performances). Cast: Victor Bozardt, Jack Fairbanks, Edythe Gilbert, Jack Henderson, Maud Le Roy, Rose Leslie, Emma Littlefield, Leola Lucey, Beryl Marsden, Will A. McCormick, Junie McCree, Victor Moore (as "Dick Brennan"), James C. O'Neill, Dorothy Page, Mae Phelps, Julia Ralph (as "Martha Jelliman"), Phil Riley, Harry Smithfield, Lillian Stanton, Sallie Stembler, George W. Steteler, Bessie Stewart, Gertrude Vanderbilt, Charles E. Walt, Henry Ward, Annabelle Whitford, Edward C. Yeager. Produced by Harry Frazee and George W. Lederer.
  • (1911) Stage Play: Jumping Jupiter. Musical/farce. Music by Karl Hoschna. Book by Richard Carle and Sydney Rosenfeld. Lyrics by Richard Carle and Sydney Rosenfeld. Musical Director: Hans S. Linne. Featuring songs by Grace Kahn, Harry Archer, Irving Berlin and Albert von Tilzer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Junie McCree, Gus Kahn, Francis DeWitt and Ted Snyder Directed by Richard Carle. New York Theatre: 6 Mar 1911- 25 Mar 1911 (24 performances). Cast: Natalie Alt (as "Elsie Buchanan"), Burrell Barbaretto (as "Robert Winthrop"), Helen Broderick (as "Miss Winston"), Bly Brown (as "Miss Ranier"), Jessie Cardownie (as "Caroline Goodwillie"), Richard Carle (as "Professor Goodwillie"), Anna Chandler (as "Mrs. Anastasia Kidd"), Ina Claire (as "Molly Pebbleford"), Lester J. Crawford (as "Stephen Buchanan"), Blanche Curtis (as "Miss Chalmers"), Naomi Dale (as "Miss Hupp"), Murray D'Arcy (as "Stilwell"), Jean Engels (as "Miss Renault"), John Goldsworthy (as "Marmaduke Bright"), Ida Harris (as "Miss Cadillac"), Edna Wallace Hopper (as "Connie Curtiss"), Joseph C. Miron (as "Major Felix Buchanan"), Beatrice Morton (as "Miss Pierce"), Will H. Philbrick (as "Toby Pebbleford"), Betty Scott (as "Miss Buick"), Bessie Skeer (as "Miss Daimler"), Estelle St. Clair (as "Miss Lozier"), Margaret Strasselle (as "Miss Locomobile"), Marie Vernon (as "Miss Packard"), Isabelle Winlocke (as "Genevieve Buchanan"). Produced by H.H. Frazee and George W. Lederer.
  • (1912) Stage Play: Mama's Baby Boy. Musical/farce. Music by Hans S. Linne. Additional numbers by Will H. Becker. Book adapted by Junie McCree [final Broadway credit]. Lyrics by Junie McCree. Based on the comedy "Mrs. Black is Back" by George V. Hobart. Musical Director: Hans S. Linne. Choreographed by Julian Alfred. Directed by George W. Lederer. Broadway Theatre: 25 May 1912- 1 Jun 1912 (9 performances). Produced by George W. Lederer.

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