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200 Greatest Horror Films (170-161)

Special Mention: Shock Corridor

Written and directed by Samuel Fuller

USA, 1963

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Shock Corridor stars Peter Breck as Johnny Barrett, an ambitious reporter who wants to expose a killer hiding out at the local insane asylum. In order to solve the case, he must pretend to be insane so they have him committed. Once in the asylum, Barrett sets to work, interrogating the other patients and keeping a close eye on the staff. But it’s difficult to remain a sane man living in an insane place, and the closer Barrett gets to the truth, the closer he gets to insanity.

Shock Corridor is best described as an anti-establishment drama that at times is surprisingly quite funny despite the dark material. The film deals with some timely issues of the era, specifically the atom bomb, anti-communism, and racism. It features everything from a raving female love-crazed nympho ward,
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South Africa's Celludroid Film Festival Announces Full Line-up with Special Guest Richard Stanley

It is time again to get abducted to South Africa's Celludroid Film Festival! In addition to a wide range of exciting sci-fi, anime, and fantasy movies, this year will feature special visiting guest director Richard Stanley (with his movies, documentaries, short films, and new book), and for the first time short film collections will be part of the line-up.

The venue will again be the legendary Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town; and the event will run across 5-14 July.

From the Press Release:

Expatriate director, esoteric scholar, anthropologist, and author Richard Stanley (aka The Nagloper) will attend Celludroid with some of his classic movies (including Hardware and Dust Devil), his documentaries, and short films. His new book, Shadow of the Grail, will be discussed after the screening of his related doc, The Secret Glory; and he’ll take on the controversy around The Island of Dr. Moreau with a live commentary track.
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Ricky D’s 50 Favourite Cult Films of All Time: #47 – ‘Hardware’


Directed by Richard Stanley

Written by Richard Stanley

Uk / USA – 1990

Upon its initial release, Hardware was dismissed by most as a rip-off of The Terminator, but in fact, the film was actually inspired by a 2000 Ad comic called Shok! Walter’s Robo-Tale. Richard Stanley’s bizarre post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller has rightfully earned a cult following through the years and for sci-fi fans growing up in the 90s, Hardware was a hidden gem that found an audience on VHS.

The low-budget indie horror has its roots in earlier films featuring killer robots, but adds components of spaghetti westerns, 80′s slashers, and even ’70s exploitation cinema – and the bag of influences results in a film which is, in many ways, very original.

Stanley stretches his shoestring budget to impressive lengths, creating a despairing, barren future under blood-red skies, radiation clouds and desert wastelands. Despite being restricted by financial realities, Hardware still
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Day 11 "Favorite sci-fi horror" of the 30 day challenge

Favorite sci-fi horror movie? Hmmmm...... I bet we're going to see a ton of people pick either Alien or Aliens. While, I think both films are just awesome, they are not my top pick. There's also films like The Thing, Moon or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Very respectable efforts, but yet again not my favorites. All very worthy horror picks if you ask me. My vote goes to a film that tried to break the mold and do something distinctive. This was a film that initially went ignored, but thankfully over the years it has gained a cult following. So without further hesitation, I give you........

Hardware was the last of the post-nuke films to get a theatrical release. Audiences didn't get it. Critics were all over the place on their feelings for the film. As a result, the film flopped at the box office and the post-nuke genre
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Blomkamp And Copley Together Again

Blomkamp And Copley Together Again
Neill Blomkamp's next project hasn't come together as quickly as originally planned, but Deadline have the scoop that it is gradually getting underway. It's called Elysium, and it'll once again star Wikus van der Merwe himself, Sharlto Copley.Elysium is not, repeat not, anything to do with District 9, but that's more or less the only certain thing we know about it so far, other than that it's "set in the far future on another planet". Mythologically speaking, Elysium is the part of the underworld where the souls of dead heroes go. It's also a Fields of the Nephilim album, but rumours of Carl McCoy's involvement are entirely made up by us.Blomkamp described the film a year or so ago as "hopefully commercial, but it is very much a singular film, that comes directly from me. It is absolutely another science fiction film, quite different from District 9,
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Interview With ‘Western X’ Creator Michael Flores

Where there is horror-western mayhem to be had, I’m first in line. I blame Carl McCoy from Fields of Nephilim and Sergio Leone for my addiction. The western has been paired with other genres including sci-fi and fantasy but it’s the true ‘weird west‘ when married to horror and the occult. There’s a new web series on the horizon and director Michael Flores of Cazador Productions is at the helm. His production company offers a range of services for the independent film community and now he will contribute his own project–”…[a] supernatural western that combines realism with surrealism.” Western X is a [...]

Post from: Screamstress
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Fields of the Nephilim Prepare Historic Live DVD

Fields of the Nephilim Prepare Historic Live DVD
Iconic gothic-rock troupe Fields of the Nephilim have announced their legendary Ceromonies concert series will finally receive the deluxe digital treatment: DVD chronicles of the Nephilim's recent live shows are tentatively slated for release early next year. Band founder/frontman Carl McCoy already became part of genre history this fall via the long-awaited DVD of Richard Stanley's Hardware (in which he plays the legendary 'Zone Tripper'), and now he's unveiled some details from the upcoming Ceromonies Live release, as well as a preview clip from the DVD... hit that jump and check it out! The Ceromonies concert footage, captured from a two-part show named Ad Mortem and Ad Vitem, documents the Nephilim and...
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Hardware (Review)

You Can't Stop Progress. Hardware Directed by Richard Stanley In a post-apocalyptic future somewhere in a radioactive desert, terminally ill Moses Baxter (Dylan McDermott) has just returned from scavenging for whatever waste he may find that could be of use to him either back home or for sale. Along his journey he discovers some robotic parts from some unknown android which he brings to his dope-smoking sculptor girlfriend Julie (Stacey Travis) as a Christmas present. She incorporates it into her latest piece, but neither of them is aware that the hardware is actually a robot programmed to kill humans. After settling in and reconnecting following his long absence, their reunion is cut short when the robot awakens, reassembles itself and resumes its original purpose as a government-sponsored population control droid. Despite few similarities, Hardware was dismissed by most as a rip-off of The Terminator. In fact, the film was heavily
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'Hardware' 2-dvd special edition: A killer cyborg, Dylan McDermott, drugs... and directorial rage!

The 1990 killer cyborg movie Hardware, now available as a 2-disc DVD, is important for various reasons: the low budget film's successful release in the U.S. helped bankroll a then-fledgling company called Miramax; it made a semi-star out of the largely unknown Dylan McDermott; and it also features a cameo from Carl McCoy, lead singer with U.K. goth-rockers Fields of the Nephilim, whose unearthing of a robot head in some post-apocalyptic desert wasteland at the start of the flick ultimately proves bad news for pretty much every other character. Okay, maybe McCoy's cameo isn't all that "important" an event
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Richard Stanley's Hardware: Special Edition On DVD And Blu-Ray 22 Jun 2009

Richard Stanley's cult classic Hardware finally makes it's way to UK DVD on the 22 Jun 2009. It's long over due this one and with sub par euro editions and obscenely expensive Oop region 1 versions being the only option film collectors across the pond will want to pick this up as well (assuming you have region free equipment).

Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, Carl McCoy, Lemmy, William Hootkins & Iggy Pop star.

"In the post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear world of Hardware, our worst environmental fears have come true. Temperatures hover at a balmy 110 degrees in the shade and the omnipresent radiation has wreaked havoc with the societal gene pool. For your entertainment there is a 24-hour television broadcasting porno films and heavy-metal music videos. Radio offers the rantings and ravings of Angry Bob (Iggy Pop), a lunatic disc jockey who broadcasts bad news all day. Good news has become a thing of the past. If
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