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The Best Undistributed Films of 2017

Every year, new films premiere at festivals around the world with the hopes of obtaining distribution so they can be seen by general audiences. Of course, not every film ends up with that fate: some don’t get accepted to festivals, others screen at smaller festivals with less publicity, and even the ones that do end up premiering at a major fest aren’t guaranteed a deal. This results in great films falling through the cracks, ignored and/or forgotten because of their perceived profitability rather than their quality.

Here are ten films from 2017 that (to the best of my knowledge) have yet to find a Us distributor, films that will hopefully get the chance to be viewed by general audiences sooner rather than later, if at all.

Angels Wear White (Vivian Qu)

Vivian Qu’s Angels Wear White is a film about women, or more specifically the way women
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Tiff Review: ‘Cardinals’ is a Singular Work of Devastating Emotional Psychology

The big story surrounding Grayson Moore and Aidan Shipley’s feature debut Cardinals playing the Toronto International Film Festival stems from the fact that both men graduated from the city’s own Ryerson University. As a longtime festival venue/partner, this premiere will inevitably be treated as a homecoming. But don’t let that fool you into screaming “favoritism!” while dismissing it as a “homer” pick: it’s the real deal. Stripping away the college they graduated from, the knowledge that both are Tiff alumni after screening their short Boxing, and their Canadian nationalities still leaves you with a singular work of devastating emotional psychology and infectiously biting wit. So remove the local fanfare and judge it on its own merits because it earns that right and deserves any accolade bestowed upon it.

Written by Moore, the story centers on Valerie Walker’s (Sheila McCarthy) release from prison after serving
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Tiff 2017 Adds More Programs: “Alias Grace” Series to Make World Premiere

Alias Grace”: Jan Thijs/Netflix

The Toronto International Film Festival announced even more programs for its 2017 edition today. In addition to the Canadian and Cinematheque film lineups, Tiff unveiled the finalists for Telefilm Canada Pitch This! in which filmmaking teams will have the chance to pitch their film idea to a panel of industry experts. The fest also announced that Montreal filmmaker Anne Émond (“Our Loved Ones,” “Nuit #1”) has been selected as the 2017 Len Blum Resident.

One of our most anticipated TV projects of the year, Netflix’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel “Alias Grace,” will make its world premiere in Tiff’s Canadian slate, a collection of works from Canadian filmmakers. “Alias Grace” is a six-part miniseries about Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), a real-life Irish immigrant and servant in 1840s Upper Canada who was accused — and convicted — of murdering her employer and his housekeeper. The series is written and produced by Sarah Polley (“Stories We Tell,” “Away from Her”) and directed by Mary Harron (“American Psycho,” “I Shot Andy Warhol”).

In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, this year’s Cinematheque event will celebrate Canadian filmmakers by “revisiting and restoring landmarks of Canada’s cinematic history.” Cinematheque will feature a screening of the digitally-restored “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing,” written and directed by Patricia Rozema (“Into the Forest”). The 1987 comedic drama follows a photographer (Sheila McCarthy) who discovers that a gallery owner and talented painter (Paule Baillargeon) is actually passing off her lover’s (Ann-Marie MacDonald) artwork as her own.

The Len Blum Residency will see Émond live and work at Tiff Bell Lightbox for two months. She will also receive mentorship from Blum himself, the veteran screenwriter of films like “Stripes” and “Meatballs.” Émond has directed four features and several shorts. Her most recent film, “Nelly,” made its world debut at Tiff 2016. It is a biopic about Canadian novelist Nelly Arcan.

Tiff will be held September 7–17, 2017. Check out the women-directed and co-directed films in the Canadian, Cinematheque, and Pitch This! slates below. Lists and synopses adapted from Tiff.



“Our People Will Be Healed”

Alanis Obomsawin, Canada World Premiere



Sadaf Foroughi, Iran/Canada/Qatar World Premiere

Mary Goes Round

Molly McGlynn, Canada World Premiere

“Never Steady, Never Still”

Kathleen Hepburn, Canada World Premiere

Contemporary World Cinema

Meditation Park

Mina Shum, Canada World Premiere

Porcupine Lake

Ingrid Veninger, Canada World Premiere


Alias Grace

Mary Harron, Canada/USA World Premiere


“I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing”

Patricia Rozema, Canada, 1987

Pitch This!

“12 Days,” Jennifer Mesich, Tracey Deer

Inspired by the remarkable true story of an Indigenous woman who overcame the odds to survive 12 days in the Canadian wilderness. Attacked by a trusted friend, she suffered a broken jaw and was left to die. She persevered and lived to tell the tale.

“Boring Girls,” Coral Aiken, Hannah Cheesman

A deadly coming-of-age story about two teenage girls, Rachel and Fern, who become rising stars in the death metal scene. After experiencing an assault, they decide to embark on a bloody quest for revenge, more gruesome than any of their lyrics.

“Fall from the Sky,” Dan Montgomery, Deragh Campbell, Kaz Radwanski

Lucy, a 30-year-old woman with symptoms of schizophrenia, works as a teacher at a Toronto daycare centre. She begins to experience episodes at work, and struggles to navigate her employment, students, co-workers and personal relationships.

Imposter,” Adam Goldhammer, Evan Landry, Katie McMillan

Lamia Eaton, a teenager isolated on a remote maple farm, investigates her mother’s uncharacteristic and increasingly eerie behavior. As she begins to unearth an evil presence infecting the farm, Lamia is no longer able to trust anyone, including herself.

“Nadia, Butterfly,” Dominique Dussault, Pascal Plante

“Nadia, Butterfly” reveals the backstage world of the Olympic Games through the eyes of Nadia, a 20-year-old butterfly swimmer. Doubt-ridden about her post-Olympic future after winning bronze for Team Canada at the relay, her very last professional event, Nadia loses herself into lustful nights of excesses, punctuated by episodes of deep questioning.

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Sarah Gadon, Rosanna Arquette to Star in Ghost Story ‘Octavio Is Dead’ (Exclusive)

Sarah Gadon, Rosanna Arquette to Star in Ghost Story ‘Octavio Is Dead’ (Exclusive)
Sarah Gadon, Raoul Trujillo and Rosanna Arquette are starring in Sook-Yin Lee’s ghost story “Octavio Is Dead!” Variety has learned exclusively.

“Octavio” will shoot in and around Toronto between Jan. 22 and Feb. 13. Written and directed by Lee, the film is produced by the Film Farm’s Jennifer Weiss, Simone Urdl and Jamie Manning.

Gadon is also acting as an exec producer on the project. She portrays the daughter of her overbearing mother (Arquette) and enters the rich and strange world of her deceased father (played by Trujillo) — a man she never knew. Sexual identity, the occult, and the power of will versus imagination confront her on the journey. Dimitris Kitsos also stars as Octavio’s student Apostolis.

The film is produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and the Ontario Media Development Corporation. It’s represented internationally by sales agent WTFilms.

Gadon will be seen in the title role
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Whatever, Linda: Web Series Adapted for TV by Orphan Black Co-Creator

[caption id="attachment_47854" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Image courtesy of Abberant Pictures./caption]

Per Deadline, Canadian web series, Whatever, Linda, is being developed as a half-hour TV show by The Mark Gordon Company. Orphan Black's Graeme Manson is executive producing. Watch a trailer and the first web episode of the web series, below.

In the web series, co-creator Hannah Cheesman stars as Linda Thoroughbred. Deadline says Cheesman will write and executive produce the TV version with co-creator Julian De Zotti, but won't act in it. The cast of the web series also includes: Terra Hazelton, Cara Ricketts, Martha MacIssac, Mike Shara, Brendan Gall, Julian Richings, Graydon Sheppard, and Sheila McCarthy.

Read More…
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Michelle Rodriguez Bullying Drama ‘Milton’s Secret’ Bought by Momentum

Momentum Pictures has acquired worldwide distribution rights to bullying drama “Milton’s Secret,” starring Michelle Rodriguez, Donald Sutherland and William Ainscough.

The movie, currently in post-production, is based on the 2008 children’s book “Milton’s Secret: An Adventure of Discovery Through Then, When, and the Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman. Ainscough plays an eight-year-old who’s bullied at school with Rodriguez as his teacher trying to lift his spirits while his grandfather (Sutherland) shows him the secret to finding true happiness.

Buck Productions and Hulo Films are the production companies. Producers are Sean Buckley for Buck Productions, Fred Fuchs for Riverside Entertainment, as well as Stephen Huszar and Ryan Lockwood for Hulo Films.

Barnet Bain directed from a script he wrote with Donald Martin and Sara B Cooper. David Sutcliffe, Mia Kirshner, Sheila McCarthy and Hays Wellford also star.

“I am thrilled with the way
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Michelle Rodriguez Joins "Milton's Secret"

Michelle Rodriguez ("Furious 7") will join Donald Sutherland in the film adaptation of Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman's children's novel "Milton's Secret" for Buck Productions, Riverside Entertainment and Hulo Films.

Rodriguez will play a school teacher lifting the spirits of a young boy (William Ainscough) who is bullied by fellow students. Sutherland will play the boy's grandfather who helps him discover his obsession with his preteen fears will prevent him from finding true happiness.

David Sutcliffe, Mia Kirshner, Sheila McCarthy and Hays Wellford also star in the film which Barnet Bain directs. Stephen Huszar, Ryan Lockwood, Sean Buckley and Fred Fuchs will produce and shooting is underway in Hamilton, Ontario.

Source: THR
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Michelle Rodriguez Learns Milton's Secret

Michelle Rodriguez Learns Milton's Secret
After spending time on screen this year with Fast cars and hulking heroes, Michelle Rodriguez is switching gears for a new role. She’s joined the adaptation of kid’s book Milton’s Secret.Rodriguez will become part of a cast that already includes Donald Sutherland, David Sutcliffe, Mia Kirshner, Sheila McCarthy and Hays Welford. Barnet Bain is in the director’s chair, working from a script he adapted alongside Donald Martin and Sandra Cooper.The book, published in 2009 by The Power Of Now author Eckhart Tolle and co-writer Robert Friedman, was an attempt to translate his live-in-the-moment philosophy for a younger readership. The Milton of the title is the story's young protagonist (William Ainscough), who learns to overcome his fear of bullies and other childhood nightmares by living in the moment, and ceasing to "project his past fears into the future". Sutherland is his grandfather and instead of packing
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Recap & Review: "Orphan Black" Season 3, Episode 7 - "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate"

"Orphan Black" is prone to episodes like "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate", the seventh episode of its third season. An episode that uses eye-roll inducing sitcom tropes to force a few of its clones into the same space to allow for slapstick switcheroos and misunderstandings. I can see why episodes like this would cause some people to tune out. I can also see how when a fan of the show describes it this way, people who haven't tuned in would be less inclined to give it a chance. But still, buried deep inside "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate" are all the things that make the show great, you just have to look a little harder to find them. The episode opens strong. After the explosive conclusion of the last episode, Sarah and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) take refuge in a bar. They are together but miles apart, Sarah is
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Orphan Black Recap: “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate”

There’s finally no need for “The Alison Report!” Not only did she actually cross paths with another clone this episode, but she also added some curious details to the big picture by revealing key information regarding her upbringing. "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” is basically this season’s "Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things.” (And, oddly enough, both are the seventh episode of their respective seasons.) However, rather than feature mayhem during “Family Day” at rehab, things go awry at a “Meet the Candidates” event for the Glendale School trustee election. [caption id="attachment_465845" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via BBC America/caption] After Donnie gives Alison her Dyad-required check-up, they make a quick pitstop at Bubbles, hoping that Alison’s mother will sign the papers right away so that they can zip over to the local high school. Trouble is, Connie Hendrix (Sheila McCarthy) isn’t into it. It’s clear
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Oscar-Nominated Film Series: Show-Stopping Bening Channels Channing

'Being Julia' movie: Annette Bening and Shaun Evans 'Being Julia' movie review: Annette Bening showcase tells us a little about Avice A little Being Julia movie background: In Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1950 Oscar-winning classic All About Eve, Bette Davis plays Margo Channing, a major Broadway star who, despite her talent, wit, and some forty-odd years on this planet, falls prey to the youthful, ambitious wannabe Eve Harrington: sweet, soft-spoken Anne Baxter on the outside; ruthless, poisonous gargoyle on the inside.* More than a decade earlier, in 1937 to be exact, W. Somerset Maugham had written Theatre, a novel about West End diva Julia Lambert. In Maugham's tale, Julia, despite her talent, wit, and some forty-odd years on this planet, succumbs to her vanity when she falls madly in love with Tom Fennel, a handsome – and deceptively innocent-looking – American half her age. Through Tom's "special friendship" with the renowned Julia, an ambitious young actress,
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'A Fighting Man' Interview with Dominic Purcell | Exclusive

'A Fighting Man' Interview with Dominic Purcell | Exclusive
Boxing stories have been told since cinema was first invented, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a boxing movie told like A Fighting Man, which debuts on DVD June 17. Writer-director Damian Lee takes viewers through an unorthodox narrative, going back and forth between a big fight where aging pugilist Sailor O'Connor (Dominic Purcell) battles with young up and comer King (Izaak Smith), and the dramatic events that unfolded, leading both of these boxers to step in the ring with one another. I recently had the chance to speak with Dominic Purcell over the phone, where he spoke about his boxing training, how parts of the story were taken from his actual life, bringing this amazing cast together which includes James Caan, Louis Gossett Jr., Famke Janssen, Michael Ironside, Adam Beach, Kim Coates and an appearance by boxing legend Freddie Roach, and much more. Here's what he had to say in our exclusive interview.
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Cronenberg Offers 'Cold, Clammy' Look at Celebrity Idolatry Gone Amok

The young Cronenberg Offers 'Cold, Clammy' Look at Celebrity Idolatry Gone Amok in the 21st century Antiviral (first released in 2012). Direction and Screenplay by Brandon Cronenberg. Cast: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell, Wendy Crewson, Douglas Smith, Sheila McCarthy, Joe Pingue, and Nicholas Campbell. (Pictured above: Landry Jones holds a celebrity-related specimen in writer-director Cronenberg's film debut. Image via distributor IFC Films / IFC Midnight.) There will come a day, and a blessed day it will be, when we reach the saturation point in our obsession with celebrity. It’s proven a resilient phenomenon, brought on by the Internet’s "24-minute" news cycle, dozens of cable channels needing cheap reality-show talent who’ll do anything for fame and, of course, our tragically misplaced priorities. Oddly enough, one of the very best movies to tackle our fascination with celebrity was released in the pre-Internet era: released in 1983, Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy
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Casting: Rooker, Snipes, Caan, Vaughn

Guardians of the Galaxy

Michael Rooker ("The Walking Dead") has signed on to star at Yondu in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy".

The charters is a skilled hunter with a limited empathic abilities. He's also blue skinned and sports a tall red mohawk. [Source: Deadline]

The Expendables 3

He was already linked, but now Sylvester Stallone has confirmed via Twitter that Wesley Snipes has officially joined the third installment of "The Expendables".

Said tweet has since been deleted. Snipes is currently serving out his failure to pay tax jail sentence under house arrest at his home until July 19th. [Source: The Film Stage]

A Fighting Man

James Caan and Louis Gossett Jr. are set to star in Damian Lee's boxing drama "A Fighting Man." Dominic Purcell, Famke Janssen, Adam Beach, Kim Coates, Michael Ironside, Sheila McCarthy and Izaak Smith also star.

The story follows two men who meet head to head in the ring for
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Louis Gossett Jr. Books Role In Boxing Drama 'A Fighting Man'

Louis Gossett Jr. has signed up to co-star alongside James Caan in the boxing drama A Fighting Man, which is written and directed by Damian Lee. The film will tell the story of two men who meet head to head in the ring for a fight that will change their lives. One man fights for redemption and forgiveness while the other fights for hope and change. In the end, win or lose, they realize they need each other to make it through.  In A Fighting Man, Gossett Jr and Caan will be joined by Dominic Purcell, Famke Janssen, Adam Beach, Kim Coates, Michael Ironside, Sheila McCarthy and Izaak Smith.  No word yet on what character each actor has signed up to play. Rollercoaster...
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Little Mosque on the Prairie

Network: CBC in Canada, Hulu in the Us

Episodes: 90 (hour) + one special

Seasons: Six

TV show dates: January 9, 2009 -- April 2, 2012

Series status: Ended

Performers include: Zaib Shaikh, Carlo Rota, Sheila McCarthy, Sitara Hewitt, Manoj Sood, Arlene Duncan, Debra McGrath, Derek McGrath, Brandon Firla, and Neil Crone.

TV show description:

As this comedic series begins, a small Muslim community in the fictional prairie town of Mercy, Saskatchewan (population 14,000) finally gets its own mosque. The only problem is that it's in a church and some of the local residents become irrationally alarmed.

The mosque's new Imam, Amaar Rashid (Zaib Shaikh), arrives from the big city to smooth things over. Unfortunately, his easy charm and progressive ways do little to convince the locals that Muslims aren't simply a bunch of terrorists.
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12 great movie journalists

Odd List Mark Williams Jan 2, 2013

From superheroes in disguise to vain news anchors, Mark celebrates 12 particularly fine movie journalists...

With the news that Clark Kent has quit his job at the Daily Planet because of its preference for soft entertainment stories, the world of fictional journalism was rocked to its foundations. After all, he's been there since the Superman comics began in the 1940s, despite the lack of career progress. But, it seems the Man of Steel's civilian day-job has lost its appeal, and now he's going into business on his own.

Journalism is a topic that raises its head in films regularly across the genres, and it has provided some fine, and not so fine, examples of the hardy reporter, always on the lookout for the next scoop. Oftentimes, there is the route of the truth or the route of the fast buck, with the majority of those
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Being Julia Review – Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Shaun Evans d: István Szabó

Being Julia (2004) Direction: István Szabó Cast: Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Shaun Evans, Bruce Greenwood, Miriam Margolyes, Juliet Stevenson, Lucy Punch, Michael Gambon, Sheila McCarthy, Leigh Lawson, Rosemary Harris, Rita Tushingham Screenplay: Ronald Harwood; from W. Somerset Maugham's 1937 novel Theatre Oscar Movies Recommended with Reservations Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Being Julia A Little About Avice In Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1950 Oscar-winning classic All About Eve, Bette Davis plays Margo Channing, a major Broadway star who, despite her talent and wit, falls prey to the ambitious wannabe Eve Harrington: sweet, soft-spoken Anne Baxter on the outside; ruthless, poisonous gargoyle on the inside. More than a decade earlier, in 1937 to be exact, W. Somerset Maugham had written Theatre, a novel about West End diva Julia Lambert (who four years later would be played onstage by Cornelia Otis Skinner). In Maugham's tale, Julia (Annette Bening), despite her talent and wit, succumbs to her
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Snipes, Lawrence feel the 'Heat'

Joey Lawrence, Wesley Snipes and Michael Dudikoff will star in the independent action film "Havana Heat." According to Variety, the cast includes mixed martial arts fighter Heath Herring, Zulay Henao ("Fighting"), Lorena Rincon ("Stuck"), Raul Julia-Levy ("Epoch") and Bollywood star Nicholas Brown ("Kites").The film centers on the investigation of a Homeland Security agent based at Guantanamo Bay who's murdered while undercover in Havana. Dean Hamilton ("Blonde and Blonder") is directing. Tayrona Entertainment Group's James Ordonez and Ken Gord are producing along with Dan Meachum of Maandi Media Entertainment. Jose Antonio Ruiz-Diez and Sheila McCarthy of Tayrona are executive producing.Shooting is scheduled for November with a release date set for next summer.
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Love, Loss Extrends Thru 10/2 in Tornoto

Producers Michael Rubinoff and Daryl Roth are proud to announce that, after weeks of packed houses and heaps of critical and popular praise, the Toronto production of the award-winning New York smash hit Love, Loss, and What I Wore has been extended by popular demand, and will continue at the Panasonic Theatre with a brand new all-star cast, from September 10 - October 2. Tickets for the extension go on sale Saturday, August 7: 416-872-1212 or They also announced that CTV "FashionTelevision" host Jeanne Beker, Barbara Budd (a Stratford actor prior to her long stint as co-host of CBC Radio's "As It Happens") and Gemini, Genie and Dora Award-winning Sheila McCarthy ("Little Mosque," "Emily of New Moon") will star in the September cast of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, along with two other cast members to be announced.
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