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Looking back at The Avengers

Alex pays a fond return revisit to 1960s classic TV series, The Avengers...

Stylish crime fighting, despicable evil masterminds, a bowler-hatted old Etonian gentleman spy and a series of beautiful leather cat-suited, kinky-booted, no-nonsense heroines. The Avengers had all this and more. What began as a monochrome tape series in January 1961 ran the whole of the Sixties, becoming a colourful slice of period hokum, full of flair, wit and sophistication, yet with its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Always the perfect gentleman, John Steed was played by Patrick Macnee. Originally billed second to the late Ian Hendry, Macnee was still playing Steed over 15 years later when he was teamed with the youthful duo of Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt for The New Avengers in 1976. In the 1998 film, the role of Steed was given to Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman played Emma Peel. I will say no more about the film.
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Doctor Who Review: The Mind of Evil – In Color!

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Doctor Who Mind of Evil Color DVD. BBC

Kieran Kinsella

Once upon a time, it was thought that people wouldn’t want to watch old TV shows. In the 1970s, the BBC did a pretty good job of destroying bucket loads of episodes of shows such as Dad’s Army and Doctor Who simply to clear shelf space. Roll on the invention of the VHS videotape and suddenly there was a lucrative market for old TV shows. Among the episodes that were lost during the BBC’s Stalin-like purge were all six episodes of the Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story The Mind of Evil. Thankfully, a black and white version of the story survived the cull but it has been 40 years since anyone saw the show in it’s full glory – until now. On 11 June, BBC Worldwide are releasing the color version of The Mind of Evil in the U.
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Cagney & Lacey reunited

Buddy movies and TV shows had always been the preserve of men – until New York cops Cagney and Lacey hit our screens in the 80s. Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly, still friends and both starring in the West End, reminisce about changing the face of primetime TV

There was a period in her 20s when Tyne Daly was always cast as a victim. She had grown up in a theatrical family, dreamt of being a classical actor, as well as appearing on the musical stage, but her husband's acting and directing career led the couple to Hollywood with their baby daughter. "My time on television began, and I started playing victims," she says. "I did about 10 or 12 years of them, which gets old, right?" Her laughter echoes around the empty auditorium. A large, studded bird ring glints on her finger, and her eyes widen occasionally like a startled owl. She
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The top 10 Ray Harryhausen creatures

Ray Harryhausen is the undisputed master of stop-motion monsters. Here’s our list of his ten finest big-screen creations...

The master of Dynamation, Ray Harryhausen, is a legend in the field of special effects, and has inspired everyone from Peter Jackson to the digital whizz-kids at Industrial Light & Magic. Harryhausen had an artistic flair and creative eye that was unsurpassed, and his control and personality of his handmade creations meant that every creature was not only impressive in the mythical cinematic surroundings it was put in, but also a work of art, and full of intricacy and detail.

To celebrate the great man’s cinematic achievements, here's our list of his top ten creature creations.

Ymir – 20 Million Miles To Earth

Some people have mentioned that the shape-changing Ymir bears an uncanny resemblance to Harryhausen’s other reptilian creation, the Kraken, and while the massive aquatic monster is probably much more well-known and iconic (and,
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Doctor Who items on sale at Bonhams

Auctioneer Bonhams has a number of lots related to Doctor Who in its entertainment memorabilia sale on Wednesday 16th December at Knightsbridge in London.

Going under the hammer are the following (estimate in brackets):

Two vampire guard costumes from State of Decay (£150-£200 and £200-£300)

A Tetrap costume (pictured) from Time and the Rani (£4,000-£4,500)

Thawn's costume from The Power of Kroll labelled with actor Neil McCarthy's name (£650-£750)

Four rehearsal scripts from The Robots of Death (£250-£300) with a short, typewritten letter dated 14th October 1976 indicating that the part of SV7 was originally offered to the actor Hilary Minster.The role was eventually played by Miles Fothergill. Minster appeared in Planet of the Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks.

A Time Lord robe believed to have been used in The Deadly Assassin and Arc of Infinity (£500-£600)

A partial Cyberman costume worn by Ken Barker in Attack
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