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  • (1895 - 1935) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1895) Stage Play: The Heart of Ruby. Tragedy. Written by Justin Huntly McCarthy [earliest Broadway credit]. Based on "La Marchande de Sourires" by Judith Gautier. Daly's Theatre: 15 Jan 1895- Jan 1895 (closing date unknown/unknown performances). Cast [as known]: Maxine Elliott, Ada Rehan. Produced by Augustin Daly.
  • (1901) Stage Play: If I Were King. Drama. Written by Justin Huntly McCarthy. Garden Theatre: 14 Oct 1901- Dec 1901 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Herbert Ayling (as "Colin De Cayeulx"), B.B. Belcher (as "De Nontoillet"), Clara Blandick (as "Jehanneton") [Broadway debut], Miss Bolck (as "Lady of the Court"), Malcolm Bradley (as "Trois Echelles") [Broadway debut], Rowland Buckstone (as "Guy Tabarie"), Miss Burke (as "Lady of the Court"), Fanny I. Burt (as "Mother Villon"), Henry Carvill [credited as Henry C. Carvill] (as "Noel le Jolys"), Margaret B. Caskie (as "Queen"), Mr. Childs (as "Masquer"), Norman Conniers (as "Thibaut d'Aussigny"), Frederic Courtenay (as "Du Lau"), Rachel Crown (as "Isabeau"), Miss De Silva (as "Lady of the Court"), Charlotte Deane (as "Blanche"), Mr. Du Puy (as "Page"), Mr. Dunning (as "Masquer"), Miss Evans (as "Lady of the Court"), Mr. Ferrara (as "Masquer"), John Findlay (as "Olivier le Dain"), Miss Fursmann (as "Lady of the Court"), Fred B. Hanson (as "Poncet De Riviere"), Mr. Hayes (as "Masquer"), Mr. Hooves (as "Page"), Mr. Horton (as "Masquer"), Annette Huntington (as "Denise"), Miss Lashmutt (as "Lady of the Court"), Arthur Lawrence (as "Tristan l'Hermite"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Katherine de Vaucelles"), Helen Logan (as "Guillemette"), Frederic Lotto (as "Robin Turgis"), Sidney Mather [credited as Sydney C. Mather] (as "René De Montigny"), William Parke (as "Jehan Le Loup"), Mr. Patterson (as "Masquer"), Francis Powell (as "Montjoye"), George C. Rave (as "Petit Jean"), Charles Redmund (as "Captain of the Watch"), Miss Scott (as "Lady of the Court"), Suzanne Sheldon (as "Huguette du Hamel"), Miss Slavin (as "Lady of the Court"), William J. Sorelle (as "Casin Cholet"), E.H. Sothern (as "François Villon"), Mr. Swarz (as "Page"), Mr. Townsend (as "Masquer"), Charles Vane (as "Toison d'Or"), George W. Wilson (as "Louis XI"). Produced by Daniel Frohman. Note: Filmed as The Vagabond King (1956), François Villon (1945), If I Were King (1938), The Vagabond King (1930), If I Were King (1920).
  • (1916) Stage Play: If I Were King. Drama (revival). Written by Justin Huntly McCarthy. Cast: Robert Lee Allen, Alexandra Carlisle, Winthrop Chamberlain, Orlando Daly, James P. Hagen, William Harris, Frank Horton, Albert S. Howson, P.J. Kelly, Harry Lawson, Philip Loeb, T.W. Lyons, Sidney Mather [credited as Sydney Mather], E.H. Sothern, George W. Wilson. Note: Filmed as The Vagabond King (1956), François Villon (1945), If I Were King (1938), The Vagabond King (1930), If I Were King (1920).
  • (1934) Stage Play: The O'Flynn. Musical/operetta. Book by Brian Hooker and Russell Janney. Based on the novel and play by Justin Huntly McCarthy. Music by Franklin Hauser. Lyrics by Brian Hooker and Russell Janney. Musical Director: Giuseppe Bamboschek. Staged by Robert Milton. Choreographed by Louis Chalif. Directed by Max Figman and Olga Treskoff. Broadway Theatre: 27 Dec 1934- 4 Jan 1935 (11 performances). Cast: Ruth Adams, Wilson Angel, Hugo Baldi, William Balfour (as "Hendrigg"), David Bell, Charlotte Beverly, Barbara Blair, Emmy Bock, Lis Braemer, Virginia Brown, Colin Campbell, John Cardini, N. Cardosia, Pauline Chandler, H. Cooper Cliffe (as "His Majesty King James II"), Richard Cody, Virginia Collins, Lucille Constant, Burr Crandall, Florence DeBarde, Vance Elliott, Jules Epailly (as "The Cook"), Frank Fenton, Magnheld Fjeldheim, Walter Franklyn, John Fulco, Charles E. Galagher, Mitzi Garner, Lucille Gottlieb, Helen Grenelle, Marcia Grey, Joel Hamilton, Helen Hampton, Anna Heindl, Herman Holt, Charles Homer, Beverly Hosier, George Houston, Elwin Howland, Amelie Ideal, Rose Kearney, Eleanor Keenan, Elizabeth Kerr, Amanda King, Eugene King,Vera Kingsley, Nancy Knott, Leone Krauss, Maria Lama, Sylvia LaMarde, Lelia Laney, Ona Leonovitz, Paula Lind, Vera Lix, Madeline MacDonald, Edith Maison, Edward Martyn, Earl Mason, H.H. McCollum, John Mealey, Sallee Merrill, Lucy Monroe, George Monteer, Adrienne Munkeberg, Walter Munroe, Jean Newcombe, Raymond O'Brien, Raymond O'Toole, Madge Parker, Will H. Philbrick, Basil Prock, Orville Race, Basil Rallis, Lee Randall, Doris Rich, James Ross, Marion Ross, Marie Russel, Joseph Scandur, Rosalind Shaw, George Shields, Albert Soback, Sophie Stern, Merle Stevens, Miriam Stockton, Lillian Sullivan, Genevieve Svesson, Charles Tress, Anna Trockowna, Don Valentine, Henry Vincent, Buck Williams, Roy Williams, Thomas Williams, John Zak. Produced by Russell Janney. Note: Filmed as The Fighting O'Flynn (1949).
  • (April 24, 1927) His novel was adapted in the musical play, "The Vagabond King," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Dennis King (Francois Villon); Arthur Deagon; Berna Deane; George Probert; Daisy Belmore; David London; Raymond O'Brien; Hazel Drury, Mildred Gordon; David Bogart; Martin Sheppard; Mary Bell; Joan Marren; Andrew George; Byron Russell; Ben Roberts; Ivan Arbuckle; Aleta Edwards; Joseph Latham; Alexander F. Frank; Vida Hanna; Olga Leigh; William Sunderman; Eileen Bowers; Collette; Charles Sutton; Albert Shrubb; Vlademir Dorman; George Leach; William Hagen; and Henrietta Abrams in the cast. Rudolf Friml was composer. William H. Post and Brian Hooker wrote the book and lyrics. James Reynolds was set and costume designer. Royal Cutter and Helen Grenellie were choreographers. Fred Walz was orchestra conductor. Richard Boleslawsky was director. Russell Janney was producer.

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