Movie Review – German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

Directed by Sidney Bernstein

Edited by Stewart McAllister, Peter Tanner and Marcel Cohen with treatment advice by Alfred Hitchcock


An official documentary about German atrocities and the concentration camps compiled with footage shot by combat and newsreel cameramen accompanying troops as they liberated occupied Europe

Last year, Night Will Fall was released. Directed by André Singer, it documented the making of the film German Concentration Camps Factual Survey. While Night Will Fall looks back at the collection, editing and history of the footage, this is the film itself, as it was intended to be seen. Produced by Sidney Bernstein, Gccfs was intended to be screened in Germany after World War II to ensure the atrocities committed, in their name, was never forgotten. Though the vast majority of the film was completed (five out of six reels edited, narration scripted, etc) it was decided that,
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Movie Review – Night Will Fall (2014)

Night Will Fall, 2014.

Directed by André Singer.

Contributions from Sidney Bernstein, Stewart McAllister, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock.


Documentary exploring the cameramen, and the footage caught, showing the liberation of concentration camps in 1945. This footage was due to create a documentary, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (due to be released for the first time this year).

It is difficult to digest the truth behind the Holocaust. The pictures in books, reconstructions and cinematic depiction of the events seem to detach us from the truth. It can feel like a nightmare that exists only in dreams and on screens. Night Will Fall manages to directly connect the nature of the truth in documentary with the horrors witnessed in 1945. Director André Singer (Producer of The Act of Killing and Into the Abyss) connects them in a manner that sharply forces history into focus. The collective efforts to murder a group of people by a brainwashed militia,
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Hitchcock's Holocaust project restored

  • ScreenDaily
A long unseen Holocaust documentary, on which Alfred Hitchcock had an advisory role, is being restored with the support of filmmaker Stephen Frears.

The film will be shown in early 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of the “liberation” of Europe.

An accompanying feature length documentary, Night Will Fall, telling the extraordinary story behind the making and suppression of the film, is being prepared by London-based production company Spring Films in association with Angel TV and The Imperial War Museum.

Details of the two projects were revealed at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (Idfa) by sales agent Cinephil.

The film, made in 1945 by the British Army, chronicles the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and its aftermath.

Produced by Sidney Bernstein and edited by Stewart McAllister (famous for his work with Humphrey Jennings), the doc’s aim was to make it impossible for Germans to deny that the atrocities in the camps took place.

Hitchcock’s role was in advising how the
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