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DVD Review: Indie Thriller ‘Fissure’ With James MacDonald, Crystal Mantecon

Chicago – Hardcore movie lovers know the joy of finding a clever comedy or taut thriller that they had never even heard of before they went to the video store. What’s more exciting? Having your preview-determined opinions confirmed or finding something totally off the beaten path? It may not be perfect, but Russ Pond’s consistently interesting “Fissure” could be the hidden gem you’re looking for this weekend.

DVD Rating: 3.5/5.0 Perhaps it’s because of my theatrical background, but I have a certain affinity for small-cast, one-set films like “Fissure”. Like a lot of indie movies, “Fissure” keeps it simple in both setting and cast with only a few speaking roles and generally one set.

Fissure was released on DVD on August 11th, 2009.

Photo credit: Indigenous Film Works

Most indie films with a sci-fi thriller edge live and die on their concept, but what’s intriguing about “Fissure” is
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