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15 Great Asian Movies Where the Elderly Steal the Show

Well, not exactly the elderly, but the mature would be more accurate (over 45 if you prefer), since I felt that some performances could not be missing, despite the initial rule I have considered, of over 50. Furthermore, films like “Ikiru” and “An Autumn Afternoon” could definitely be included in this list, but I chose to list more contemporary films, with the oldest one being produced in the 80’s.

The reason for this list is the fact that I felt that the directors from Se Asia always had the ability to make the most out of actors of later age, in contrast to other regions, where the roles are mostly assigned to the young and “beautiful”, with Hollywood, evidently, holding the lion’s share. The reason behind this tendency may well be that countries like Japan and S. Korea have an aging population, but the fact remains, that quite frequently, impressive performances
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Film Fury #45: ‘Samurai Rebellion’ expresses tension and strife though formality

Samurai Rebellion (original title: Joi-uchi: Hairyo tsuma shimatsu)

Written by Shinobu Hashimoto

Directed Masaki Kobayashi

Japan, 1967

In 18th century Edo Japan, long-time friends Isaburo Sasahara (Toshiro Mufine) and Tatewaki Asano (Tatsuya Nakadai) of the Aisu clan joyfully anticipate a fast approaching annual festival, but all is not well. Isaburo’s son, Yogoro (Go Kato), needs to be wed soon, yet the perfect bride whose status would respect their family honour has yet to be found. This weighs on Isaburo’s wife, the severe Sugo (Michiko Otsuka), even more so than on Isaburo himself. Familial recognition and pride is at stake, two important factors put to the test when the Aisu clan lord, Masakata Matsudaira (Tatsuo Matsumura), decides that his former mistress, Ichi (Yoko Tsukasa), is to be given to them. Controversy stems from the fact that Ichi was actually dismissed from their lord’s court following a rather unorthodox and unexpected emotional outburst.
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