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Marshall – Review

With the movie awards season in full gallop, this week sees the release of a perennial favorite of Academy members: the big screen biography. Now this is a special type of “biopic” in that it doesn’t focus on the entire life (or many years of the life) of the subject, as with films like Ray or The Aviator. Really this new work zeroes in on a year or so of this great person’s career, much as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln concerned the last few months of the ole’ rail-splitter. Actually this may be closer to John Ford’s terrific Young Mr. Lincoln as it concentrates on a very early case, long before his great fame. And, in a way, this could be considered an “origin” story, much like the initial entries of movie hero franchises (or the first issues of comic book heroes). Yes, this man’s a
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‘The Saint’ VOD Review

Stars: Adam Rayner, Eliza Dushku, Roger Moore, James Remar, Thomas Kretschmann, Enrique Murciano, Sammi Hanratty, Kirsty Mitchell, Yani Gellman, Greg Grunberg, Beatrice Rosen, Ian Ogilvy, Alec Secareanu, Sonalii Castillo, Christopher Villiers | Written by Jesse Alexander, Tony Giglio | Directed by Ernie Barbarash

An expanded version of a failed TV pilot, whose first trailer debuted waaay back in 2013, this iteration of The Saint is already on the backfoot before it begins. You have a rejected pilot, “fixed” with reshoots, Twice(!) – which is why Ernie Barbarash is now the credited director and not Simon West (Con Air, Tomb Raider) who is now credited as Executive Producer instead – and featuring not one but Two previous Saints in the cast, Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy, just to remind you of how good both actors were in the role… Oh, and then there’s memories of the Val Kilmer movie to sour the audiences view
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Downey Jr. Courts "Perry Mason"

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According to reports, HBO and Robert Downey Jr. ("Iron Man") continue developing a new "Perry Mason" TV series, based on author Erle Stanley Gardner's 'unorthodox' lawyer, to be portrayed by Downey Jr, from a script by Rolin Jones ("Weeds") and Ron Fitzgerald ("Knifeman"):

The potential series will be set in the 1930's, featuring Mason's secretary 'Della Street', private investigator 'Paul Drake' and courtroom nemesis 'Hamilton Burger'.

Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey will produce .

As a defense attorney, 'Perry Mason' was featured in more than 80 'detective fiction' novels and short stories, most of which had a plot involving his client's murder trial. Typically, Mason was able to establish his client's innocence by implicating another character, who then confessed.

Author Gardner had over 135 million copies of his books in print in North America in 1969.

The character was also portrayed each weekday on a long-running radio series,
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True Detective's Nic Pizzolatto Bails on Robert Downey Jr.'s Perry Mason Reboot

Writer rumblings are coming from HBO's Perry Mason TV reboot today with the news that Nic Pizzolatto, who was originally tapped to pen the series has exited the project. In his place, HBO has hired Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald. Robert Downey Jr. is still set to play the titular character of Perry


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Robert Downey Jr.'s 'Perry Mason' HBO Remake Taps New Writers

HBO's Perry Mason remake is making a change behind the scenes.

Writers Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald have signed on to pen the Robert Downey Jr. drama currently in development, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The duo are stepping in for True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, who was originally attached to write when news first broke about the project a year ago. However, Pizzolatto has since become pre-occupied with the third season of True Detective

While not officially ordered yet at HBO, Oscar winner Mahershala Ali has officially signed on for the third season of the anthology series.

"I've read...
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10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in August

10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in August
The Internet is giving folks a strange crop for August, courtesy of an eclectic mix of high-concept comedies, audacious original movies and foreign imports modeled after familiar narratives. Wet Hot American Summer gets brought back from the great beyond yet again and Netflix raises the curtain on its big superhero team-up show; Amazon hosts a pair of off-kilter sitcoms; and the most gleefully sadistic film franchise in recent memory comes online. Here's your must-stream guide for the next month.

Comrade Detective (Amazon, Aug. 4th)

Get ready to get meta with
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The Top Five Fictional TV Lawyers of the Past 20 Years

When it comes to TV drama shows, there are all types of sub-genres, from love stories to court drama. When it comes to TV series that predominantly play out in the courtroom, the show is usually centered on a highly competent attorney who has an uncanny knack for winning the unwinnable cases. When you think about some of the greatest TV lawyers of all time, you would probably have to think about Perry Mason. Not only did Perry Mason have a good investigative staff that knew how to get to the facts, he had an unbelievable ability to shake people

The Top Five Fictional TV Lawyers of the Past 20 Years
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Better Call Saul Recap: Assault, Battery

Better Call Saul Recap: Assault, Battery
Need to catch up? Check out our previous Better Call Saul recap here.

Better Call Saul shelved all the drug-trade stuff this week and went full-on courtroom drama, building to a climactic brother-vs.-brother showdown between Jimmy and Chuck.

We start off with a scene-setting flashback: Chuck prepares an elaborate gourmet dinner by lantern light after Jimmy ominously warns him, “The bigger the lie, the harder it is to crawl out.” (And he should know.) The big lie here is Chuck’s condition: He’s invited over his ex-wife Rebecca for dinner, but makes up a story about his electricity
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Aqd

I hope I'm never in a situation where I need a public defender.

But if I ever am, I'll want the one who represented Ted Reynolds on  Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 11.

In real life, public defenders are overworked, underpaid, and often don't have the time to devote to their clients that private attorneys do, leading to a situation where poorer people don't get the adequate defense to which they are entitled.

Ted's lawyer, on the other hand, was a fierce advocate who did her best to stop the State's Attorney's office from playing games to get an indictment and was tough on witnesses during the trial.

The whole case hinged upon the question of what to do about a hit-and-run fatality that apparently happened because a woman thought she had to rush to save her daughter's life.

Jeffries: So no one was kidnapped?

Stone: It was a virtual kidnapping.

Jeffries: Unfortunately,
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Comma

Gun control vs. gun ownership stories are hard to pull off on television.

Stories involving this hot-button issue usually end up horribly slanted, with one side being depicted as completely evil or ridiculous.

Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9 wasn't entirely bias-free, but it provided a fresh angle and an interesting story that made it far more powerful than most stories about gun issues.

Making the left-wing professor so rabidly anti-gun that he harassed a student who didn't share his political views was a risky move. Americans are so polarized politically that many fans of the generally liberal Dick Wolf might have been turned off.

It worked, though, because it brought up questions that aren't often addressed on television.

Mr. Malone: She did have a run-in with another group of students. There was disciplinary action, but the charges were dropped.

Antonio: What was it about?

Mr. Malone: She was part of a group on campus.
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‘True Detective’ Update: David Milch Set to Join Creator Nic Pizzolatto for Season 3

‘True Detective’ Update: David Milch Set to Join Creator Nic Pizzolatto for Season 3
True Detective” is coming back to life for a third season with a little help from HBO veteran David Milch.

Milch has been recruited to help “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto chart the course for the third installment of the anthology series. Entertainment Weekly first reported the news of Milch’s involvement.

Sources cautioned that Milch and Pizzolatto’s collaboration is in the very early stages. Milch is a renowned writer, but also known for his unconventional working style. HBO likely felt his experience would be a good fit with Pizzolatto, who impressed with the first season of “True Detective” but struggled with the second installment. He’s said to have settled on a concept for Season 3 and has been working on scripts.

HBO declined to comment.

As Variety previously reported, HBO had been looking to make a change in the way the show is run, given the critical response to the second season, and
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Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #399

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As A Lawyer, Ralph Bellamy Was Indefensible

It’s a good thing this story wasn’t part of the actual series. Otherwise we might not all be here right now.

I’m so old, I watched Perry Mason first run not on the reruns playing on every channel this side of C-span. But it’s not why I became a lawyer. Perry Mason was unrealistic. A murder trial every week where the real murderer was dumb enough to sit in the courtroom and watch. No, Perry Mason didn’t make me want to become a lawyer. The Defenders did.

The Defenders was a show about a middle-aged attorney – played by E.G. Marshall – and his fresh-out-of-law-school son – played by a young, pre-permed Robert Reed. Although the show had some murder mystery episodes, most dealt with some of the complex and serious issues of the time; abortion, religious intolerance, capital punishment, civil rights,
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Documentary Explores Kitty Genovese’s Notorious 1964 Murder: Did 38 People Really Watch and Do Nothing?

Documentary Explores Kitty Genovese’s Notorious 1964 Murder: Did 38 People Really Watch and Do Nothing?
Bill Genovese knows the story that took hold about his sister Kitty, whose early-morning stabbing murder on a New York City street in 1964 became a cultural touchstone with a shocking allegation: that 38 people in nearby apartments witnessed her stabbing and heard her anguished screams over a 30-minute period, but did nothing as her killer returned to stab her again and again.

But Bill also knows the story isn’t true.

“The ’38 witnesses’ story, I had always been somewhat suspect of, maybe naively, because I thought how could that be?” he tells People.

As a child who grew up in the Connecticut suburbs,
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‘Gilmore Girls’: That Ending Was Perfect, and We Need to Accept It

  • Indiewire
‘Gilmore Girls’: That Ending Was Perfect, and We Need to Accept It
[“Gilmore Girls” fans have been waiting to hear the “final four words” for almost a decade, but it turns out not everyone was ready for them. Below, IndieWire TV Critic Ben Travers (a casual fan), Senior Film Critic David Ehrlich (a “Gilmore Girls” lifer), and TV Editor Liz Shannon Miller (who only recently binged the series) interpret the extreme feelings experienced in those final seconds and try to find an answer as to how we can all move forward, together. Be warned: the discussion contains spoilers for “A Year in the Life,” up through those final four words, and for more on the ending, be sure to read Senior Editor Hanh Nguyen’s report on what’s next.]

Gilmore Girls’: The Ending Was Perfect, So Please Don’t Make More

Read More: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Final Four Words: Let the Debates Begin About That Brilliant Ending

Ben: While it’s arguably belittling to “A Year in the Life” — which I liked quite a bit overall — to start asking, “What’s next?” so soon after completing the six-hour binge, I think the heavily teased “final four words” demand that we start there. To me, the reveal of Rory’s pregnancy felt like a classic cliffhanger ending setting up more narrative to come. And because so much coverage (including our own) led us to believe Netflix’s revival was here to provide the proper ending to a series denied one during its initial run, such a major last-second reveal could easily be seen as misleading to fans who were tuning in for some closure. There’s been no word from Amy Sherman-Palladino,
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Robert Downey Jr. Will Direct Anthony Michael Hall in Singularity Series Pilot

Robert Downey Jr. is set to make his directorial debut with the pilot episode of an upcoming TV series called Singularity. What's cool about this is that the series stars Anthony Michael Hall and as many of you know, Downey Jr. and Hall starred together in the classic John Hughes film Weird Science.

Over the years they've also worked together on 1988’s Johnny Be Good and 1994’s Hail Caesar, and the 1985-1986 season of Saturday Night Live. I love that that they will be working together again!

There are no details on what this series will be about, but it's cool to see Downey trying something new with directing. Downey is also producing the series with his wife Susan Downey through their Team Downey Productions. They have a first-look deal with Sonar Entertainment.

Their production company is currently involved with developing Sherlock Holmes 3, a Perry Mason HBO series, and
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The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

The crime of the century became a media circus, with no angle hidden -- yet behind what we saw on TV was even more conflict and consternation. This eight-hour miniseries is a beautifully constructed recreation with excellent casting, even though its O.J. doesn't remind us much of the original. It's highly absorbing stuff to anyone who lived through it. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story Blu-ray Fox Home Video 2016 / Color /1:78 widescreen / 498 min. / Street Date September 6, 2016 / 49.99 Starring Sarah Paulson, John Travolta, Sterling K. Brown, Kenneth Choi, Christian Clemenson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bruce Greenwood, Nathan Lane, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance, Robert Morse, Steven Pasquale, Cheryl Ladd, Larry King, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Billy Magnussen. Cinematography Nelson Cragg Film Editors Chi Yoon Chung, Stewart Schill, Adam Penn Original Music Mac Quayle Written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski (creators), Jeffrey Toobin, D.V. DeVincentis, Joe Robert Cole, Maya Forbes, Wallace Wolodarsky Produced by Alexis Martin Woodall,
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