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Upside Down Movie Review

Upside Down Movie Review
Title: Upside Down Director: Juan Solanas Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall, Blu Mankuma, Nicholas Rose, James Kidnie, Vlasta Vrana What begins as a grand concept full of unusual possibilities — twinned, touching planets with opposing gravitational fields — quickly succumbs to a frustrating mixture of pretentiousness and torpor in “Upside Down,” Argentinean-born writer-director Juan Solanas’ dystopian romance, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. A gussied-up, threadbare fairytale narrative that unfolds in perpetual pursuit of memorable images over narrative sensibility, this misfire illustrates the axiom that even if not all good ideas are original, all original ideas are certainly not good. Unfolding against a backdrop of inter-world tension, the basic split [ Read More ]

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Concept Trailer for The Ferret Squad

  • CinemaSpy
If you have a problem...if no one else can help...

If you keep an eye on our Spotlight section you might recall that a few months ago we brought you articles about two indie movies for which funds were being raised by crowdsourcing. This week we received a new ‘concept’ trailer for one of those, The Ferret Squad, which we present below.

The Ferret Squad, which is still looking for funding, will be directed by Vancouver filmmaker Alison Parker, who previously shot a short film on a similar theme called Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale. That earlier production was about the friendship that develops between Jake Tyler (Connor Stanhope, who played a young Lex Luthor in Smallville) and a furry friend called Jasper after the boy’s mother dies.

Jake and Jasper’s small but accomplished cast also features Andrew Jackson (whose credits include Stargate Sg-1, Andromeda, Warehouse 13
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Trailer of 'Father & Sons'

The trailer of one of Canadian director Carl Bessai's latest films, Fathers & Sons, is now online.

This film is a spin-off of the film Mothers and Daughters , a comedy that deals with the relation some women have with their mom. In Fathers & Sons, women are replaced by men, and mothers, by fathers.

Here's the description of the story according to the studio behind the film, Raven West:

A middle-aged Jewish man meets his father for the first time at the funeral of his mother. A south-asian accountant introduces his white fiance to his father - a gay, bollywood choreographer. A recently bankrupted wall street broker has come home to borrow money from his music teacher father, and four brothers gather at the paternal home to pay their last respects and to collect their inheritance.

The film stars Stephen Lobo, Manoj Sood, Tyler Labine, Vincent Gale, Hrothgar Mathews, Tom Scholte,
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Line-Up of Canadian Films at the Festival du nouveau cinéma

Yesterday, Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma (Fnc), which will take place from October 13 to 24, revealed its full line-up of films. Nineteen Canadian feature films and documentaries will be presented. However, don't expect to see all films that were screened at the latest Toronto or Vancouver International Film Festivals.

Opening film:

10 1/2

Director: Daniel Grou (Podz)

Starring: Claude Legault, Robert Naylor and Albert Kwan

International selection

Jo pour Jonathan

Director: Maxime Giroux

Starring: Jean-Sébastien Courchesne, Raphaël Lacaille, Jean-Alexandre Létourneau and Vanessa Pilon

Focus Québec/Canada

A Night for Dying Tigers

Director: Terry Miles

Starring: Jennifer Beals, Gil Bellows, Lauren Lee Smith, Tygh Runyan, Kathleen Robertson, John Pyper-Ferguson, Leah Gibson, Sarah Lind and Jessica Heafey

Affinity Point

Director: Deeh

Starring: Danielle Hubbard, Jason D. Pitre, Sophie Ricard and Yann Faussurier

2 fois une femme

Director: François Delisle

Starring: Evelyne Rompré, Marc Béland and Catherine de Léan

Falardeau (Documentary)

Director: German Gutierrez and Carmen Garcia
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Franklin Stern Joins Maxwell Lord on Smallville

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In the upcoming “Smallville” episode called “Charade”, Maxwell Lord (Gil Bellows) isn’t going to be the only new DC addition to the cast of the CW show. Blu Mankuma (“2012”, “Tin Man”) will be playing the role of Franklin Stern, owner and publisher of the Daily Planet. Looks like this is when the paper will change hands from Tess Mercer on behalf of Luthor Corp to Stern.

This role was played by James Earle Jones in an episode of the 90’s series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”.

As an additional note for this “Charade” episode, Ray Sacks (Dylan Neal, pictured below), the Da that was behind bars earlier this season is making another appearance on “Smallville” in this same episode.

Smallville”’s “Charade” episode is scheduled to air on Friday, April 23rd, on the CW at 8/7 C.

[Source] MTV
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Daily Planet To Get A New Owner In Upcoming 'Smallville' Episode?

Clark Kent and Lois Lane could be getting a new boss on "Smallville."

Kryptonsite is reporting that Blu Mankuma will appear in an episode later this year as Franklin Stern — the owner and publisher of the Daily Planet in the DC Universe. Stern was created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove in 1993 during the "Superman: The Man of Steel" series.

James Earl Jones portrayed Stern on a single episode of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" during the first season of that show. Given the history of the character — and the upcoming return of Michael McKean as Perry White — it seems likely that Stern will assume ownership of the paper from Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman).

Mankuma — who recently appeared in the film "2012" — has an extensive resume of genre TV series, including "The X-Files," "The Outer Limits," "Forever Knight," "Robocop: The Series" and "Stargate Sg-1."

Mankuma's character will appear alongside
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2012 Blu-Ray Review

2012 (3-disc Se) Blu-raysony Pictures Entertainment 2009/Rated PG-13/158 minsAVAILABLE Today – List Price $39.98Roland Emmerich has to be a friggin' nut. The director loves giving us sheer spectacle, yet his films are so poorly constructed, sometimes feeling as if they were written on toilet paper. '2012' is a movie almost as easily disposable as toilet paper, yet it's one of those pictures you walk out of thinking “what the hell did I just see?” I thought I had seen it all with Todd Phillips' 'The Hangover' being the best and funniest film of last year. Boy was I wrong. That distinction now belongs to Emmerich's latest epic, though it's not the best film of 2009 and its humorous appeal was by no means intentional. It says a lot about us as a people when we get a kick out of watching disaster unfold onscreen even if it is fictional.
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Plus 1’s “2012″ review

The day of the screening I was joking around with some friends at my day job and came up with this snazzy catchphrase regarding the new movie 2012: “Only John Cusack can outrun disasters of massive proportions but not be able to stop the disaster that was his character’s marriage.” I knew that Amanda Peet played Kate Curtis, the separated wife of Cusack’s Jackson Curtis and I had a feeling that by the end of the movie their long lost love would be reunited by the events of the movie. Boy was I right, and I didn’t need the Mayans to predict this like they allegedly have predicted the disaster that is 2012.

Director and Screenwriter (gotta give credit where credit is due) Roland Emmerich managed to create what will be this season’s greatest comedy. I don’t think that is what he set out to do upon drafting,
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"2012" Interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor

I may not like "2012" that much, but I enjoyed Chiwetel Ejiofor as one of the film's heroes. Here's what I said in my movie review about the actor:

One of my favorite scenes involves actor Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays the president.s chief science advisor. He.s warning his cruise-ship singer father, played by Blu Mankuma, about the imminent disaster. These two great actors are not even shown in a scene together . talking on the phone . but their performances resonate emotionally.

So when I interviewed the actor via satellite, we talked about:

His experience working in "2012"

His character

Working with director Roland Emmerich

Does he believe in 2012?

Here's more info on "2012" from Yahoo:

Action/Adventure, Science Fiction and Thriller

November 13, 2009

Rated PG-13 for intense disaster sequences and some language.


John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson

Directed By

Roland Emmerich
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"2012" Movie Review! It's Wonderfully Messy!

Like its reported over bloated budget of $260 million, everything about .2012. is huge and expansive. From the film.s length (158 minutes!) to the special effects, and all the way to its believability factor, .2012. is a film of massive proportions.

Different kinds of epic proportions awaits us in the year 2012. According to the film, the apocalypse is near. The Mayan calendar is set to reach the end of its 13th cycle on December 21, 2012 . and nothing follows that date. .2012. tells the story of what.s to come.

At the center of death and destruction is Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a failed author with a failed marriage. He stumbles upon the news that the world as we know it is coming to an end. So the poor sap becomes a hero in the eyes of his kids, his ex-wife Kate (Amanda Pete) and her current husband, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy).

.2012.s. narrative is told from
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