Blair Underwood to Narrate, Exec Produce 1936 Olympics Documentary

Blair Underwood to Narrate, Exec Produce 1936 Olympics Documentary
Blair Underwood will narrate and executive produce Deborah Riley Draper’s documentary “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice,” which explores the stories of 18 African American Olympians at the 1936 Summer Games, Variety has learned exclusively.

The film is set against the turbulent atmosphere of a racially divided America with the 16 men and two women torn between boycotting Hitler’s Olympics and participating in the Games. They represented a country that considered them second-class citizens and competed in a country (Germany) that rolled out the red carpet in spite of an undercurrent of Aryan superiority and anti-Semitism.

Jesse Owens is by far the best known of the group for nabbing four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. Other medal winners included John Woodruff, who won the 800 meter race; Jackie Robinson’s brother Mack, who took a silver in the 200 meters; Archie Williams, who was victorious at 400 meters; and Cornelius Johnson, who led an American sweep in the high jump.
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Tribeca 2014: Katie Holmes, Robin Williams, and Patrick Stewart headline world premieres

Tribeca 2014: Katie Holmes, Robin Williams, and Patrick Stewart headline world premieres
The 13th Tribeca Film Festival has announced its complete lineup for next month’s New York celebration, which runs April 16-27. Culled from more than 6,000 submissions, Tribeca 2014 includes 55 world premieres, 37 first-time filmmakers, and 22 female directors. Half the slate had been announced on Tuesday, with Spotlight, Midnight, and Storyscapes films unveiled today, as well as special screenings. “Spotlight and special screenings are an especially dynamic aspect of this year’s program, both in range of styles and stories,” said Genna Terranova, Tribeca’s director of programming. “Many films feature real-life personalities who’ve accomplished extraordinary feats, while in other films we
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Why can't women time travel?

From The Terminator to Back to the Future to Richard Curtis's new film About Time, movies love time travel – but it's strictly for men. Anna Smith wishes she could turn back the clock

Poor Rachel McAdams. Three time-travel movies and not a whiff of the action. First was 2009's The Time Traveller's Wife, in which Eric Bana played a Chicago librarian darting through time while his on-screen wife McAdams plodded on faithfully in the present. Then, two years later, came Midnight in Paris. Owen Wilson got to party in the roaring 1920s every day of his holiday, while oblivious fiancee McAdams went sightseeing. And now Richard Curtis's new film, About Time, sees McAdams stay home as her partner Domhnall Gleeson goes time-travelling in secret, in a bid to change his past and have a better future. This time it's a gift – passed down the male line of the family.
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'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 8 recap 'The Crash': Ranking Don, Sally, Stan, Peggy and more on the happiness index

In the trippiest "Mad Men" episode since last season's "Far Away Places," key players from both Scdp and Cgc toiled through a manic drug-fueled weekend, Sally dealt with an unexpected guest at Don's apartment and Cosgrove showed off a surprising proficiency for tap dancing.

"The Crash" was a bizarre, funny and frequently disorienting hour, and while it didn't dig deep into many characters, it did reveal another important chapter from Don's past.

[Note: In the spirit of showrunner Matthew Weiner declaring that this season is about Dr. Arnold Rosen telling Don, "People will do anything to alleviate their anxiety," we're tracking the happiness of key characters week by week.]

The "Mad Men" happiness index, week seven:

1) Roger: Pretty much everyone at Scdp-cgc (still without an official name) is completely exhausted from dealing with the demands of Chevy. Not Roger.

2) Ginsberg: A sober Ginsberg is a happy Ginsberg: "I believe I'm the only person in the Time Life building not out of his mind!" But are we ever going to find out what happened with his blind date?

3) Betty: Betty didn't have much to do beyond complain about Sally,
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Mad Men: season six, episode three

In which Pete Campbell's marriage falls apart, we find out what beans mean and peek through a brothel wall at Don's younger self

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for those who are watching season six of Mad Men. Don't read on if you haven't seen episodes one and two

Catch up with Paul MacInnes's episode one and two blog here

Episode three: The Collaborators

'It's just filled with profanity, marijuana smoking and simulated sexual acts … Oh, and a few songs' – Pete Campbell

The reign of Pete Campbell as the most unpleasant lothario in Cos Cob did not last long and neither was it edifying to watch. Determined to indulge himself as retribution for being made to live in the suburbs, Pete's first conquest was driven deeper into mental illness and his second ended up the victim of domestic violence. The ultimate consequence of this appears to be the immediate end of Pete's marriage.
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'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 3 recap 'The Collaborators': Ranking Trudy, Pete, Joan and more on the happiness index

"The Collaborators" featured one moment "Mad Men" fans have been waiting six seasons for: Trudy (Alison Brie) finally had a reason to confront Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) about his cheating ways. And in typical "Mad Men" fashion, the confrontation wasn't about hurt feelings but about wounded pride.

Trudy knew Pete was cheating -- of course she did, she let him have the apartment -- but he crossed a line sleeping with a neighbor (ace guest star Collette Wolfe as Brenda) and now he has to pay the price. She doesn't want a divorce, but she doesn't want him around either. He'll be sleeping in the city unless Trudy demands otherwise and that's that.

We also got a follow-up to last season's indecent proposal storyline with the return of slimy Jaguar executive Herb Rennet (Gary Basaraba) and fleshed out a bit more about Don's past when his stepmother Abigail (Brynn Horrocks) "took
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Mad Men Recap: 'It's All About What It Looks Like'

Don’s desire to change his life’s downward trajectory stalls in this week’s Mad Men – or maybe it just gets tired of waiting for him to stop shtupping his neighbor. Meanwhile, Peggy gets a nudge toward becoming a true Mad Woman and Pete has never known the all-encompassing wrath of a suburban housewife scorned… but he’s about to. Let’s review the major developmets that take place in the Jon Hamm-directed “The Collaborators.”

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Carry On | At the beginning of the episode, Don has a morning rendezvous with
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Yes, Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Jokes Were Sexist, And Yes It Matters

Barely a year after firing Brett Ratner from his job producing the Oscars after an off-color joke, the Academy went ahead and embraced a host whose very presence seemed guaranteed to offend. Seth MacFarlane is a wildly popular Hollywood insider after a decade of Family Guy and last summer's Ted, but he's also a bomb-thrower and "equal-opportunity offender" who seemed to have no reason to leave his Nazi and Civil War jokes at home. Obviously he toned it down a bit for the sake of the classy Academy affair and the older viewers, but when it came to jokes about women, MacFarlane was shockingly off-base. Our Mack Rawden already chimed in with his defense of MacFarlane's jokes, but Katey and Kristy-- the two proud feminists of the movie section-- had to step in and disagree. Why is a song called "We Saw Your Boobs" not just lame, as MacFarlane himself
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Winter arts calendar 2012-2013

The Observer's critics pick the season's highlights, from the Misanthrope to Johnny Marr, Lulu to Lichtenstein, H7steria to Hitchcock. What are you most looking forward to? Add your comments below and download a pdf of the calendar here

December | January | FebruaryDecember

1 Film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D)

Well, not so very unexpected. Every move has been tracked by fanboys, from the casting of Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Benedict Cumberbatch as the dragon Smaug to the return of the king, Peter Jackson, to take over directing from Guillermo del Toro. But Middle-earth (or, as it's sometimes known, New Zealand) is back for the next three Christmases.

3 Pop Scott Walker

The avant-garde Walker Brother returns with his first album since 2006's The Drift. Not for the faint-hearted, Bish Bosch finds the former romantic hero deep in dystopian territory, at once sonorous and rigorous.

3 Classical H7steria

World premiere of
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