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Other Works

  • (1943) Grand Opera: Appeared in "Romeo and Juliet", Montreal, Canada.
  • (1944) Grand Opera: Appeared in "Faust", Chicago, IL.
  • (8/20/56-9/2/56) Stage: Appeared in "The King and I" on Broadway.
  • (1958) Album: "Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy's Favorites".
  • (1994) CD: "When I'm Calling You", (ASV Ltd., CD AJA 5124).
  • (1/16/53) Concert: Carnegie Hall in New York City.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared (as "Debutante"; replacement actor) in ""Irene" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Tierney. Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. Based on a play by James Montgomery. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Costume Design by Lucile and Finchley. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law Studios and Clifford Pember. Directed by Edward Royce. Vanderbilt Theatre: 18 Nov 1919-18 Jun 1921 (675 performances). Produced by Carle Carlton and Joseph McCarthy. Cast: Edith Day (as "Irene O'Dare"), Walter Regan (as "Donald Marshall"), Bobbie Watson (as "Madame Lucy"), Abner Barnhart (as "Ensemble"), Arden Benlian (as "Ensemble"), Harry Blake (as "Ensemble"; Broadway debut), Cornelia Burchell (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Burckly (as "J.P. Bowden"), Robert Burns (as "Ensemble"), Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Robert Harrison"), Austin Clark (as "Ensemble"), Walter Croft (as "Clarkson"), Vivian Davidson (as "Ensemble"), Betty De Grasse (as "Ensemble"), Marion Dockerill (as "Ensemble"), George Eising (as "Ensemble"), Irene Enright (as "Ensemble"), Josephine Kernell (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Kinley (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Lee (as "Mrs. Cheston"), John Litel (credited as John B. Litel; as "Lawrence Hadley"; Broadway debut), Erica Mackay (as "Ensemble"), Bernice McCabe (as "Eleanor Worth"), John McSorley (as "Ensemble"), Constance Melville (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Miller (as "Jane Gilmour"), Helen Miller (as "Ensemble"), Florence Mills (as "Mrs. Marshall"), Margaret Moore (as "Ensemble"), Adele Ormiston (as "Ensemble"), Eva Puck (as "Helen Cheston"), Edna Ross (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Walters (as "Mrs. O'Dare") [Broadway debut], Al Watson (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Watson (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Whitmore (as "Ensemble"). Replacement actors: Irene Dunne (as "Irene O'Dare"). Produced by Carle Carlton and Joseph McCarthy. NOTE: Filmed as Irene (1940).
  • (1920) Stage: Appeared (as "Ensemble") in "The Night Boat" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Book / Lyrics by Anne Caldwell. Based on a farce by Alexandre Bisson. Musical Director: Victor Baravalle. Music orchestrated by Frank Sadler. Additional lyrics by Frank Craven, C.M.S. McLellan, Bob Cole, William Jerome, Bert Hanlon, Benny Ryan, George M. Cohan and Paul Dresser. Additional music by George M. Cohan, Paul Dresser, Harry Tierney, James Monaco, Rosamond Johnson and Ivan Caryll. Costume Design by O'Kane Conwell. Musical Staging by Ned Wayburn. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Liberty Theatre: 2 Feb 1920-30 Oct 1920 (313 performances). Cast: Geraldine Alexander, Agnes Allen, Phoebe Appleton, Marie Benedict, Angel Cansino (as "Dance Specialty"), Eduardo Cansino (as "Dance Specialty"), Janet Carleton, Irving Carpenter, Marie Cavanagh, Arline Chase, Cecile Conway, Evelyn Conway, Lillian Kemble-Cooper (as "Dora de Costa"), Peggy Craven, Lola Curtis, Daisy Daniels, Isabel Falconer, Mrs. John Findlay, Gene Fleming, Babz Fowler, Helen Gates, Louise Groody, Betty Hope Hale, John E. Hazzard, Stella Hoban, Dorothy Hollis, Beatrice Hughes, Jack Hughes, Gordon Kyle, Lois Leigh, Mar LeRoy, Paul Lester, Adah Baker Lewis (as "Mrs. Maxim"), Raymond Moore, Ralph O'Brien, Evelyn Plumador, Marie Reagen, Frank Rowan, John Scannell, Lydia Scott, Mildred Sinclair, Hal Skelly, Daniel Sparks, Ernest Torrence, Kay Tudor, Bunny Wendell, Hansford Wilson, Irene Wilson. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Kate Allen"; replacement actor) in "Tangerine" on Broadway. Musical comedy/satire. Book by Philip Bartholomae and Guy Bolton. Based on a play by Lawrence Langner and Philip Bartholomae. Lyrics by Howard Johnston. Music by Monte Carlo and Alma M. Sanders. Musical Director: Gus Kleinecke. Featuring songs by Dave Zoob. Staged by George F. Marion and Bert French. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson and P. Dodd Ackerman. Costume Design by Dorothy Armstrong, Mme. Francis and Pieter Mayer. Directed by Carle Carlton. Casino Theatre: 9 Aug 1921-26 Aug 1922 (361 performances/on hiatus from 28 May 1922-6 Aug 1922). Cast: Julia Sanderson (as "Shirley Dalton"), The California Four (as "Tangerine Police Force"), Becky Cauble (as "Elsie Loring"), Mary Collins (as "Akamai"), Frank Crumit (as "Dick Owens"), Grace De Carlton (as "Aoha Oe"), Helen Frances (as "Kulikuli"), Carolyn Hancock (as "Ukola"), Jack E. Hazzard (as "King Home-Brew" / "Joe Perkins" / "The Easy Boss"), Joseph Herbert Jr. (as "Fred Allen"), Frank Holbrook (as "Oro"), Brooke Johns (as "Kate Allen"), P.A. Leonard (as "A Warden"), Anna Ludmilla (as "Arameda"), Jeanneta Methven (as "Noa"), Victoria Miles (as "Huhu"), Wayne Nunn (as "Clarence"), Edna Pierre (as "Kate Allen"), Harry Puck (as "Jack Floyd"), Billy Rhodes (as "Lee Loring"), Ruth Rollins (as "Polihu"), Nerene Swinton (as "Pilikia"), Gladys Wilson (as "Mildred Floyd"), Hazel Wright (as "Aloha"). Replacement actors: Kathryn Andrews (as "Oro"), Ted Andrews (as "Arameda"), Dorothy Brown (as "Akamai"), Helen Francis (as "Aoha Oe"), James Gleason (as "Fred Allen"), Beryl Halley (as "Kulikuli"), Allen Kearns (as "Lee Loring"), Audrey Maple (as "Mildred Floyd"), Lee Martin (as "Polihu"), Florence Moore (as "Pilikia"), Victoria White (as "Huhu"), Hansford Wilson (as "Joe Perkins"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared in "A Fantastic Fricassee" on Broadway. Musical revue.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared in "The Magic Ring" on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Sylvia Metcalfe") in "Tip-Toes" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by George Gershwin. Book by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. Musical Director: William Daly. On Piano: Victor Arden and Phil Ohman. Dances / Ensembles staged by Sammy Lee. Additional dances directed by Earl Lindsay. Book directed by John Harwood. Liberty Theatre: 28 Dec 1925-12 Jun 1926 (192 performances). Cast: Barney Adams (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Marjorie Bailey (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Winifred Beck (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marcia Bell (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Seldon Bennett (as "Detective Kane"), Mildred Brower (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Dorothy Cola (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Arthur Craig (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Lyn Dauer (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Paul Dessey (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Ann Ecklund (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Al Fischer (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Sam Fischer (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Bob Gebhardt (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Anita Gordon (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Robert Halliday (as "Rollo Metcalf"), Peggy Hart (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Maxine Henry (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Edwin Hodge (as "Steward"), Harry Howell (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), George Hughes (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Diana Hunt (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Grace Jones (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jack Jordan (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Allen Kearns (as "Steve Burton"), Harry Lake (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Lovey Lee (as "Denise Marshall"), Marie Marceline (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Edith Martin (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Ethel Maye (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Gertrude McDonald (as "Binnie Oakland"), Tom McLaughlin (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Lillian Mitchell (as "Telephone Operator" / "Lady of the Ensemble"), Elsie Neal (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Alice O'Brien (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Blanche O'Donohue (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marie Otto (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Peggy Quinn (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), George Rand (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Amy Revere (as "Peggy Schuyler"), Queenie Smith (as "Tip-Toes" Kaye"), Jacques Stone (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Andrew Tombes (as "Al Kaye"), Flora Watson (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Harry Watson (as "Hen Kaye"), Betty Waxton (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Ted White (as "Gentleman of the Ensemble"), Paulette Winston (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Betty Wright (as "Lady of the Ensemble"). Produced by Alex Aarons and Vinton Freedley.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Yvette Ralston") in "Yes, Yes, Yvette" on Broadway (1927). Musical comedy. Music by Phil Charig and Ben Jerome. Book by James Montgomery and William Carey Duncan. Lyrics by Irving Caesar from a story by Frederic S. Isham. Musical Director: Ben Jerome. Featuring songs by Frank Crumit. Choreographed by 'Sammy Lee (I). Directed / produced by Harry Frazee (credited as H.H. Frazee). Sam H. Harris Theatre: 3 Oct 1927-5 Nov 1927 (40 performances). Cast: Brenda Bond, Joseph Herbert, Virginia Howell, Arnold Lucy (as "Bishop Doran"), Helene Lynd, Frederick B. Manatt, Dorothy Waterman, Jack Whiting, Charles Winninger (as "S.M. Ralston"), Roland Woodruff.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Ginette Bertin") in "Sunny Days" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Jean Schwartz [final Broadway credit]. Book / lyrics by Clifford Grey and William Carey Duncan. From the French of Maurice Hennequin and Pierre Veber. Musical Director: John L. McManus. Choreographed by Ralph Reader. Scenic Design by Watson Barrett. Directed / produced by Hassard Short. Imperial Theatre: 8 Feb 1928-5 May 1928 (101 performances). Cast: Charlotte Walton Ayres (credited as Charlotte Ayers; as "Premier Dancer"), Donald Black (as "Mircourt"), Maxine Carson (as "Lulu"), Rosalie Claire (as "Angele Larue"), George Clidd (as "Ensemble"), Aida Conkey (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Cornell (as "Babette"), Doris deLanti (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Dixon (as "Ensemble"), Jacqueline Feeley (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Finley (as "Nanine"), Harry Gordon (as "A Thief"), Sophia Grebow (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Hartman (as "Ensemble"), Sid Hawkins (as "Robert"), Maury Holland (as "Victor Duval"), Claire Hooper (as "Countess D'Exmore" / "Ensemble"), Verenetta Hoots (as "Ensemble"), Charlotte Joyce (as "Ensemble"), Sidney Kane (as "Ensemble"), Irene Kelly (as "Ensemble"), Fraun Koski (as "Ensemble"), Robert Lee (as "Ensemble"), Bob Lively (as "Bergeot"), Esther Lloyd (as "Ensemble"), Vida Manuel (as "Ensemble"), Audrey Maple (as "Madame Dorsay"), Trude Marr (as "Ensemble"), Isobel Mason (as "Ensemble"), Virginia May (as "Ensemble"), Fred Mayon (as "Ensemble"), Reed McClelland (as "Ensemble"), Frank McIntyre (as "Leon Dorsay"), Liane Memet (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Otis (as "Ensemble"), Lynne Overman (as "Maurice Vane"), Jane Patrick (as "Ensemble"), Alli Raddigan (as "Ensemble"), Evangeline Raleigh (as "Georgette"), Carl Randall (as "Paul Morel"), Leonard Reid (as "Ensemble"), Helen Rich (as "Ensemble"), Edna Starck (as "Ensemble"), William Tasek (as "Ensemble"), Billy B. Van (as "Rudolph Max"), Ada Winston (as "Ensemble").
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Princess Alestine Victorine Angela") in "Angela" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Fanny Todd Mitchell. Based on "A Royal Family" by Robert Marshall. Directed by George F. Marion. Ambassador Theatre: 3 Dec 1928-7 Jan 1929 (40 performances). Cast: Gus Alexander (as "Phileon Button"), Florenz Ames (as "Grand Duke Hubert"), Eric Blore (as "Louis VII, King of Arcacia"), Adam Carroll (as "Pianist"), Arthur Cole (as "Mr. Sneckkenberger"), Peggy Cornell (as "Countess Carini"), Oscar Brimberton Figman (as "Baron Von Holdenson"; final Broadway role), Katherine Gallimore (as "Bijou"), Roy Hoyer (as "Count Bernadine"), Gattison Jones (as "Duke of Berascon"), Jane Manners (as "The Girl from London"), Audrey Maple (as "Margaret, Queen Consort of Arcacia"), Ralph Rainger (as "Pianist"), James Ray (as "Servant"), Alison Skipworth (as "Queen Ferdinande"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared a\(as "Jean Elva Adams") in "Boom Boom" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music / Music Orchestrated by Werner Janssen. Book by Fanny Todd Mitchell. From the play "Mlle. Ma Mere" by Louis Verneuil. Lyrics by Mann Holiner and J. Keirn Brennan. Musical Director: Tom Jones. Choreographed by John Boyle. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by George Barbier, Josephs and Orry-Kelly. Directed by George F. Marion. Casino Theatre: 28 Jan 1929-30 Mar 1929 (72 performances). Cast: Laurette Adams (as "Chorus"), Tennylis Allyn (as "Chorus"), Jimmy Ardell (as "Chorus"), Clement Cancid (as "Chorus"), Kendall Kapps (as "Skippy Carr"), Azeada Charkouie (as "Chorus"), Ray Cirake (as "Chorus"), Cortez and Peggy (as "Cortez and Peggy"), Katharine Dayton (as "Chorus"), Tina DeBrauw (as "Chorus"), Alice Edrique (as "Chorus"), Jack Edwards (as "Chorus"), Margaret Gilligan (as "Chorus"), Doreen Glover (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), William Hale (as "Chorus"), Katherine Hoevel (as "Chorus"), Pat Hunter (as "Chorus"), Jackie Hurlbut (as "Friend of Tilly" / "Chorus"), Nell Kelly (as "Tilly McGuire"), Harry Kirby (as "Chorus"), Cary Grant (credited as Archie Leach; as "Reggie Phipps"), Richard Lee (as "Sigmund Squnk"), George Leland (as "Chorus"), Ann Loomis (as "Chorus"), Virginia Martin (as "Chorus"), Frank McIntyre (as "Worthington Smith"), Lucille Mercier (as "Chorus"), Eddie Nelson (as "Texas"), George Oliver (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Palmer (as "Chorus"), Jessie Payne (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Rosalind Rensing (as "Chorus"), Bob Richards (as "Chorus"), Stanley Ridges (as "Tony Smith"), Doreen Roberts (as "Chorus"), Charles Roth (as "Chorus"), Jean Russell (as "Chorus"), Loretta Sayers (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Evelyn Sayres (as "One of the Four Nightingales"), Evelyn Shay (as "Chorus"), Frank Sherlock (as "Chorus"), Bobby Shutta (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Sintae (as "Chorus"), Frances Stevens (as "Chorus"), Marcella Swenson (as "Maybella La Tour"), Maybel Van (as "Chorus"), Virgie Vane (as "Chorus"), Bee Walz (as "Chorus"), Sam Wasserman (as "Chorus"), Harry 'Zoup' Welsh (as "Head Waiter"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (6/23/47) Radio: Appeared in a "Screen Guild Theater" production of "Rose Marie".
  • (9/4/44) Radio: Appeared (as "Marcia Mornay") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Maytime".
  • (January 29, 1928) She acted in the play, "Sunny Days," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (January 29, 1951) She acted in Ferenc Molnar's play, "The Guardsman," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.

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