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Freeform Sets Cast For Christmas Movie ‘Angry Angel’ As Production Begins

Production has kicked off in Toronto on Angry Angel, Freeform’s new original Christmas movie from Will Gluck (Easy A, Friends With Benefits). Starring Jason Biggs (Orange is the New Black), Brenda Song (Pure Genius), Ricky Mabe (Preacher), Andrew Bachelor (Meet the Blacks) and Andy Favreau (The Mick), the New York City-set Angry Angel follows a young woman turned angel, Allison Pyke (Song), who is stuck on Earth and can't seem to ring the right bells in order to pass…
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Gigi Does It: David Krumholtz is a 76-year-old woman in IFC’s new comedy

Gigi Does It IFC Premieres: Oct. 1 Airs: Thursdays at 10:30pm Et/Pt Who’s In It? David Krumholtz, Ricky Mabe Also See: IFC pucks around with new ice hockey buddy comedy Benders What’s It All About? “The show is about a woman coming into a great deal of money and essentially her new lease on life, making up for lost time,” Krumholtz says. He’s transformed by makeup and prosthetics into a 76-year-old, sharp-tongued Jewish widow who inherits a fortune and starts crossing things off her bucket list. She goes to rock concerts, tries online dating and poses nude for an art … Continue reading →

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David Krumholtz's Secret to Escaping Type-Casting: Playing His Own Grandmother

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David Krumholtz's Secret to Escaping Type-Casting: Playing His Own Grandmother
The concept for the new IFC comedy "Gigi Does It" is easy to explain, but also bizarre: A feisty Boca Raton grandmother gets a new lease on life. She also happens to be played by 37-year-old actor David Krumholtz, who normally you'd recognize from projects ranging from "Addams Family Values" to the CBS procedural "Numb3rs"... except he's playing Gigi with the help of pounds of prosthetic makeup. Read More: Review: 'The Spoils Before Dying' Is Two Pounds of Fun In a Three-Pound Bag Produced by Krumholtz, Ricky Mabe and Tim Gibbons, "Gigi Does It" was originally inspired by a project Mabe created that featured web videos of Krumholtz in character. For the series, Krumholtz depicts Gigi in a new phase of her life. Now comfortably wealthy following an inheritance from her husband, she decides to cut loose and explore the world on her terms. Becoming Gigi required four-and-a-half
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David Krumholtz to headline new show on IFC

While David Krumholtz’s most prominent television role to date has been in the CBS show Numb3rs, the performer has also displayed an adeptness in comedic roles, from movies such as Superbad to guest appearances on Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 and The League, as well as a leading role in the short-lived sitcom Partners. Krumholtz’s next project will see him dive into comedic waters once again, as IFC has given a straight-to-series order for his new show, titled Gigi’s Bucket List.

The first season will consist of eight episodes, each episode being half an hour long, and will make its premiere on IFC later in the year. Krumholtz is slated to play the titular character, a 76 year old woman named Gertrude Rotblum, aka Gigi, who comes across a secret stash of millions and decides to use it to gain experiences she missedo out on previously.
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David Krumholtz to Play 72-Year-Old Grandmother in IFC Comedy Pilot

David Krumholtz to Play 72-Year-Old Grandmother in IFC Comedy Pilot
David Krumholtz is poised to do a real number on us, playing a 72-year-old Jewish grandmother in an IFC pilot.

IFC announced on Wednesday that it has commissioned a presentation (i.e. a whittled-down pilot) for Gigi’s Bucket List, which follows the titular septuagenarian from Boca Raton, Fla. as she pursues everything she deprived herself of throughout her life, after discovering millions in her dead husband’s bank account.

Krumholtz will serve as an executive producer on the project alongside Grandma’s House Entertainment’s Ben Newmark and Dan Newmark, Ricky Mabe and Zach Golden. The presentation will film later this year,
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David Krumholtz Explains Why He’s Dressing Like An Old Lady And Talking About Weather

Between films like The Big Ask to 10 Things I Hate About You and television’s long-running series, Numb3rs, chances are you’ve seen a David Krumholtz joint. His latest project has him dressing in drag and talking about cumulus clouds, which is indeed a 180 from Bernard the elf.

Weather From is an online weather channel where daily outlooks are delivered by a delightfully frisky older woman named Gigi aka Krumholtz after four and a half hours of makeup. The comedy website is a new creation from Barry Sonders, Zach Golden and Ricky Mabe and features 35 pre-taped segments with forecasts from the National Weather Service. For Krumholtz, wearing prosthetics was a dream come true, and transforming into a fiesty retiree gave him a chance to pay tribute to his own grandmother. VH1 spoke to the actor about his latest gig, the sexual exploits of the Aarp set and a long-awaited grudge
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HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: 25 Pairs of Chicago Passes to ‘Goon’ With Sean William Scott

Chicago – In the latest HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: Film with our unique social giveaway technology, we have 25 admit-two movie passes up for grabs to the advance screening of the new ice hockey comedy “Goon” starring Sean William Scott!

Goon” also stars Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber, Alison Pill, Eugene Levy, Marc-André Grondin, Kim Coates, Nicholas Campbell, Richard Clarkin, Jonathan Cherry, Ricky Mabe, George Tchortov, Karl Graboshas, Larry Woo and Steve Sim from director Michael Dowse and writers Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg (co-writer of “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express”). The film opens in Chicago on March 30, 2012.

To win your free passes to the advance Chicago screening of “Goon” courtesy of HollywoodChicago.com, get interactive with our new Hookup technology directly below. That’s it! This advance screening is on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in Chicago. The more social actions you complete below, the higher yours odds of winning!

Before entering, make sure you allow pop-ups.
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The Wild Hunt (2009) Movie Review

The Wild Hunt” is a Canadian production from 2009, which having enjoyed a successful and award winning run at festivals now arrives on region 2 DVD. Marking the debut of writer director Alexandre Franchi, the film is set in the world of LARPing, or for the uninitiated (this reviewer included), Live Action Role Playing, which basically involves people dressing up as fantasy characters and running around in the woods with rubber weapons. Having been compared to “Lord of the Flies”, the film revolves around the premise of LARPers taking things too far, leading to violent and tragic consequences. The plot kicks off with a young guy called Erik Magnusson (Ricky Mabe, “Trailer Park of Terror”) falling out with his girlfriend Evelyn (Tiio Horn, “The Theatre Bizarre”) over her leaving for a weekend to join in a Larp game with his older brother Bjorn (Mark A. Krupa, “The Last Templar”). After sulking for a while,
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The Wild Hunt (2009)

Directed by: Alexandre Franchi

Written by: Alexandre Franchi, Mark A. Krupa

Cast: Mark A. Krupa, Ricky Mabe, Tiio Horn, Trevor Hayes

As humans we are in constant conflict with ourselves.

We are constantly fighting against the social confines we find ourselves in (i.e. having a job, paying rent, monogamy) and our greater animal instincts, those supposed primal urges that we have been taught to so neatly oppress. This is exactly where humor and terror collide in Alexandre Franchi's The Wild Hunt, a movie that continually teases its audience as to where our social boundaries are drawn.

Based in and around the world of Larp, The Wild Hunt examines the blurred lines that occur when a scruffy hipster named Erik (Ricky Mabe) crashes a weekend long event in hopes of retrieving his girlfriend, Lyn(Tiio Horn), who's been distancing herself from Erik for some time. Also at the weekend
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'The Truth Below' Is Like 'The Real World' In A Life-Or-Death Survival Situation

'The Truth Below' Is Like 'The Real World' In A Life-Or-Death Survival Situation
For those of you looking for a good time this Thursday night (June 16), MTV has got you covered with the latest addition to our slate of original programming, the teen thriller, "The Truth Below." The film revolves around four high school friends, played by Gillian Zinser, Ricky Mabe, Reid Ewing and Nick Thurston, who while driving home from a spring break ski trip, suddenly find themselves in a life-or-death situation.

"'The Truth Below' is a movie about these four kids, three of which are right here," Nick Thurston told MTV News when the three actors stopped by our west coast studio. "We're on a ski trip, on our way back home and end up crashing into a mountain side and getting covered up with a whole bunch of snow in an avalanche. It's about what happens in the car after we all realize we're stuck down there," he explained.
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Excl: Scott Glosserman, From Behind the Mask to The Truth Below

Out of the crop of promising filmmakers we saw emerge in 2006, Scott Glosserman is the one who has been off the radar the most. The director of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon hardly disappeared, however. He much of his time developing Playing House for Paramount Vantage. When that didn't materialize, he helmed the 2010 documentary Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia . Tonight, his second fictional feature effort, The Truth Below , debuts on MTV, a channel that has been enjoying its success in the genre with original productions such as My Super Psycho Sweet 16 , its sequel, and the new series Teen Wolf . The Truth Below stars Starring Gillian Zinser, Reid Ewing, Ricky Mabe and Nick Thurston as four pals who become trapped in a car when...
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The Truth Below's Gillian Zinser Says MTV Movie Examines "Consequences of Living Dishonestly"

What happens when four college kids are stuck in their car after an avalanche hits? "The Truth Below is about the emotional unraveling of these four kids who become vulnerable and have no choice but to shed a bunch of layers," star Gillian Zinser  tells TVGuide.com.

The MTV film follows Jenna (Zinser), Ethan (Reid Ewing), Dante (Nick Thurston) and Liam (Ricky Mabe), who go on a snowboarding trip during spring break. After an avalanche hits, leaving them trapped, the movie takes a psychological turn that Zinser says "examines the themes of truth, the relationship between truth and fear, and all the consequences of living dishonestly."

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of MTV's The Truth Below

While we all wait ever so patiently for director Scott Glosserman to find a way to make the next entry in the Behind the Mask franchise officially get off the ground, Glosserman has a new horror flick lined up for MTV called The Truth Below. Ready for a little behind-the-scenes action with the cast? Dig it!

The flick premieres on June 16th. Check out the goods below.


A fun spring break snowboarding trip soon turns into a terrifying journey as a group of four friends - Jenna (Gillian Zinser), Ethan (Reid Ewing), Liam (Ricky Mabe), and Dante (Nick Thurston) - begin to make their way home from the mountain. When unpredictable weather forces their car to spin off the road, all four become trapped in the vehicle, buried by an avalanche. Without any sign of rescue, the group members decide to spend their last moments confessing deep secrets, only
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Go Behind the Scenes of The Truth Below

Here's a behind the scenes look at the upcoming thriller The Truth Below which is airing on MTV June 16. Scott Glosserman directed the film; you might remember him from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon . In his latest, a fun Spring break snowboarding trip soon turns into a terrifying journey as a group of four friends; Jenna (Gillian Zinser), Ethan (Reid Ewing), Liam (Ricky Mabe) and Dante (Nick Thurston), begin to make their way home from the mountain. When unpredictable weather forces their car to spin off the road, all four become trapped in the vehicle, buried by an avalanche. Without any sign of rescue, the group decides to spend their last moments confessing deep secrets, only to reveal disturbing and unsettling pasts - which test and call into question their...
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Scott Glosserman Uncovers The Truth Below for MTV

Around these parts we are Huge fans of Scott Glosserman's Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon so we've been waiting impatiently to see what Glosserman would come up with next. Finally there's some news.

MTV, which brought us the pretty good My Super Psycho Sweet 16 films, has tapped Glosserman to bring us a new survival horror film called The Truth Below, which centers on what happens when a group of friends become trapped by a deadly avalanche.


A fun spring break snowboarding trip soon turns into a terrifying journey as a group of four friends; Jenna (Gilian Zinser), Ethan (Reid Ewing), Liam (Ricky Mabe), and Dante (Nick Thurston) begin to make their way home from the mountain. When unpredictable weather forces their car to spin off the road, all four become trapped in the vehicle, buried by an avalanche.

Without any sign of rescue, the
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Trailer for Scott Glosserman's Truth Below

MTV has unveiled the trailer for The Truth Below , airing Sunday, April 3 (check your local listings for times). This is the latest film from director Scott Glosserman who previously gave us Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon . Here he's working from a script by Wendy Diane Miller who tells the story of a group of teens caught in an avalanche. Gillian Zinser, Reid Ewing, Ricky Mabe and Nick Thurston star. Glosserman might be moving back into Leslie Vernon territory next. His IMDb page now reflects the title B4TM , which we presume means "Before the Mask." Is a Vernon prequel on the way? The Truth Below - MTV Shows
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Peepers (2010)

Once again, Peepers, a film I saw on Sunday at the Just for Laughs Film Festival, is a proof that in Canadian cinema, there are no taboo topics. As a matter of fact, Peepers adds itself to the growing list of smartly written Canadian comedies that deal with sexual desire.

A group of peeping toms led by Steve Sherman (Joe Cobden), a loser who lives in his mom's basement, enjoys taking Montreal's chilly rooftops during the night. Through the unshuttered windows, they want to have a glimpse at a “hottie hookup,” a “panty party” or a “big booty buffet”. However, the peeping toms' life is about to change when Annette Fulvish (Janine Theriault), an academic interested by "male gaze", enters the domain of peeping, which is dominated by men.

At the same time, some members in the group begin to question their interest for peeping. Bobby (Ricky Mabe), the youngest member of the group,
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'Peepers' Will Premiere at the Montreal Just for Laughs Film Festival

As usual, Montreal's Just for Laughs Film Festival has two Canadian films in store and they both come from the province of Quebec. The one we're going to talk is called Peepers, a comedy that follows three peeping toms from Montreal.

Led by the eagle-eyed Steve Sherman (Joe Cobden), a rag-tag group of Peepers take to Montreal’s chilly rooftops under cover of night. They’re on the prowl for the perfect peep—desperate to glimpse a “hottie hookup,” a “panty party” or a “big booty buffet” through unshuttered windows.

But their lives are about to change. Enter Annette Fulvish (Janine Theriault), a brazen academic who turns the tables by setting her sights on the Peepers themselves. Soon it’s a battle royale for rooftop supremacy—will these die-hard obsessives manage to defend their turf, or will Peeping as they know it never be the same?

The ensemble cast also
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First Casting News for Syfy's Being Human Re-Imagining

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Syfy's upcoming "Being Human" re-imagining (or whatever they're calling it these days), but it looks like we know who'll be playing two thirds of the threesome made up of a ghost, vampire, and werewolf. Read on for the details.

According to The Ausiello Files on EW.com, multiple sources are confirming that Sam Witwer ("Smallville") will be portraying vampire Aidan while Meaghan Rath ("The Assistants") has signed on to play ghost Molly. Check out their photos below, and let us know what you think about them playing these characters.

That just leaves werewolf Josh, and according to Ausiello Sam Huntington (Dylan Dog: Dead of Night) is currently in talks for the role, for which Ricky Mabe and Aaron Ashmore both previously tested.

No other details yet on the Stateside version of "Being Human", which is being scripted by Jeremy Carver and
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Afternoon Meme: Semi Precious Weapons Prepare for Spotlight, A Younger Magneto, and "Being Human" USA Casting

Plus Buffy's Nicholas Brendan's new gig, marriage equality in Iceland, and McDonalds goes gay again?

A moment to mention Senator Robert C. Byrd, who passed away last night. Senator Byrd was the longest serving member of Congress in history. He grew up about three miles from where I’m typing this. He was a product of his era, but wasn’t afraid to change his mind, slowly, first on race, and he was even now evolving on gay issues, despite his past history. I’ve met him many times, and he was a kind and decent man.

Michael Fassbender is going to star in X-Men: First Class as a young Magneto opposite James McAvoy as Professor X. His hairline already matches Sir Ian’s.

Robin Williams wants to play The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s next Dark Knight movie. Granted, no one has asked him, Nolan hasn’t named the villain for the movie,
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