Flo Rida Released on $2,000 Bail, Allowed to Fly to Bangkok

Flo Rida is out of jail hours after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. The rapper behind "Right Round" and "Low" was released on $2,000 bail on Thursday afternoon, June 9. He was covering his face from cameras with a T-shirt when making his exit, TMZ reported.

Despite the incident, Flo will go on with his scheduled performance abroad. His lawyer Christopher Lyons mentioned that the Hip-Hop artist has obtained a signed court order that allows him to travel to Asia for a series of concerts in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend. He, however, was ordered to return on June 16.

Flo whose real name is Tramar Dillard was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach on Thursday, June 9 morning. He got into more trouble after police found out he was driving his 2008 red and black Bugatti on suspended license for failing to pay a traffic fine. The pop-rapper was taken into custody shortly before 4:00 A.
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Flo Rida Arrested for DUI in Florida

Flo Rida Arrested for DUI in Florida
Rapper Flo Rida was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach for a DUI and for driving with a suspended license. "He had a blood alcohol level of .185 which is well over the legal limit," Deborah Doty, a spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department, tells People. Flo Rida, 31, who was born Tramar Dillard in Carol City, Fla., attracted the attention of Miami Beach police when they saw him driving erratically through the heart of South Beach in his two-door 2008 Bugatti. According to the police report, his car was swerving. When the rapper was stopped, the officer saw that he had bloodshot,
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LeBron's Mother -- The Valet Slap Footage

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TMZ has obtained security footage showing LeBron James ' mother slapping a parking valet at a hotel in Miami Beach last week ... but the video shows Gloria James may Not have made the first move. During the encounter ... Gloria walks up to the valet, Rockfeller Sorel , and gets in his face over the parking situation. As Gloria verbally unloads, Rockfeller takes an advancing step towards Gloria and bumps her. Gloria quickly recovers and unleashes the
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