Mallrats 2 Becomes a 10-Episode TV Show

Mallrats 2 Becomes a 10-Episode TV Show
Last March, director Kevin Smith revealed that he is making a sequel to his 1995 comedy Mallrats, with the filmmaker teasing the addition of practically every main cast member from the original movie. Last May, the filmmaker said that the sequel will be called MallBrats, and that he has a completed script, with another report from September revealing that shooting would begin in January 2016. That was the last we heard about the project, but during a new radio interview, the filmmaker revealed that this sequel has now transformered into a TV series.

Kevin Smith explained in a previous update that he would shoot Mallrats 2 at the Exton Square Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but as he revealed in a radio interview with Philadelphia's Wmmr, his plan hit a big snag. The director's agent originally told him that Universal would likely just let the rights to Mallrats go for the director to make a sequel.
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Zombie Comedy My Boyfriend’S Back Blu-ray Announced

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Johnny Dingle's passionate love doesn't die... even when he does. Johnny the zombie's (Andrew Lowery) journey to take Missy McCloud (Traci Lind) to the prom is getting a high-definition upgrade, as Mill Creek Entertainment will release 1993's My Boyfriend's Back on Blu-ray for the first time early next year.

According to, Mill Creek's My Boyfriend's Back Blu-ray is slated for a March 15th, 2016 release. In addition to Lowery and Lind, the dark romantic comedy also stars Edward Hermann, Mary Beth Hurt, and Cloris Leachman. The film marked early big screen appearances for Matthew Fox, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Matthew McConaughey. Bob Balaban directed from a screenplay by Dean Lorey.

No special features have been revealed yet, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further announcements. In the meantime, we have a look at the Blu-ray cover art as well as the film's official synopsis and trailer:

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Watch the Unaired 'Clerks' TV Pilot Based on Kevin Smith's Movie

Watch the Unaired 'Clerks' TV Pilot Based on Kevin Smith's Movie
You may know that director Kevin Smith's first film Clerks spawned the Clerks animated TV series in 2000, although it only ran for one season. What you may not know is that, five years earlier, the indie hit was actually adapted for a live action TV pilot, starring Jim Breuer as Randall Graves and Andrew Lowery as Dante Hicks. The pilot was never picked up as a TV series, and now you can see why, since the full Clerks pilot has now surfaced online.

The pilot also features a few more faces you may recognize. Keri Russell, three years before starring on Felicity, plays Sandra, a tanning salon employee, with Rick Gomez, best known as Ada David Vasquez from FX's Justified, playing an ice cream parlor worker named Todd. Screenwriter Andr&#233 Nemec, who went on to write the fourth Mission: Impossible movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
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Vincenzo Natali’s ‘Nothing’ is about the dangerous power of social structures


Written by Andrew Lowery and Andrew Miller

Directed by Vincenzo Natali

Canada, 2003

If Cube (1997) was writer-director Vincenzo Natali’s crack at a gruesome, Sartre/Kafka-tinged Twilight Zone episode, then his 2003 film Nothing is his take on the Theatre of the Absurd, a stripped-down character study about two losers interacting with little more than each other and the vast emptiness of the infinite. It’s as if Waiting for Godot‘s Vladimir and Estragon were farting around one day and discovered that they had the power to edit reality. It’s also a funny and ultimately warm film, the clear product of work made among friends. But as light and comic as it is, there’s plenty of pathos to go around; friendships falter when people change, making the world go away doesn’t help a lick, and even in a fantasy world where you can take yourself completely out of all systems,
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Awfully Good: My Boyfriend's Back

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I wanted to honor the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but the man was such a damn good actor that he never really made any bad movies. This will have to do. My Boyfriend's Back (1993) Director: Bob Balaban Stars: Andrew Lowery, Traci Lind, Phillip Seymour Hoffman A lovesick teen continues to stalk his wannabe girlfriend from the grave. My Boyfriend's Back is an interesting case. It falls in the categories of goofy and cheesy and weird, but knowingly so. It's clearly...
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Essential viewing for fans of ‘Warm Bodies’ – Zombies In Love (Part Two)

With the release of Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies, I decided to compile a list of my favourite films that take a non-traditional approach to the living-dead canon. More specifically, they all blend romance and the undead. I can’t guarantee any of these films will make you believe in the power of love, nor that they will sidestep the idea of necrophilia, but each is charming in their own unique and twisted ways.

Note: It took me longer to decide what I should or shouldn’t include on the list, than to actually write the bloody thing. So in the end, I figured I should narrow down my choices to zombie movies about falling in love. Thus I am not including Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, nor Ed and His Dead Mother, since those films both deal with a boy’s love for his undead parent. I am also
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New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: Sept. 13

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Rank the week of September 13th’s Blu-ray and DVD new releases against the best films of all-time: New Releases Thor

(Blu-ray & DVD | PG13 | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #227

Win Percentage: 58%

Times Ranked: 18033

Top-20 Rankings: 90

Directed By: Kenneth Branagh

Starring: Chris HemsworthNatalie PortmanAnthony HopkinsJeremy RennerKat Dennings

Genres: Action • Adventure • Based-on-Comics • Comic-Book Superhero Film • Fantasy • Fantasy Adventure

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Conan O’Brien Can’T Stop

(Blu-ray & DVD | Nr | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #5260

Win Percentage: 54%

Times Ranked: 719

Top-20 Rankings: 5

Directed By: Rodman Flender

Starring: Conan O’Brien

Genres: Comedy • Documentary

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(Blu-ray & DVD | Nr | 2010)

Flickchart Ranking: #4296

Win Percentage: 51%

Times Ranked: 947

Top-20 Rankings: 8

Directed By: Denis Villeneuve

Starring: Lubna AzabalMélissa Désormeaux-PoulinMaxim GaudetteRémy GirardAbdelghafour Elaaziz

Genres: Drama • Foreign Language Film

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The Tempest

(Blu-ray & DVD | PG13 | 2010)

Flickchart Ranking: #7784

Win Percentage: 37%

Times Ranked: 385

Top-20 Rankings: 2

Directed By: Julie Taymor

Starring: Helen MirrenDjimon HounsouAlfred Molina
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Late Night Classics – My Boyfriend’s Back

There are times where I just want to be entertained. Forget the blood. Forget the nudity. Forget the exploitation. No, nobody hacked my column. I’m still here. My wife is not a big horror fan, and she only watches them with me because she knows I am addicted to them. Once in a blue moon, I come across a title in my collection that is right up both of our alleys. I bring to you My Boyfriend’s Back, or what would happen if R.L. Stine wrote a Rom-Com.

As he did with Jason Goes to Hell, writer Dean Lorey opens up on his experiences on this 1993 horror-comedy that has a bigger fanbase than you might think.

The question I get asked most often (right after “where do you get your ideas?”) is “how did you break into the business?” For me, it started with a little zombie named Johnny Dingle.
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