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Andrew Lincoln Not Opposed To Recasting Rick For A Walking Dead Prequel Series

Of all the many possible narrative permutations that could be spun out from Rick Grimes’ last hurrah on The Walking Dead, few have stopped to consider the idea of a full-blown prequel series.

From what we understand, AMC has drawn up plans for a trilogy of movies featuring Andrew Lincoln’s fan-favorite, the first of which will likely be with us at some point next year. But while chatting to The Hollywood Reporter (h/t immediately after his big send-off, Lincoln addressed the possibility of recasting his on-screen character and allowing a young actor to explore what it was like for Rick Grimes before the world went to hell in a handcart.

Via THR:

Why not? I think the possibilities are endless. It’s an extraordinary environment and landscape, the mythology that Robert Kirkman has created, and I love that. I want to see that with Negan. That
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The Walking Dead Ratings Remain Steady After Andrew Lincoln’s Exit

AMC might have been worried that the already-declining ratings for The Walking Dead would have dipped even further following Andrew Lincoln’s much-publicized exit the other week, but as it happens, season 9 held steady with the first episode of the brave new post-Rick Grimes era of the zombie drama.

Coming up against Sunday Night Football, episode 6 – titled “Who Are You Now?” – earned a steady 5.4 million viewers and a 2.0. rating in the coveted demographic of adults in the ages of 18-49. That’s pretty much as close to even as you’re going to get, as this episode only lost 1% of viewers from Lincoln’s swansong, which indicates that fans really don’t care that the show’s old protagonist has left and are in it for the long haul.

Perhaps the enticing cliffhanger of episode 5 is what convinced them to return the following Sunday. After Rick was whisked away in a helicopter,
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The Neverending Story: Has Hollywood’s Reboot Obsession Gone Too Far?

The Neverending Story: Has Hollywood’s Reboot Obsession Gone Too Far?
What is dead may never die.

This is a religious oath recited often by the people of the Iron Islands on Game of Thrones. It is also increasingly the guiding ethos of Hollywood development, where any familiar title, no matter how sacrosanct it might have once seemed, is ripe for a sequel, a prequel, a reboot or all of the above. This includes Game of Thrones itself, which is due to end next year but has a prequel in active development, and several other potential spinoffs waiting in the wings
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Here’s What You Need to Know About That Talking Zombie on ‘The Walking Dead’

Here’s What You Need to Know About That Talking Zombie on ‘The Walking Dead’
(Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 11 episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC)

It was not the most incredibly eventful episode of “The Walking Dead” this week, aside from the talking zombie that we’ll get to in a moment. But that was by design — with Rick out of the picture and a multi-year time skip occurring, the show needed a minute to establish the new status quo.

And the writers did exactly that by showing us Alexandria through the eyes of a bunch of new folks — Magna and her friends seeking asylum and the residents discussing whether to grant it.

But the episode also steered the show toward its next big extended plot line via a story thread that seemed oddly out of place at first. That thread involved Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) trying to use the radio to find more survivors, and Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) going
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The Walking Dead Showrunner Confirms Name Of Rick And Michonne’s Son

The Walking Dead fans were left picking their jaws up from the floor last Sunday when episode 6, “Who Are You Now?” dropped the bombshell that Michonne gave birth to another child following Rick Grimes’ disappearance six years prior. We didn’t get to learn much about the kid though and it was left to us to decide that he must be the son of Rick.

While speaking with EW, showrunner Angela Kang confirmed as much and also revealed that his name is R.J., as in Rick junior. Obviously, there’s some confusion from fans over when, well, you know, but Kang hinted that Rick and Michonne privately made the decision to have a child together after episode 3 of season 9.

“That is Rick junior, R.J., who’s scampering around. In episode 3, they go, ‘Well, let’s maybe start planning for the future in other ways.’ That was part of their hopefulness,
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Ratings: ‘Manifest’ Descends From Last Week

NBC won another Monday in primetime with “The Voice” and “Manifest.” The steady singing competition is now in its playoff rounds, though that could not keep the Robert Zemeckis drama at the same altitude it reached last week.

ABC finished second in TV ratings last night, edging CBS. That No. 2 claim could change, however, as the Disney-owned broadcast net was preempted in local markets for a particularly competitive “Monday Night Football” game.

The CW also had an NFL preemption.

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NBC was first in ratings with a 1.5 rating/6 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers with an average of 8 million, according to preliminary numbers. “The Voice” at 8 p.m. earned a 1.7/7 and 9.5 million viewers. At 10, “Manifest” had a 1.1/5 and 6.1 million viewers.

ABC was second in ratings with a 0.9/4 and in viewers with 7.1 million.
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‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Steady After Andrew Lincoln Exit; Down From 2017

‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Steady After Andrew Lincoln Exit; Down From 2017
Spoiler Alert: This post contains details of the November 11 episode of The Walking Dead

In prophetic words at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Andrew Lincoln confirmed he was leaving The Walking Dead and told the thousands inside Hall H that “no one is bigger than the story.” Turns out that the now departed actor who played Rick Grimes was right, at least when it comes to the ratings.

Though the AMC series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics has seen some significant declines this year, Sunday’s “Who Are You Now” episode was pretty steady with the much hyped and sleight of hand departure of Grimes by helicopter of the week before.

Undoubtedly leaving AMC execs mopping some stress sweat off their brows, the Sunday Night Football-facing Veterans Day broadcast of Twd snagged 5.4 million viewers and 2.0 rating among adults 18-49.

With a six-year time leap, some big changes, new characters
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Apocalypse Not Yet? First ‘Walking Dead’ Without Andrew Lincoln Sees Steady Ratings

Perhaps fears of the post-Rick Grimes ratings apocalypse have been greatly exaggerated. The first episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” after the Andrew Lincoln era was pretty much steady in “live” TV ratings compared to the previous Sunday’s episode that ended the star’s long run on the show.

Episode 906 of “Walking Dead” slipped just 1 percent from the prior week’s in terms of total viewers, with 5.4 million. In the key adults 18-49 demographic, it slid 3 percent to 2.6 million (or a 2.0 national rating).

Both this Sunday’s “Dead” and the previous one contended with particularly strong “Sunday Night Football” games on NBC.

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Post-show “Talking Dead” was the AMC Sunday night series that seriously dropped week-to-week. The Chris Hardwick-hosted show fell 28 percent in the demo and 22 percent overall.

That said, last
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‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Steady in First Post-Rick Episode

  • Variety
‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Steady in First Post-Rick Episode
The ratings for “The Walking Dead” were even this week compared to last week’s episode, which saw the departure of Andrew Lincoln.

This week’s episode of the AMC series drew a 2.0 rating in adults 18-49 and 5.4 million viewers. That is down a scant few percent from the 2.1 the show drew last week and even with its total viewers haul. In Live+3, last week’s episode ultimately grew to a 3.2 rating and 8 million viewers.

The fact that the show’s ratings have been relatively stable the past few weeks are no doubt welcome news at AMC, as “The Walking Dead” hit a new series low earlier this season. There are just two more episodes to go before the Season 9 midseason finale and the much-teased arrival of The Whisperers before the show goes on hiatus until early next year.

Following the apparent death of Rick, this week’s episode introduced
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TV Ratings: 'The Walking Dead' Stable After Andrew Lincoln's Departure

The helicopter that carried Rick Grimes off The Walking Dead did not take the show's audience with it.

Ratings for the AMC series held up just fine in the first episode without former lead Andrew Lincoln, whose last appearance on the flagship series was Nov. 4. (He'll continue as the character in a set of feature-length Walking Dead movies.) That episode improved on the previous week's numbers, and while the first post-Lincoln episode, "Who Are You Now," did indeed decline slightly, the losses were negligible.

Sunday's episode drew 5.4 million viewers, off a scant 1 ...
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From ‘The Walking Dead’ to ‘House of Cards': 8 TV Shows That Went on After Star Exit

Picture going through your Netflix and finding out “Seinfeld” went on without Jerry, “Cheers” without Sam Malone or even that the ongoing “Riverdale” marched on without Archie Andrews. Could you believe it? Would you still watch?

So far in 2018, three award-winning TV shows have continued on without a main character. One was planned (Andrew Lincoln on “The Walking Dead”). The other two, not so much The trend continues in 2019. “Transparent” Season 5 will be sans Jeffrey Tambor, who exited after he was accused of sexual harassment (Tambor has denied the accusations).

A show’s lifeline after a major character exits is never certain. But by looking at how that quandary has been met by shows in the past, maybe a little insight can be gained about how it can be handled in the future.

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Recently with “The Walking Dead,
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The Walking Dead Revealed An Unexpected New Child Last Night

Following Rick Grimes’ exit last week, The Walking Dead season 9 has jumped forward six years and yesterday’s episode, “Who Are You Now?” showed us just how much things had changed for the characters in that time. Judith’s all grown-up and is as cool as you’d expect given her parents, Father Gabriel and Rosita are a thing (for some reason) and Eugene’s got himself a beard. But the biggest development was saved for last.

It turns out that Michonne is not just the mother to her adoptive daughter Judith, but she also had another child after Rick left. The young boy was seen hugging his mom towards the end of the episode, with it left to us to put the pieces together and work out that he’s the son of Rick and Michonne. In fact, this boy – whose name we don’t yet know – is the
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Yes, That Really Happened - The Walking Dead Finally Gave Rick and Michonne a Baby

Warning! Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead ahead.

We finally see how The Walking Dead's universe moves on after the "death" of Rick Grimes, and it's a lot to take in. There are new faces along with the old and dangers still lurking around every corner. But perhaps the most heartwarming surprise is the reveal that Rick's wish to grow his little family with Michonne has come true - the two now share a 5-year-old son named Rick Jr. (also known as Rj).

Rj's existence is revealed near the end of the episode, after we get a look at the drastic changes the communities have gone through during the past six years. We witness Michonne in her new role as the leader of Alexandria's security and how she's understandably wary of the new survivors that Judith brings to the community. After discussing the newcomers with the
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The Walking Dead Is an Entirely Different Universe Post-Rick - Here's What Changed

Warning! Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead below.

Rick Grimes may be gone, but The Walking Dead lives on. The first episode of the series's post-Rick universe aired on Sunday night, and it introduces a number of changes. Appropriately titled "Who Are You Now?," the episode basically acts as an introduction to this new world featuring both old faces and new, as well as a plethora of untold stories itching to be uncovered.

Not only have the characters changed over the six-year jump, but the communities have as well. Alexandria is being led by a safety-oriented council, the Kingdom is ruled by King Ezekiel and Queen Carol, and Hilltop is a big question mark in the distance. With the addition of several new characters, whether they be friend or foe, there's a lot going on. If you're wondering exactly what changes occurred over the six-year time jump,
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Who is Angel Theory on The Walking Dead? Meet actress and dancer behind Kelly

Angel Theory is on The Walking Dead as new character Kelly. She is part of the new group that was saved by Judith Grimes in the final episode that Andrew Lincoln took part in. On the November 11 episode, the character of Kelly was fleshed out a bit more, as the new group had a subplot of its own within the show. Would they be granted entrance at Alexandria? Michonne is now in charge, following the disappearance of Rick Grimes, and she runs things a bit differently. Who plays Kelly on The Walking Dead? Angel Theory is a 19-year-old actress […]

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‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Down From Last Week, Up From 2017

America’s team clipped the high hopes of the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday Night Football, but the weekly NFL game delivered a mixed result for the league and NBC.

In a season-saving Week 10 victory, the Dallas Cowboys beat the inconsistent Philadelphia Eagles 27-20 in the City of Brotherly Love on the Comcast-owned network’s flagship pro football show. Ezekiel Elliott propelled the win that the Jerry Jones-owned Texas crew needed.

25 touches.

187 yards from scrimmage.

Two touchdowns.@EzekielElliott went Off on #Snf! #DallasCowboys

NFL (@NFL) November 12, 2018

However, in another final tally, the big-draw matchup split the difference in the ratings, drawing a 13.3/22 in metered market results as the NFL attempts to maintain traction over last year’s ratings struggles.

Now, even with the Cowboys’ nationwide fanbase, no one really expected last night’s Snf to top the ratings wattage of the superstar quarterback
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The Walking Dead's Huge Season 9 Changes Explained

The Walking Dead's Huge Season 9 Changes Explained
Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes might be gone (for now), but The Walking Dead continues. In the first post-Rick episode, the AMC drama revealed what life is like for your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors six years in the future. The new normal for the gang includes Daryl (Norman Reedus) living in exile, Carol (Melissa McBride) ruling the Kingdom with her king, Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Michonne (Danai Gurira) governing Alexandria and raising not one, but two kids, and one of those kids, Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), is building a secret friendship with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Say what?! It's a brand-new era for the nine-year-old show. "We talked a lot about the philosophies we have seen from these...
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'The Walking Dead' Puts Another Branch on the Grimes Family Tree

'The Walking Dead' Puts Another Branch on the Grimes Family Tree
The Walking Dead fans have an all-new Judith Grimes, thanks to the massive time jump following Andrew Lincoln's exit from the series — and she's not the only child kicking around Rick's old household.

In the first full post-time jump episode of the season, "Who Are You Now," newcomer Magna (Nadia Hilker) comes to visit Michonne (Danai Gurira) in the night, potentially with the intention of fighting her way into staying in Alexandria. Magna sets aside any killer instincts when she sees something that neither she nor the audience expects: Michonne with a small boy, no more than ...
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He’ll Show Up in Movies but Rick Will Never Return to The Walking Dead—Never Ever

They say to never say “never” but Andrew Lincoln has confirmed to multiple sources that he’s never going to return to The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. Last week was Rick Grime’s final episode, but it didn’t end in the character’s death. Instead, Rich was spirited away in a helicopter as part of Jadis’s […]

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‘The Walking Dead’ time jump: Do you love the new Rick-less timeline? [Poll]

‘The Walking Dead’ time jump: Do you love the new Rick-less timeline? [Poll]
The first post-Andrew Lincoln episode of “The Walking Dead” aired Sunday night on AMC, as fans got to see how the world has changed following a six-year time jump. Rick’s daughter Judith is now a 10-year-old ass-kicker played by Cailey Fleming, but she’s not the only character who’s evolved since we saw them last. Do you love the new Rick-less timeline set in the future, or do you wish the show had stayed put in the past? Vote in our poll below for the episode “Who Are You Now?”

See‘The Walking Dead’ episode 6 recap: Top 5 most shocking moments from ‘Who Are You Now?’ include a dangerous new enemy

Some time in the past six years King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) finally convinced a now white-haired Carol (Melissa McBride) to marry him, which essentially makes her the Queen of The Kingdom. They also adopted the young orphan boy,
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